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Lost Arc New Continent April 27 confirmed! El Gia trailer public

The new continent of Rost Arc was released. New Continent Elgia is a tribe of Race ‘Lasis’ with a storyward wing and is a continent sealed in Accraia by Karan. The Kumgang Line Director has been professed by Live Live Broadcasting ‘Lost Arc, the continent to be a large conversion point of Lost Arc. The continental position level is 1,460.

Roast Arc Season 2’s subtitle ‘paradise of those who do not dream’ is assumed to refer to El Gia. It is a continental continental to decorate the Roast Arc Season 2. Elgia, released by the trailer, seems to be struggling to ensure that Esther ‘Ninnib’ and ‘Cadan’ are accompanied by adventurers and to protect El Gia and Accraia. The new Abyss dungeon is also estimated by the ‘Kargel’.

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KAGE gul is scheduled to emerge two dungeons, two dungeons, such as the new Abyss Dungeon, such as ‘Oreha’s well’. The position level is 1,475, the normal, hard, and hard is scheduled to be distinguished from 1 to 3 degrees of difficulty.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark: How to fill out the specialty indicator

The most recent ARPG of Smilegate has a combat system inspired by games as a devil, and employs many of the same and mechanical systems that should be comfortable for those familiar with gender. Even so, if you are not sure How to fill out the specialty indicator at Last Ark This is what you need to know.

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How to fill out the specialty indicator in Lost Ark

The specialty indicator at Last Ark is also known as Mysterious Magick Meter, and will be displayed in the center of the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen, regardless of the character class you have chosen to play.

This indicator is filled as enemies and chain combos with your skills. In our experience, using a selection of different attacks, it loads it faster than simply repeating a basic one.

The mysterious magic meter will not be charged while you are in the improved magic state or in the arcane torrent state.