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Hanwha Life continues offseason shopping spree with additions of 2 safeguarding League world champs


Hanna Life Esports is continuing its crusade through the Lacks free agent pool by swiping two League of Legends world champions in Kin gen and Zeta out from under DRX, according to a report from Alejandro Gomes of Blip.GG.

Kin gen and Zeta were two extraordinarily important pieces for DRX at this year’s League World Championship. Anyone who watched the event in its entirety will tell you that Zeta played like the best mid lane rat Worlds throughout the majority of the tournament, while Kin gen, who earned Worlds finals MVP honors, was a major factor in the teams upset victory over T1.

Beyond the two reported signings of breakout stars, Hanna Life has also brought back a proven veteran in former AD carry Viper, who last played for the team in 2020. He spent two years with Edward Gaming in China, winning a World Championship with the organization last season.

This past summer, Hanna Life were unequivocally the worst team in the LCK. Their Summer Split record of 2-16 was poor enough for sole possession of last place at the end of the season, while they only won five of the 36 matches they played in this year. After a down year, though, Hanna Life is making an all-in push to contend near the top of the LCK once again. The franchise reached its only World Championship in 2021, making it all the way to the quarterfinals that season.

Perhaps poetically, Kin gen and Zetas now-former team DRX also went 2-16 in the 2021 LCK Summer Split—just as Hanna Life did this summer—before righting the ship and winning the World Championship. Whether that 2-16 record is a good omen for Hanna Life during this rebuilding process is purely speculation, although what’s certain is this: the team is acquiring pieces that are necessary to contend, and evidently win.

As for DRX, the team lost all five of its 2022 starters to free agency when the contract expiration window opened earlier this week. With Kin gen and Zeta reportedly off the board, three-fifths of the teams World Championship-winning roster has been signed since ADC Deft was picked up by DWG KIA earlier today.

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FlyQuest, climbing star Toucouille to reportedly part methods after one season

Frequent mid later Toucouille is reportedly leaving the group after an outbreak year in the LCS. The French native will be going back to his residence nation to complete in the nation’s European Regional Organization, the LFL, according to a report from Alejandro Gomes of Blip.GG.

Toucouille’s signing up with of Frequent this year marked a stark commitment to a youth motion for the franchise. TheOrganization of Legendsteam’s mid-jungle duo, that included Toucouille and also Argentinian import Josedeodo, made for one of the youngest pairings of gamers in the league. Previously this week, Josedeodo suggested that he’ll be carrying on from Frequent when he introduced that the team enabled him to discover his choices for the upcoming LCS season.

Toucouille, who joined the LCS before this season, rose to importance in the LFL in 2020 and 2021. Next season, he will certainly be signing up with Group GO in the LFL, according to Gomes’ report.

In North America, Toucouille found immense success from the dive, gaining All-Pro honors in both the Springtime and Summer Season Divides, while additionally amassing a share of first-place enact this year’s LCS Rookie of the Year balloting.

Toucouille was signed to Frequent through completion of the 2024 season, according to the global contract data source. The information of his transfer to Group GO in the LFL are presently unidentified.

Toucouille’s reported departure comes alongside a number of various other pieces of the Frequent starting schedule. Last month, the team’s beginning AD lug Johnson was gotten rid of from theLeagueinternational contract database, although the company has made no public remark pertaining to the gamer’s status.

Frequent might additionally be pushing in the direction of a full-blown lineup reconstruct this off season, specifically thinking about the group has actually apparently brought on former 100 Thieves basic supervisor Chris PapaSmithy Smith to load a comparable duty as president and chief video gaming officer.

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FIFA 22, DCE was solution Joe Gomez

Discover the solution for DCE Joe Gomez, a team creation challenge to be done in FIFA 22 mode. This DCE aims to win the Flashback card of the English player by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Wednesday May 4 at 7 p.m. and lasts a week, ending on Wednesday May 11 at 7 p.m. By completing this challenge, you will get Joe Gomez’s flashback card.

Should we do this DCE?

DCE Joe Gomez is a challenge comprising four teams and whose goal is to celebrate a former star in the mode of FIFA 22. In view of the price of the DCE but especially the card, we recommend making this challenge. Although the price is high, Joe Gomez is an excellent DC on FIFA when his stats are good. Here, you can take advantage of a week to do the DCE, using your packs of packs and players, especially if you have saved your packs for the Tots Premier League.

Recommendation: Yes
* Probable credit gain?
Total cost of the DCE: About 594K

Liverpool challenge, the criteria

  • Liverpool players: minimum 1
  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Global team note: minimum 85
  • Collective: minimum 70
  • Reward: a small rare mixed player pack
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 11 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 111K

England challenge, the criteria

  • English players: minimum 1
  • Global team note: minimum 86
  • Collective: minimum 65
  • Reward: a small gold player pack
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 11 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 118K

Premier League challenge, the criteria

  • Premier League players: minimum 1
  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Global team note: minimum 87
  • Collective: minimum 50
  • Reward: an Electrum Prime player pack
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 11 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 167K


TOP Form challenge, the criteria

  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Global team note: minimum 88
  • Collective: minimum 40
  • Reward: a premium gold player pack
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 11 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 198K

Our example of a solution for DCE Joe Gomez was carried out with the team creator of Futbin (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to make these DCEs at the cheapest price as possible without having the cards. It is obviously possible to make these challenges with other cards. Also be careful because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward and upwards) over time.

You can find the full list of the different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges. In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

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FIFA 22: SBC Aaron Ramsey RTTF. A new Road to the final card available

EA Sports announced that SBC is available that allows you to unlock the Road to the Final Aaron Ramsey for the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode .

The European evenings are back and the most important teams of the continent are giving battle on the game land to reach the UEFA Champions League final, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League.

Now you can be involved in the Road to the Final in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with special dynamic cards that can receive updates as the teams advance in your tournament.

This RTTF Ramsey SBC is CRACKED!

You can redeem the Welsh midfielder card that plays in the Rangers by completing the SCR available in Fut .

SBC requirements Aaron Ramsey RTTF – Road to the final

  • Min. Players 1: Team of the week (TOTW)
  • Team assessment Min.: 83
  • Team understanding Min.: 75
  • Number of players in pink: 11

SBC Solutions Aaron Ramsey RTTF – Road to the final ******

Remember to always check in your club if useful cards are available with Overall itself and that they equally guarantee the same affinity with the other cards present in the solution that we report below. In this way you can save valuable credits.

Solutions available at the following link **.


FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

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LOL: The new champion ADC will be a water yasu that will be played at mele

We already know that soon the identity of the next new League of Legends champion will be announced. In fact, we even know that the name of it is probably Bel’veth or Rem’ora, and it will be a new jungle from the void. But we do not have too much information about the next champion on arriving at the Moba de Riot Games. Or at least we did not have until now.

The Creator of Content Ryscu just climbed to his YouTube channel a video in which he claims to know who will be that second new champion, or rather this champion, for which we would have to wait for some additional weeks. And it seems that he will be a very special type of shooter, of those who are not too many in League of Legends.

A water yasu

_ “It’s going to be an ADC Melé and it will be something like a water yasu. Without saying too much, I will tell you that one of your skills will be similar to the Q of Yasuo, in the sense that it will have 3 different activations, which would change Its box of impacts a bit “_, recounts Ryscu in his video. From what he counts, said skill will also be similar to the q of aatrox , counting on 3 different strokes.

Melee ADCs: The Champions That Prevent Marksman From Being Good | League of Legends
About this new champion, Ryscu said the following: _ “He will probably be played in a similar way to Yasuo ADC, but being a champion who really thought to be played in that way” _. Of course, at the end of the video he says that this are prior filtrations and that everything is subject to possible last-minute changes .

agrees with the official version

On this year’s champions road map, launched a few months ago, Riot Games barely launched a couple of phrases about this champion. This is natural, because characters still had to come out like Renata or that vacuum jungle first. The interesting thing is that those official words agree with what is seen (the photo above) and listened to the mouth of reav3 : _ “a mysterious non-traditional ADC that we will launch” _.

If we stop in Reav3’s literal words, a way that usually advances tracks, we see that he uses “whipping” to talk about the launch of the champion. The literal sense of that word is to hit with a whip or a whip , so it could be that your weapon. Although, that implies that she has something more rank than she would expect from Yasuo.

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Mobile Gaming: Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3 is Live

Psyonix, the video game developer from San Diego, announced today that season 3 by Rocket League Sideswipe, the independent Rocket League game for mobile devices, is now live!

Season 3 offers a new Rocket Pass, season challenges, a viewer mode and a brand new threesome mode.

The three mode has replaced the volleyball mode and offers six players a highly exciting strategic 3V3 action. The threesome mode is played in the new Longfield Arena, whereby the players can keep their teammates better in mind through displays outside the screen. In addition, the new viewer mode allows players to observe and analyze private matches.

Season 2 rewards, i. Player banners and titles, will be awarded for the highest rank after the start of season 3, which the player has reached during the season. Further information about Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3, e.g. Details of the new Rocket Pass Rewards, find in the blog here and the assets can be downloaded here.

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LOL: The interesting Skin created by a fan that advances Riot and shows the most expected aspects

In his start-up presentation, Riot Games showed some of the new Skins about to reach League of Legends . He highlighted the return of part of the most beloved collections that new characters will receive, but above all a selection of unpublished cosmetics baptized as Squadron . Since your presentation, these became the most expected by the community, which has now created its own version to try to overtake how they will be seen in the game.

Cosplay Tutorial with Riot Games | It Gets Better: A Digital Pride Experience Day 1

The most anticipated Skin that the community has created

The objective of this cosmetic line is to revive the idea of ​​the Skin Riven Battle rabbit and try to adapt it to the current developer standard. Although it was a design with potential, it ended up being one of the simplest of League of Legends and barely found continuity. In this way, they want to recover the essence of join animals and warriors with the development of much more serious cosmetics that they really have room in the artistic set of the title. An interesting idea for many passionate players of somewhat more casual appearances.

Following point by point the few details revealed by Riot Games was like the artist created this interesting Skin of Evelynn who shows us how a skin of this style could be seen for the champion. Neon colors and forms reminiscent of rabbits seize it to convert it into one of the most interesting additions to this collection. The appearance of it even seems more likely to attend to how well the champion adapts to this type of topics.

The Skins corresponding to Squadron Alima should not take too long to join League of Legends and probably do so with an event dedicated to the new cosmetic line. A great filtering places its premiere for patch 12.5, which would arrive on Wednesday, March 2 according to the Riot Games updates calendar. The truth is that developers do not usually expect too much among the great ads of new Skins and their release, so it seems likely to arrive very soon. Would you like Evelynn among the chosen characters?

This Skin was created by the artist Gwinshin, whom you can follow in his Twitter account.

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LOL: The play that demonstrates the power of Zeri in the hands of a professional

Season 12 League of Legends is increasingly seated and with it a new champion that is totally dividing the community: Zero . The spark of Faun seems to be sowing the madness in the loyalty crack for good and for bad , since many think that the damage to the champion is ninth and that without a good composition of the team and build, the Character will not be as powerful as expected. However, many others think that she is pretty good and that as well as many other champions at the departure of her, she needs an nerf immediately of many of her skills, so she is not as unbalanced.

Well, since the wording we believe that the champion is fine, although she requires some retouching. However, If you know how to play we will see that the champion is a total monster as we are seeing just up the hand of a professional. Specifically we talk about Jakob Jackspektra People, current shooter for Team Heaters that is harvesting, as expected, a round season and giving a notice to more than one that in the future not very Far will land on LEC to compete against the best players in Europe. But we are here to talk about Zero, the character who in the hands of the Norwegian is a true headache for opponents.


With a build composed of the Berserker Greaves, the strength of Trinity, the Titania Hydra and Ru naan Hurricane, Zero was able to completely return a group fight thanks, mostly, by the mechanical quality of Jackspektra and Kite Outstanding to enemies . Thus, the Norwegian player would go little by little going down the lives of the rivals and ending three of them, hitting a cry of joy and taking the game for granted. And you, do you think Zero needs an improvement / nerf, or she is balanced enough?