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FIFA 22 When are the Squad Battles rewards

Infifa 22 you can earn over Squad Battles rewards in Fut. We look at the rewards and clarify how squad battles expire this year.

What are Squad Battles? The Squad Battles are an offline mode in Ultimate Team, where you can play against the Ki. As opponents, various teams controlled by the Ki, which are different. There are some with top players, but also weak. In addition, the chemistry varies between the teams.

You have to do: The more games you play against the squad-battles teams, the better chances you have on rewards. With each game you collect Battle Points, which introduce you to the squad-battles ranking.

Depending on how many victories you collect and how strong you act in the respective games, you get more Battle points.

The higher you concludes in the ranking at the end of the week, the stronger rewards you get. Important: The list is relatively hard to see. Other players can overtake you over the week. So you should not necessarily rest on the early scores in the week.

Also, only the first 40-week parts of Squad Battles count in your ranked statistics. Then you can only earn coins and have to wait for the next competition start.

Squad Battles for two: If the pure play against the Ki is too dry, you can join together with friends to beat you through the competition.

However, there are only so long Battle points, as none of you have reached the 40 games. You must also play with friends of the same platform, CrossSplay is not a factor in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Squad Battles – Rewards and TimeWhen are the Squad Battles rewards? The Squad Battles Rewards are distributed after the time change on Sundays at 09:05.

At this time, the new weekly competition also starts. Then the ranking will be reset and you can start from scratch again to collect points.

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All Squad Battles Rewards at a glance

These rewards are available: We show you all Squad Battles rewards in the overview. So you can see directly, from what rank the rewards worthwhile for you.

Squad Battles – Bronze

Bronze 3: Premium Lihler Reward Pack
Bronze 2: Gold Pack
Bronze 1: 2 gold packs, 500 coins

Squad Battles – silver

Silver 3: 1 Premium Gold Pack, 1 Gold Pack, 1,000 coins
Silver 2: 2 Premium Gold Packs, 1 Gold Pack, 2,000 coins
Silver 1: 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 4,000 coins

Squad Battles – Gold

Gold 3: 1 Premium Gold Pack, 1 Prime Mixed Player Pack, 5.000 Coins
Gold 2: 1 Premium Gold Pack, 1 Prime Mixed Player Pack, 6.000 Coins
Gold 1: Prime Mixed Player Pack. 1 Prime Electrum Player Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 8.000 Coins

Squad Battles – Elite

Elite 3: 2 Rare Electrum player packs, 1 prime mixed player pack, 8,000 coins
Elite 2: 2 Electrum Player Packs, 1 Premium Gold Player Pack, 14.000 Coins
Elite 1: 2 rare player packs, 26,000 coins

Squad Battles – Top 200

Rank 200 – 101: 1 rare player pack, 2 mega packs, 65,000 coins

Rank 100-41: 1 jumbo rare Players Pack, 2 Mega-Packs, 65,000 coins
Rank 40-21: 1 jumbo Rare Player Pack 2 Rare player packs, 75,000 coins
Rank 20-2: 1 Ultimate Pack, 2 rare player packs, 87,500 coins
Rank 1: 2 Ultimate Pack, 2 rare mega-packs, 100,000 coins

The Squad Battles are not the only place in FUT, if ye can earn rewards. Also in Division Rivals you can get you rewards. However, it will be up against real opponents. The overview of the Division Rivals rewards can be found here.

Squad Battles Games

FIFA 22 Max Kruse RTTK Objectives Requirements to redeem the Road To the Knockouts card

EA Sports has announced that there are available achievements that allow you to unlock the version. Road to the knockouts of MAX KRUSE for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode .

Follow the trip through the phases of UEFA Champions League groups, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League with the path of the Knockouts of Fut.

Road to The Knockouts items are special dynamic letters that can receive two more improvements during the group stage of their respective tournaments.

You can redeem the German attacker letter playing in Union Berlin by completing the available goals at was .

Touch of quality: Brand with a precision shooting in 3 different Squad Battles items in expert or higher or higher (or rivals).

CR Milimetric ox: Provides 5 cross-assists in Squad Battles at an expert or higher level (or rivals).

German goalkeeper: Brand with a German midfielder in 4 different Squad Battles matches at an expert or higher level (or rivals).

Batta Daughter of Berlin: Play 10 games in Squad Battles in expert or higher (or rivals).

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