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Kirby and the Forgotten Country: The Best Tips & Tricks

In Tipps-Guide To Kirby and the forgotten country you will learn:

10 ESSENTIAL Tips and Tricks for Kirby and the Forgotten Land
* Which special power you can not miss
* How to collect the fastest coins and stars
* What awaits you in the endgame

Kirby’s Neustes Jump & Run Adventure has finally appeared and offers massive content for all Nintendo lovers. As usual, Kirby can swallow opponents in order to take over their skills and properties. The missions are varied and mountains numerous secrets , which is to be discovered.

Away from the missions you can recover in the idyllic Waddle Dee village from the Straplaszen and try to the mini-games. In the guide we tell you the most useful tips and tricks for the perfect start.

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What is the best special power in the game?

When Kirby sits an opponent, he takes over the ability and properties of the swallowed creature. This so-called special power can be improved in the arms dealer in the Waddle Dee City by collecting your rare blueprints. In our Kirby Bluepaus Guide, we’ll tell you where you can find every blueprint and offer a list of locations of each special power in the game.

The three strongest special power in the game:

  1. Morpho Knight Sword: The last special power in the game that you can unlock. The Morpho Knight sword not only causes immense damage, but can also heal you during a fight.
  2. Twin drill: By using the drill Kirby can move below the floor. As a result, most cases and obstacles in the game can be easily bypassed. If you once grieve in a circle around an opponent horde, you create a tremendous explosion.
  3. Blizzard Ice: The ice skill allows you to enforce opponents and then to skid like a bowling ball on other enemies. Freezing works even at bosses and causes tremendous damage.

Road of treasures – you have to know!

In addition to the ordinary missions, there are also special treasure missions that lead you to the road of treasures. These special missions are marked on the game world through a blue star and will be unlocked by game progress or simples. To find hidden treasure missions , you best fly over all the striking card points and presses the A button.

All treasury missions are small challenges that you have to complete in a determined time . Each mission requires the use of another special power. After successful completion you will be rewarded with a star, which you need for upgrades at the arms dealer. Treasury missions can also be understood as an extended tutorial, as they teach you all tricks and combos of a special power.

How do I earn the fastest coins?

The Currencies in Kirby and the forgotten land are coins and stars. Both are used to buy new upgrades for your special power. Holy objects in the café, as well as collective figures at machines cost also coins.

Boss fights and repeat earlier missions

One of the fastest farming methods of coins is the renewed degree already done missions . Blue breaks that you have already found are replaced when re-playing through a large pile of coins. Almost every boss fight is done quickly and can be shocked so easily.

Works as a tool in the Waddle Dee Cafe

In the later game, the Waddle Dee city is expanded around a cafe. Here, useful medicinal objects can be purchased that can either consume or take it immediately. The Café owner is facing business and offers you a job as a temporary power. As a reward, numerous coins wave.

The funny mini game has three difficulty levels . The higher the level of difficulty, the fatty the yield. The mini-game can also be played in Koop mode, which accelerates money by a lot.

How does Koop mode work in Kirby?

You can deny Kirby and the forgotten country together with a friend. To unlock the coop multiplayer mode, you must first end the Tutorial Level “Place of Arrival”. Then select “ Team Mode ” in the menu to get your partner in the game.

Alternatively, you can also start coop mode in the Waddle Dee City by talking to the Waddle Dee Wizard . Incidentally, Koop mode only works if your offline plays. So it is not possible to host an online session.

Your teammate takes over the role of the Waddle Dee Assistant. Although the small companion does not have Kirby’s special forces, but at least shares at least as hard with his spear. The strength and versatility of the spear attacks depends on the current stage of Kirby’s equipped special power.

What awaits me in the endgame?

After completing the regular story, your new content is free. In the Waddle Dee city, a live band is now enthusiastic with new songs, if you have the necessary change. Furthermore, new photos can be found that complement your photo wall in the Kirby house.

In the Coliseum, two new CUPs are unlocked, which can bring you a lot of coins. In addition, you have the opportunity to further strengthen your special power in the arms dealer. However, most interesting are the “isolated islands: Ver’ges dreams”, a new bonus world , which is available to you after completing the story.

How do I unlock the true end?

For the true end, your access to the bonus world needs “Isolated Islands: Ver’ges Dreams”. Here you have to collect all fragments of Leos Soul . If you have all fragments together, you can fight the true endboss of Kirby and the forgotten country. If you manage to defeat Morpho-Knight, you will not only be rewarded with the true end, but also receives a brand new blueprint for another special power.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The wavy of the war, followed by a large-scale update

Joey City (CEO) said Mobile Strategy Game ‘Carries’ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Wave of the War, “said it was updated on the 23rd, including the new navigator’ Buruur Al Termo (wind).

‘Buruur Alterma (Wind)’ is a new 5-tier saucer specialized in creating variables. She wears a victim to sink to the sinking, and she holds a “experienced command” passive that does not fall under 1 turn, and has a ‘experienced command’ passive, which does not fall below 1, which has the potential to override the whole course.

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End-The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman vs Endeavor
New Year Content Knowledge is an island. The island of knowledge is a content that allows you to obtain a talismanic sculpture and an invitation ticket, and the Talisman and the narrator of other properties are emerged for each day. Users can grasp the attributes of the nauticals that appear on the day of the day, and if you organize it, you can advance to the battle more advantageous.

In addition, store renewal was held. This update has been made to change the number of stores UI, and has been improved to grasp the products more intuitively.

Welcome to spring, the ‘Spring and Lime Tree’ events are held until April 2. Users can acquire events’ s roaming ‘sprinkled’ through mission clear, which can use this to give the lime trees by giving water to pots on a separate event page. Event period You can get a variety of compensation according to the degree of lime tree growth.

More information on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The wave of war’ can be found through the official community.