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Update to 0 9 1 Is Efootball 2022 finally playable

It was a turbulent day in Konami – but rather one of the worse variety. In a number of announcements, take the patience of the fans to the rehearsal, because: The big update to version 1.0.0 does not appear as planned in November, but only in spring 2022. Instead of a large update, today published a small one today: Version 0.9.1 – The so-called rescue anchor. This should first ensure that the football simulation is playable.

Stability and graphic in focus

This circumstance alone becomes clear at a look at the list of changes. The developers adopted more than 50 problem cases. Some simply relate to the stability of the game, as it seems to crash or mistakes in match-making, others again the graphics. Scary player faces, two-dimensional representations or missing symbols on the jerseys should now belong to the story.

Main problem: moving actors

But the essential question of the community is likely to be what has done on the gameplay. Here Konami seems to focus mainly on the animations, more precisely sliding movements. For example, the goalkeeper made such a step. The same applied to the field players and the referee during a lapping of the repetition or before the kick-up. In some extreme cases, players even simply disappeared. All this should no longer occur in the future, as well as faults in the game flow.

The team defending a corner is now able to intercept passes in low bow. On the other side, in the attack, there should no longer give air holes and the Hawk-Eye is newly adjusted: the defender tells the ball behind the goal line, no longer falsely decided to no-gate.

Error not completely fixed?

However, announcement could provide some stomach rums. For some improvements are fixed, but may still occur. These include the above errors with the sliding players, balls flying through players, unnatural collisions or a throttling speed of the ball and the game processes.

Therefore, the question can not be answered if Efootball is finally playable for 2022 five weeks after release. However, the worst case should exclude itself and the improvements mentioned in the last section should be the case. Only: First videos on Twitter already show the opposite.