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Air Battle / Trading Sim AirShip: Kingdoms Adrift Trial Play Press -Ship Design and Battle are attractive [Steam Next Festival]

VALVE is holding the NEXT Fe’s from 2:00 am on October 4 to 2:00 am on October 4th to 2:00 am on the game platform Steam. During the event period, you can enjoy the trial version of the game that will appear in the future and live-streaming by developers.

However, this event, which is more than hundreds of trial versions, is not very playable in one week. Therefore, GAME*SPARK will pick up what you are interested in from the works that are being distributed at the event.

This time, we will deliver the play report of the trial version of the air battle and trade sim that Revolution Industry develops in the development.

What is Airship: Kingdoms Adrift

The stage of this work is a mysterious world where the island is scattered in the sky. In this world, which was once separated from the ground and the sky, the sky ship was recovered again. On the other hand, on the other hand, the gaps and repression were distorted, and in the sky, the pirates were in the sky, and the speculation of various people was intersecting in this vast sky.

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift is an air battle and trade sim that can fly around the sky by air ship, trade prize money, and sometimes capture ship cargo. The ship can be upgraded freely, such as thrust agencies as a power source, and various interiors as armed. In the battle, actions that are conscious of the armed angle of each armed are essential, and the ammunition storage may be exposed in a shot or an institutional failure may not be navigated.

The world is exactly the large aviation era. Now, let’s row a little for that blue sky.

I’m going to the sky after passing through Hokum!

When you start the game, first select the country to which you belong. The ship at the start is different, so if you think it doesn’t fit, it’s a good idea to start over from the beginning. Oh, I like blue, so I chose New Indian Republic in the middle.

Next, select the player’s background. In this demo version, only combatants, but in the product version, there seems to be other options.

After a little conversation with the Deputy Director, you will repel the pirates who have attacked as a battle tutorial. However, there are 5 losses and 5 losses here. This statement, Alicia, is a ship with guns on both sides and focusing on firepower, but inevitably exposes the opponent when attacking. As a result, Moro’s attacks were eaten by Moro, and the turret gradually silenced, and finally became naked and sank. The difficulty is generally high. There is also a voice saying Must on the steam bulletin board.

Created another character with tears, and this time Patrick Federation was selected. Although it is a bit dissatisfied with the sloppy boat, it is a bit dissatisfied with the appearance, but it can be fired in front of both sides and in front. By the way, the ship of the Austrian Kingdom above is an attack type on both sides like Alicia.

After many twists and turns, we finally arrived at the destination, Silver Barium Skokie HQ. Immediately receive a job request from the chairman of the merchant. It is a job to pick up an island near the officials of the Skokie.

Now, leave… and before that, let’s remodel the ship a little. First, go to the parts shop and then move to the renovation factory.

The blue color in the middle is a power source, and the lower blue is the propulsion organization. Each weapon shows the angle of the angle. Each part has a fixed location that can be installed, so you can check it with the tooltip.

By the way, there are several check items in the renovation of the ship, so it cannot be sailed unless all are cleared. Whether the parts are placed on all grids, or whether the power is enough. … Well, I don’t want to ride a flying ship with a large hole on the floor or a flying ship with a lack of power before departure.

Now, I’m ready. Let’s leave.

At the destination, a dazzling red-haired Sign Wilbur was waiting for arrival. It’s a clerk at the shop I mentioned earlier, and this game has a good style of character painting. It is a personal point.

I was picked up, and I was stopped by a mysterious ship right after the departure. Tell the merchant ship. I’ll get my luggage. Reduce, it’s going to be sunk. Apparently it looks like a pirate, it’s a quick return.

The quest will progress in this way. After this, quests such as helping the city blocked by a pirate continue, but it takes a lot of time to move.

By the way, the writer was driven by a military fleet. I just bought a product from a slightly passing merchant ship at 100 % off, or kicked out the bad guys who said that they were self-vigilizers, etc.

In this demonstration, the number of ships that can be ridden is only a small ship, so the battle gradually becomes more severe, but if you are thinking about the renovation of the ship, it will pass time by itself.

The operation of the ship during the battle can be moved from the operation like an actual ship, and it has some inertia when it stops. It’s real, but sometimes it’s frustrating with the difficulty of battle. It’s like when you just come off the angle of the shooting.

Also, I’m worried that the optional setting items are quite small. There is no anti-alias, and because of that, the title screen is quite jagged. I’m worried about what happens in the product version.

I just touched the demo version, but I personally like this work. If you like the voyage era series, I think it’s Donnish.

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift is scheduled to start early in November 2022 for Steam.