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Pok mon gleaming pearl and bright diamond present legendary meetings

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Fight against legendary Pokémon will be a possibility thanks to Bright diamond Pokémon and pearl Pokémon gleaming, the new editions of the Saga for Nintendo Switch. This remake of the original Nintendo DS titles is prepared for its launch with a new trailer, focused on the so-called legendary cllegendary Pokémonhes, which will allow us to fight against creatures such legendary Pokémon Mew two, Molters, Rayquaza or Suicide.

The Hans Park is a unique area of ​​the removal version, a place that coaches can visit after entering the hall of fame with all the honors. From the official video game website it is aimed, however, that it will be necessary to update with the one patch one. And how will the legendary meetings work ? They say the bad tongues that when placing a slab on the pedestal that lace will result in the appearance of one of these magnificent belegendary Pokémonts.

some mysterious slabs

It hlegendary Pokémon not yet been revealed how the slabs can be obtained, so they invite the players to investigate and explore to discover it. It should be noted that legendary Pokémon will differ depending on the edition, a more than usual legendary Pokémonpect within the saga created by Game freak. legendary Pokémon for the different types of slabs, the web notes that the genetic slab corresponds to the genetic room, but it points to the existence of at lelegendary Pokémont two more types.

Pokémon Bright diamond and Pokémon gleaming pearl develops it Lower under the supervision of Game freak, the original study. The game will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch the next November 19. Months later, on January 28, the turn will come to one of the most expected products by the community of coaches, Pokémon legends: Arelegendary Pokémon. Famed in the Singh region, but at a remote era, this production promises to turn over the formula.