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Marvel Games New Studio of Amy Hennig Uncharted 2 3 works on a blockbuster action

SkyDance New Media will develop a story-driven blockbuster action adventure game in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, which should offer a completely new history and view of the Marvel Universe. The project is described as a AAA project. The Studio Skydance New Media was founded by Amy Hennig (Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Failed Star Wars Project Ragtag) and Julian Beak (formerly EA) to develop story-oriented, interactive games – as convergence of games, film and television.

The SkyDance New Media team has set itself the goal of creating detailed, interactive experiences that are suitable for both traditional game platforms and newly emerging streaming services and are appealing, inviting and accessible to a global audience, says In the announcement.

I can not imagine a better partner as a Marvel for our first game, says Amy Hennig, President of Skydance New Media. The Marvel Universe embodies all the action, the secrets and thrills of the Pulp Adventure Genres, which I love so much and is perfect for an interactive experience. It is an honor, an original story with all the humanity, the To tell complexity and humor that make the Marvel characters so imperishable, and to enable our players to embody these heroes they love.