Nexon plans to Release Great addition and class rebuild in MapleStory

We were staying still on the topic of MapleStory. The 2022 Nexon Developers Conference occurred yesterday, where MapleStory Universe was announced, i.e., a few games from this universe that connect.

The first choice will be MapleStory N, an MMORPG from this title, which will support blockchain technologies, where players can get items, turn them into NFT and trade them with other players. Items can be obtained by killing monsters or completing challenges.

Another project is to be a game called MOD N. Sandbox, in which players will be able to build mini-games using the content from MapleStory. The developers will use NFT previously obtained in MapleStory N or other. The whole thing is similar to Minecraft and Roblox, of course, with the addition of blockchain / NFT.

Great addition and class rebuild in Maple Story
Fans of Maple Story will be delighted, and massive updates are coming this summer with a lot of news.

The first part will be released on June 15 and titled Destiny: Remastered. All classes from the Explorers faction will be rebuilt with entirely new animations, improved skills, new story segments, and much more. Additionally, the Summer Event will kick off, and you will have a new accessory kit to earn. You can now take advantage of early registration and grab some goodies until June 13.

The second part of Destiny: Homecoming will come to the game on July 20 and bring a new Homestead feature, i.e., a house we can buy and decorate to our liking. This update will also bring a continuation of the storyline. This time, we will face Kalos at the top of the Unending Tower, and players will get new items from the Eternal series after defeating him.

When is the premiere? There is no such information at the moment, but if there is something new, we will inform you.