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NBA News Nikola Jokic receives after outraster lock over a game

The pushing attack by Nikola Join against Mark eff Morris at the 113: 96 success of the Nuggets against the Miami Heat has now drawn first consequences. The Serb was locked for a game and also has to pay a fine.

The NBA announced her decision on the road to an official statement. The reigning MVP will therefore not be available in the game of the Nuggets against the Pacers at night on Thursday, in addition, he receives no payment for the batch addressed and must be paid separately again 50,000 US dollars.

The reason for the measures was a hard foul of the Serbs, which Morris brought to the ground with a body check a few minutes from the end of the game. It was a very dangerous and dirty action, said Heat-Coach Erik Spectra after the game. Previously, Morris foul the Nuggets star with a robust elbow blow.

Also, Morris ($50,000) and his teammate Jimmy Butler ($30,000) are asked to pay, the former for the original foul to Join, the latter for the provocation of other conflicts following the Join outrage.

Disassembly between Marcus Morris and the Join brothers on social media

He waited until my brother has turned his back. Is noted, Markfieff s twin brother Marcus Morris (L.a. Clippers) tweeted after the game. The answer of the Join brothers did not meet long: You should leave it, instead of threatening our brother in public. Your brother first has deducted an action.

The Tweet also contained a warning of Morris. If you want to go a step further, we will expect you! So the Join Brothers Demand and Strain. The fact that the @Jokicbrothers is a real account has now been confirmed by the journalist Mike Singer ( Denver Post).

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The two brothers of the Nugget Stars were already often in the audience in the audience, and they were already one or the other time with players. According to media reports, the two should already have tickets for the next duel between the Nuggets and Heat. This will take place on November 30th.