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Sony is left without the registration of the mark Vita

This week it was reported that Sony had lost the trademark for Vita, but do not worry, it will not affect at all the handheld console the same name. Instead, it will affect other products of the company and many of them did not even know existed.

Because Sony no longer used this brand, European authorities decided to release it so that other companies can make use of it. So what he meant Sony Vita in addition to the console? Apparently Vita was also the name designated by the Japanese technology to other articles such as data carriers containing programs and supports audio and / or digital images.

Sony wanted to avoid losing the name, but the relevant units continued their release, at the least partially. Wiggin, a buffet of lawyers based in London explained it is entirely possible for a company to lose track of your brand if it is not frequently used in the market.

Note from the editor: Although this does not affect the PS Vita is more than obvious that Sony already has no intention of returning to the market of portable consoles. The PS4 sold extremely well, and it seems the PS5 also break a few records. Rest in peace, PS Vita.