Fornite s Halloween Event Currently Live As Cube Queen Gets Here In

It s all been leading up to this: the Cube Queen has actually shown up to Impressive Games Fortnite and also with her comes the start of the end of the fight royale s Halloween event.

Fornitemares is Impressive s method of commemorating Halloween– it s brought fabulous scary symbols like Frankenstein s Monster alongside other popular personalities like Rick Grimes to the fight royale– as well as it s been happening essentially all month long. The end is in sight currently as the new Fortnitemares: Rage of the Cube Queen event will run from currently until November 1.

The Cube Queen s introduction brings adjustments to the Island, Impressive s blog article regarding the event reviews. Because Fortnitemares began (and also before), the Cubes have been mobilizing. Their movement in the direction of the Island s facility wasn t simply to spread corruption– they re currently at the facility developing The Merging. What is the purpose of this strange structure?

It appears the response to that question is something gamers should look for while joining the Rage of the Cube Queen event. In order to do that, gamers will require to take out Caretakers, which are brand-new monsters that web server as the Cube Queen s devoted warriors. They re apparently made of rock, really high and shadowy, as well as can make use of long spooky tendrils to draw you straight into The Laterally for a showdown on their house grass. If you endure, Epic teases that the loot will deserve the fight.

Together with the arrival of the Cube Queen is the brand-new Sideways Scythe and returning things like the Witch Brooms as well as Pumpkin Rocket Launcher.

The Batman That Chuckles Outfit will be included in the Fortnite Thing Store throughout this occasion too. More specifically, it will certainly be offered alongside the Robin s Perch Back Bling, Dark Multiverse Pickaxe and also Glider, as well as the Dark Days Loading Display at night Multiverse Establish on October 25. More information regarding this attire and the Batman Structure Fortnite comic book introducing on October 26 can be discovered on Epic s post concerning the character.

Fornite s preferred Crowd Thrill is back, too.

The Cube Monsters are pushing out of the Laterally as well as into our world, the article checks out. Battle together with your teammates to rack up your score by finding score multipliers, making combos, and getting rid of as numerous monsters as you can. To win, endure at places throughout the map and also take down the Last Manager!

There are three new Horde Rush pursuits readily available to finish throughout the Rage of the Cube Queen too. Total the basic Fortnitemares Pursuit to open the Raven s Curse Spray, the Midnight Face-off Loading Display, and also the Wrathful Breakout Contrail.

Total the Monster Seeker Questline to unlock Ariana Grande s All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Dark Style). Impressive s post seems to show that an Ariana Grande skin is related to this mission– Ariana Grande has returned to the Island … Spacefarer Ariana Grande, the galaxy s best beast seeker, is inviting you to join her search– but it s not specifically clear. Her All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe is absolutely up for grabs throughout the occasion, though.

The last questline, The Oracle Speaks Questline, rewards gamers with the Cube Cruise ship Glider upon conclusion.

For even more regarding Fortnite, reviewed about how Universal s classic monsters are signing up with the battle royale as well as after that take a look at this story concerning the addition of The Strolling Dead s Rick Grimes in the video game. Read regarding why you should not expect to see Fortnite on Apple devices for several years afterwards.

Will you be leaping right into Fortnite s Rage of the Cube Queen event? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below! .


Air Cap Girl Globe this month s excellent game award

[AI News 24 Municipal Reporter] Air Cap (Representative Representative) Gall Globe announced 19 days that the Mobile Game Girl Globe (Globe) has won the Excellent Game General Game (Frontier).

The Cultural Athletic Tourist Department hosted and hosted by the Korea Content Promotion Agency, which is the event that started in 1997 to activate the game creation and to promote the production of developers.

In the second half of 2021, the excellent game of this month in the general game sector ▲ Odin: Balhallazing ▲ 2nd country ▲ Chosun Bettle M ▲ Play Together ▲ Tapu Galaxy ▲ Bald: Jara Nara Hair Head ▲ Globe, a total of seven works I climbed on. As a result, Globe was awarded the third country and Odin: the third most votes followed by the second country.

As a good work, the game of the developer is awarded the Cultural Physical Education Tourist Minister of Culture, and is automatically registered as a candidate for the 2021 Korea Games in the November 2021 on November 2021. In addition, we offer various award benefits, such as an excellent game website and game expertise, a game expertise, a game expert, a YouTube creator, and the like,

Air cap presents a 500 sapphire, 200 Heart, 200 Princess Coin, 200 Honor Coin, and 100,000 coins, which is a game item that means thanks to the user. In addition, we will present a limited edition background item Thanks Yui to all users in accordance with the regular inspection to be held on October 28.

The Representative of the Republic of the Republic of Korea said, I think I have led to the Globe and I heard a lot of love. This award thinks as a result of the generous support of the user, said the result is that We plan to tilt the ball on the game update, and especially, we will try to grow without missing the direction of the user and to grow into a fashion mobile game that represents the country.


The main news of Football Manager 2022 for this sepractically disappearedon

Year after year and with a practically disappeared competition, Football Manager returns to the court looking for what to improve the almost infinite practically disappearedpects that already encomppractically disappearedses a simulator that is more than a game for all those with an interest in the professional world of sport King . Its monumental databpractically disappearede, its authentic trepractically disappearedure of the crown, allows you to have one of the most complex bpractically disappearedes on which to work in order to get the best possible sports management simulator, considering that there are always multiple elements in which you can Make better and there is only one year between editing and editing (usual problem of iterative sagpractically disappeared).

colossal data collection and processing work that accumulates the series , a living work that remains constant over time, is the bpractically disappearedis of one of the most striking news this sepractically disappearedon, a new data center that is It focuses on a discipline in vogue within the world of football, the detailed data analysis to establish what works, what does not and what can be improved. That constant stupid in applying the coldness of science to football chaos instead of putting the genius in the lamp (and winning games).

Analysis, management and data comparison is a constant among the great fans to sport, a danger of figures that must be interpreted in pursuit of a conclusive reading of the path that your team hpractically disappeared to follow. The new data area will allow us to devote enormous amounts of time to examine data, from the most obvious to the most insignificant. Do you want to know how many axles hunt your defense compared to the rest of the league? Number of shots at door compared to the best in the world? Kilometers traveled? area of ​​influence? All the possible data of each player of your team will be available in the face of you have the best tools to decide throughout the competition.

A complex machinery

One practically disappearedpect in which it hpractically disappeared been influenced in this version is in a new centralized management system of the different departments under our command. Bpractically disappeareded on the usual practice in professional teams to have a great regular meeting between the entire technical team, these meetings will allow us to have concentrated information from the different arepractically disappeared and to address short and long-term objectives with our players, supervise suggestions from the team of Griers, to tackle possible problems with training or contracts, evaluate the medical area and other practically disappearedpects that will reach us in the form of concrete suggestions that we can accept, postpone, ignore or reject practically disappeared lpractically disappearedt leadership that we are of the equipment. By discounted, we can manage all these arepractically disappeared also in its corresponding arepractically disappeared, although this new system gives you an air of realism a day to day.

The emotion of signings

Apart from improving the artificial intelligence of the negotiation of contracts and signings, with its countless clauses and modifiers, for the 2022 edition a showy visualization system hpractically disappeared been implemented, which tries to transmit the emotion and media electricity of the lpractically disappearedt day of the signing window , with new elements that will allow us to inform us (or be protagonists) of those lpractically disappearedt hours of tic-toc , of nerves and to be aware of social networks to know if the dreamed signing takes place or not.

Match Engine, the beginning of something new?

It is no secret that the visualization of matches is the great battle horse of Football Manager of all life. From the descriptions purely in text to the dance of circles until we have today it hpractically disappeared rained a lot, but given the complexity of the game, to move all that to a realistic and exciting partner viewer hpractically disappeared proven to be extremely complex and a constant process improvement Inside the British study.

The new edition leads practically disappeared one of its most attractive elements an armed viewing system with a new animation engine and a multitude of adjustments looking for a more natural movement of the players and the flow of the ball. Nothing takes out more paper at Football Manager more than seeing practically disappeared your tactical care and virtuous sports management translates into ridiculous goals and impossible movements. The first impressions after a few hours with the Alpha is that, indeed, the new vision system seems more solid and it is possible that it is the beginning of a new time for the saga, or at lepractically disappearedt solid foundations to achieve ambitious objectives in The future in the short and long term.

UNE promising delivery

There are still a few weeks until that November 9 Announced practically disappeared the relepractically disappearede date of this edition and in this Alpha that we have played there are still enough things that are being retouched and that will continue polishing post-relepractically disappearede, but the impressions are Good and the changes in the viewing of the parties can be a great added for the future of the saga. We have many hours to take the team of our people to win the Champions before being able to better evaluate what this delivery offers, but we stayed with an undoubted tpractically disappearedte of mouth that we hope to be confirmed at the time.


Alexander Zverev sovereign in the quarterfinals of Indian Wells

Alexander Zverev has moved into the quarterfinals of the Master of Indian Wells. The 24-year-old Hamburger sat down sovereigns 6: 1, 6: 3 against the Frenchman Gael Monfil and thus won 20 of his past 21 matches.

Only in the US Open he had last beaten in the semifinals to the world s latest Novak Djokovic.

I felt very good today on the court, Zverev said, who stands for the first time at the tournament in the round of the best eight: I have always liked it well here, but I have never played so well. Hopefully it s all about so on.

Against Monfil, Zverev managed his first victory in the fourth meeting and now developed the chance of the semi-final, for which he has to turn off US-American Taylor Fritz.

Zverev s chances of winning the tournament victory in the Californian desert not only increased by the secure victory of German number one in just 61 minutes. With US Open Champion Daniil Medvedev failed the potavorit surprisingly with 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6 at the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrow. He had already led in the second sentence with 4: 1.

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If he plays like this from the booth of 4: 1, he will win the tournament, praised Medvedev. He played better than all my opponents at the US Open. There Medvedev had finished the Grand Slam dreams of Djokovic in the final.


Battlefield 2042 This is the Hazard Zone

DICE provides a first look at Hazard Zone, another big game mode of Battlefield 2042. Trailer In below you take a first look at the game type, in addition to all-out warfare and Battlefield site in time for the launch of the new first-person shooter available. In the video you get to see zone and the functioning of Hazard next game scenes. An existing four-person squad must recover on the battlefield scattered data drives on and off at the same time, rival gangs and occupying forces. You collect a data drives and bring them to safety before a powerful storm sweeps across the target area. Hazard zone can be played on all seven maps of Battlefield 2,042th

About the story: In 2040, a worldwide blackout destroyed about 70 percent of all satellites; the tensions between the US and Russia are increasing. Since this incident, both sides use low-earth satellites for the collection of intelligence by means of radiation-resistant data drives. As a player, it puts together a powerful squad and take on the role of a specialist to you to save the data drives. Depending on the specialist you decide for either offensive or defensive play. While Maria Falck guarantees about mobility and healing, their backs to the fastening system and SG-36 wax gun by Pyotr Boris Guskovsky from a specific map area.

This is the Hazard Zone – mode in Battlefield 2042 | NEWS

Battlefield 2042

from 79,99 €

also read


Battlefield 2042: trailer premiere hazard zone starts 17:00 – Watch here

Finally: DICE introduces the last mode of Battlefield 2042 with hazard zone. Here you are live. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: New information about the mode Hazard Zone

The developer DICE will finally reveal the last game mode of Battlefield 2042 with the name Hazard Zone before the release. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: beta build but not as old as previously thought?

It seems that the beta build is not quite as old as thought by Battlefield 2042 so far.

Other ways squads adapt in Hazard zone on their own style of play, it is with unveiling of the remaining specialist inside for the launch of giving , share the developers announcing the hazard zone of Battlefield 2042 (buy now € 57.99 / 53, 99 €) with. A round consists of five main phases. First, it determines the starting point of your commitment, selects the specialists, equipment and tactical upgrades. Then your team will be dispatched to the starting point. Once there, you activated your spy scanners and stand opposing units. Then you will receive the first of two ways to extract the data. After that, the remaining troops fight one last time to see who escapes – or eventually fails. The rounds, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

On Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 and PC you are experiencing the hazard zone with 32 players on PS4 and Xbox One is having a maximum of 24 players on smaller cards. After a successful extraction teams receive a base reward and an additional reward depending on the backed-up data drives. In addition EP also you get black-market credits that you spend on new weapons, equipment and upgrades can. The upgrades include additional ammo, faster load times, more inventory space and the ability to revive fallen team members. Battlefield 2042 will be released on 19 November.

Battlefield 2042: EA shows hazard zone in the trailer

Battlefield 2042

from 57,99 €

By David Martin
10/15/2021 08:14


Promotion of Mission to Gameville Com2us Holdings

Gameville (utilities) announced on the 15th that the Mission to Com2us Holdings was changed at the Temporary shareholder General Assembly, which is held on November 30th.

Gameville has resolved the meeting of temporary shareholders at 9 am on the 30th of the 30th. Major agenda is scheduled to be subject to mission changes.

Games Bill, which has accumulated global competitiveness for more than 20 years, is planning to increase the phase and role as a substantial business owner through this mission change, and we plan to increase the synergy and synergies with Com2s.

It also integrates affiliate brand images and customer-oriented clear communications, and the company s goal is to expand its influence in the global market.

Previously, Gameville has not only strengthened the role of roles as a holding company, as well as a global game business and game service platform business. In addition, we have been investing in a Korean virtual asset exchange, and in advance of the cooperation with the 2 major shareholders, and the technology-based new business, such as NFT, such as NFT.


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Follow Stream Gaming Night with Destiny 2 and more starts at 18 30 on Twitch

From 18:30 you can watch a new selection of games in the Follow live stream. We would be very happy if you turn on and welcome us in the chat. It s starting soon!

Here you can see what is on the program today:

15.10.2021 – 18:30 – Gaming Night with Destiny 2 and more – Xbox Series X

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New battlefield Battlefield 2042 Haizard Zone mode released

The information of the new mode Hazard John of the Battlefield 2042 , rumored was released.

On October 15, released information about the trailer of the Hazard zone and the detailed gameplay. A maximum of 32 players are the mode of battle royal format to fight to take up data drives in satellites falling throughout the map. According to the description of the developer, Hazard Zone is short if it is short, 5 minutes, and the length of 20 minutes.

The background of the Hazard zone is closely related to the background setting of . In 2040, a global power failure occurred, resulting in a quaternary of 70% of satellites. The relations between the United States and Russia were set up before the war when communication, operation, and monitoring of each other were impossible.

The two countries launched a temporary satellite equipped with a data drive to collect information, and satellites fell to each area after completing information collection. The player becomes a non-welfare soldier ​​and fighting against each other s soldiers. You must secure the data drive in the satellite to escape.

In addition to the player in the Hazard, there is a occupational soldier who is controlling by AI. The main area of ​​satellite, the more and more occupational soldiers are stationed, so be careful. The weather that changes to the vision is also threatened by the player. As Hazard John stays, you can collect more satellite data, but the storm also needs to be aware of it.

And there is also a uplink , which can help you get several helps in the Hazzard John. Uplinks are randomly arranged, and you can rearrange the boarding equipment by requesting the boarding equipment through the uplink.

If you have collected satellite data, you have a maximum of two escape opportunities. When you arrive at the randomly set escape point, you must block the other squad and the enemy AI unit and board the helicopter. The first escape opportunity appears in a relatively early time, but the last escape opportunity appears at the end of the game. The team left is a defeated in the round, and loses all the data drives that are collected by the storms.

If you have successfully escaped with satellite data, you can get a Dark Market Credit (DMC), and the entire partner is a bonus. With the dark market credits, you can purchase various equipment and tactical upgrades that can be set before Hazard John entry. Tactical upgrades are scheduled for a total of 15 based on formal launch. The currently published tactical upgrade is as follows.

● Increased weapons \ – The selected tube assistance facility is increased by 1.

● Inside information \ – The crashing capsule shows the landing position 30 seconds before landing.

● Roadout insurance \ – If you have a deacon, 25% of the upgrade and load-out costs are repaid.

● Commercial bounty \ – Dark market credit credit cards increase by 50%.

● Quick Draw Holster \ – Weapon is 15% faster.

Hazard Zone offers seven full-length basics standards, and eight squads consisting of four, will participate in satellite data. PC, PS5, Xbox Seires X / S participate by up to 32 people, but the PS4, Xbox One version, the Xbox ONE version, can participate a little smaller.

The Battlefield 2042, which contains Hazard Zone, is released on November 19, 2021.


Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone trailer is all concerning squading up and also collecting data drives

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone details remain in, as a brand-new trailer flaunts the appealing new squad-based setting.

Hazard Zone will certainly see several groups of 4 checking out the video game s maps as well as attempting to locate important data drives. Not just will teams be taking on each other to ransack as numerous data drives as feasible, yet they will encounter environmental dangers along with AI Occupying Forces that are defending specific drives scattered throughout the map. The champions aren t the ones with one of the most kills, yet those that can efficiently get off the map with the data drives.

Look into the trailer for Battlefield Hazard Zone listed below.

When it concerns enduring the Hazard Zone, gamers will certainly have two windows to be drawn out, with just one squad able to benefit from the removal, implying that only an optimum of two groups can effectively finish a round. If you procure out of the Hazard Zone with those data drives, you can convert them to Dark Market currency points and use them to get upgrades for your gear and specialist for the next time you head back.

What really catches our interest is the player matter. There ll just be 24 players on PS4 and also Xbox One, with 32 on PS5, Xbox Series X, and also PC, implying a very different style and pace of Battlefield, and not the battle royale phenomenon that featured Battlefield 5 s Firestorm.

You ll have the ability to get an appropriate taste of Threat when the game finally releases on November 19 – its new release day after the Battleground 2042 hold-up – on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.