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What is Microsofts plan for future Bethesda games?

This morning’s big news was that Microsoft bought Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, but we now meet with a few questions. This is generally good news for Xbox owners and Fallout fans, Doom, The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and a ton of other IP addresses, but some PlayStation and Nintendo fans could be uncertain of the future of Their favorite Bethesda games. How are we going to get Skyrim on all our Sony products? Earlier this year, Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios said that there would be no war of the consoles between the Xbox Series X and the PS5, but even if there were, Microsoft certainly has powerful ammunition for such an event.

Bethesda publishes two private games on which Arkane Studios and Tango GameWorks have worked as timed console exclusives for PlayStation, Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, respectively. In an interview with Bloomberg, Phil Spencer said that these commitments will be honored and will come on PS5 before any other platform. As for other future Bethesda games? Well, Phil Spencer also said that they “will take other consoles on a case -by -case basis”. Basically, if you are enthusiastic about a particular game, you just have to hold your breath and check its availability in time.

The Bethesda Games, like the ancient Titles Doom, have been on the Nintendo Switch for a few years, so it was a good decision on the part of Nintendo to get these games as long as they could. It may be a little more difficult in the future. Microsoft can now strategically decide which games become multiplatform titles or timed exclusives, depending on what, they say, will bring them more money.

Are you satisfied with this acquisition from Bethesda? Let us know in the comments below.

Microsoft Buys Bethesda: Will Future Bethesda Titles Be Xbox Exclusive?
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The elder scrolls online

Skyrim: Scientists show the skeletons with skin and hair

The dragon blood is always busy to transport skeletons and other Undead back into grave. A group of researchers can now give you more information about the ribs in The Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim. They have figured out how the ancient North looked at lifetime.

Skyrim: How to look at the skeletons with meat on the bone

Imperious Races of Skyrim - Skyrim Mod

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim bums you on a whole lot of skeletons . That’s not a big surprise in itself. After all, the dragon’s blood spends a lot of time to sneak through old grave chambers and take everything there, which was not nailed. Even if the score is still good on foot, they lack pretty much all others. The researchers of Ancestral Whispers are now showing you how the skeletons looked at the bone with a little more meat.

The team is usually focused on the reconstruction of true skeletons found anywhere on Earth. On Twitter, however, one of the researchers also shows a person who was found in heavenly edge (more precisely in Saarthal) **. According to the researcher, he belongs to the Atmorans, the ancestors of the North. In addition, he should have lived in the Merethic era in which, among other things, the first elves came to Tamriel (Source: Twitter)

skyrim skeletons remember early people

On the website of Ancestral Whispers, the faces of numerous people can be seen, which have lived among other things in the Neolithic, bronze or iron time . On a world map you can see where they lived at that time. (Source: Ancestral Whispers)

The elder scrolls online

Skyrim: Master thief steals a whole city

Master thief or crazy scientist? A skyrim fan examines what the citizens of the city have a turn. Since the North would probably have not been unverate, he has a short-handed-handed. Now he shares his results with you.

Skyrim life as a Thief Episode 1 | Whiterun Heist

skyrim player commits big raid

The reddit user “Snail_on_yt” Willll explore how rich the NPCs in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are. To be able to determine this unequivocal, he must of course decline the residents first all their valuables . With multiple statistics, he shows how his first thieves went out through turn.

The value of all objects in convertible run is therefore on 78.292 sepTime . With 28,919 septamous parts of clothes (armor, normal clothing and jewelry) are the largest share. Most of the inhabitants also fight with DOLCHEN, whereby the ice stole represents the most popular weapon . The sword creates it only on second place.

Skyrim: The thief ensures ultimate equality

The stolen objects say a lot about the income ratios in turn . In the city there are 182 cheap garments and only 86 noble clothes. This difference is reflected in the value of the shoes. After the citizens were all the up to the last gold coin, of course they own all the same lot .

On the YouTube channel from Snail_on_yt you can watch the results in a video. (Source: YouTube) According to its own information, he has for his calculations about 20 hours . In addition, he has used a character at the maximum level, but the usual run has never entered. Now he wants to make the city of wind helmet.

A Skyrim player wants to find out something about the inhabitants of heavenly edge by stealing them except for the last gold coin .