Hoa Games

Hoa Adventure brings puzzle

The Moáis (from Rapanui: Moai, Sculpture ) are humanoid monolithic sculptures situated on the island of Easter (Chile). The Moáis are the main vacationer destination of the island.

Hoa is a puzzle platform that follows the main character Hoa, which belongs to a fairy trunk and has power to cultivate flora and fauna. After a tragic event, Hoa will be sent away as a baby and ends in the end no memory more about who she is and what happened.

At the beginning of the game Hoa returns to her home country after many years. In the course of the game, she uses her magical powers to bring their homeland to life again, and in the course of the game, she learns more about himself and their past.

Paul Hartling, Director of Marketing at PM Studios, talked to Game Director Son Tung and Art Director Son Tra from Skrollcat Studios to develop a game like Hoa.

Son Tung describes the game as a very unusual walk in nature and describes the force that has driven him to develop Hoa. He reveals his inspiration for the game and the idea behind it.

As individuals, we have always watched our environment attentively. Nature fascinates us as well as people or magic. With a sharp eye and an open mind you can learn a lot. We would like to share this fascination and appreciation for beauty and humanity with Hoa, in the form of a creative, uplifting and meditative experience that people really enjoy and may also think about it. With this project, we combine all expectations that has a serious artist to his works of art, and also the high expectations of ourselves.

And last but not least, it s not easy to develop a game that makes both fun and beautiful, and we love difficult things.

We are both very attentive and imaginative, which in our opinion has made a little more interesting in every situation in which we were. When the opportunity offered, we wanted to create something with which we can share the enthusiasm and the comfort we learn through curiosity, empathy and imagination with others.

Son Tra explains what Hoa makes for him so special and for him the pictures and philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki were a large source of inspiration.

Apart from the careful design of the backgrounds and animations, specialty at our game is the childlike freedom that we have taken in the idea of ​​Hoas world and the way you interact with it. Besides, our bosses are pretty cool.

One of the biggest inspirations are the works of Hayao Miyazaki, not only the pictures, but also the philosophy. In reality, the emergence of the game was more of a journey than a moment. Finally, when we agreed more or less on the direction of the game (the pace, the style, history), we knew that it could work because the look has existed, the characters are sympathetic and the established building experience should be independent of age and can be enjoyed.

The two developers talk about the challenges that gave it and over the emotional effect that Hoa players should convey.

Son Tung: We are a young and inexperienced team, so there were many big challenges (laughs), but a big lesson we have learned is the importance of effective planning and time management.

Son Tra: Just as you felt as a child. Hopefully, Hoa, so friendly, curious and adorable she is also remember how we saw and explored the world when she was new, and maybe we will find that the meaning we are looking for from the beginning was in us.

Here you can watch the beautiful Xbox Launch Trailer to Hoa: