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Sheffield FC is the oldest club in the world FIFA 22

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On October 24, 1857, the official foundation of the Sheffield FC in England took place, the club is thus the oldest in the world. The founders of the club are not only its fathers, but also the fathers of organized club football. In 164 years later, EA Sports celebrates the Beffield FC s birthday with a special campaign in FIFA 22.

Under the motto No Goat Without The Foat – no best of all time without the first of all time – the developer is tremid to the Sheffield FC and reminds of his origins. The fans can unlock the original range of 1857 in Ultimate Team Mode (FUT) since Sunday by meeting some tasks.

Three task in any FUT mode

It is not too difficult for the players: You have to deny four games with at least five players from England in the Startelf, achieve three goals with a player from England and gaining an encounter with at least two own gates – you can use the FUT mode Reach these destinations themselves choose.

In the original tours of the 1857 team it remains content but not, EA SPORTS has also introduced the Foat Code . A small rule book reminiscent of the origins of the Sheffield FC and thus also of football – of course adapted to the requirements of the digital world. The code aims for a fair partner in FIFA 22, five basic rules have been set up.

The game should not be left in annoyance and anger, no time should be wasted, a replay should only be started for worthy hatches, not every sweaty goal is to be celebrated and the play flow should not be interrupted by breaks. Rules to which the majority of the community keeps anyway, however, attention to EA Sports again.


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Sheffield FC The world s oldest club receives FIFA 22 campaign

To mild, too uncreative – that will take revenge, EA

Sheffield FC itself not in FIFA

Anyone who wants to stick to the Foat Code can identify this setting in FIFA 22 by wearing the Heritage jersey of the Sheffield FC. And in the same, the founder fathers of the oldest football club in the world honor. Incidentally, the Sheffield FC itself is not included in the football simulation.

The club plays in the Divison One South East of the Northern Premier League – the eighth English league. The social media department of the lower class club celebrated the FIFA 22 campaign extensively and reminded of some well-known players who once ran in Sheffield. Among them is about Kyle Walker, who is under contract at Manchester City and is English international.