FIFA 22 Max Kruse RTTK Objectives Requirements to redeem the Road To the Knockouts card

EA Sports has announced that there are available achievements that allow you to unlock the version. Road to the knockouts of MAX KRUSE for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode .

Follow the trip through the phases of UEFA Champions League groups, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League with the path of the Knockouts of Fut.

Road to The Knockouts items are special dynamic letters that can receive two more improvements during the group stage of their respective tournaments.

You can redeem the German attacker letter playing in Union Berlin by completing the available goals at was .

Touch of quality: Brand with a precision shooting in 3 different Squad Battles items in expert or higher or higher (or rivals).

CR Milimetric ox: Provides 5 cross-assists in Squad Battles at an expert or higher level (or rivals).

German goalkeeper: Brand with a German midfielder in 4 different Squad Battles matches at an expert or higher level (or rivals).

Batta Daughter of Berlin: Play 10 games in Squad Battles in expert or higher (or rivals).

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 to PlayStation 5 , Xbox X-Series , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Union Berlin Timo Baumgartl fulfills special childhood dream

Timo Baumgartl (birthed 4 March 1996) is a German specialist footballer that plays as centre back for Bundesliga club Union Berlin, on finance from PSV.

What makes a footballer if he has to suspend due to injury? He starts an acting career. So at least it did Timo Baumgartl from the Football Bundesliga club Union Berlin. The central defender hired during his injury break at the Daily Soap good times, bad times .

I ve got on, since I was five or six, with my parents GZSZ, said Baumgartl in front of the conference league game at Feyenoord Rotterdam (1: 3): It was always a childhood dream, sometimes as a comprehent to be. Now I got a sideline, which is all the better.

In what form the 25-year-old appears in cult series and when exactly he will be visible, RTL did not join. Baumgartl will be for the first broadcast invite some friends to watch that with me . The whole thing made him incredibly a lot of fun. The contacts I could make there were also great.

After a heavy collision with Fabian Klos at the home game against Arminia Bielefeld, Baumgartl had suffered a severe concussion at the end of September. Only on Thursday in Rotterdam, the former Stuttgart celebrated his comeback.

Tokyo Olympics Women s Basketball Japan Representative Toshida Horse Miya Miyoshi Game Play NBA 2K22 new video planning start

The Japan nationwide basketball team is administered by the Japan Basketball Organization (JBA) (Japanese: 日本バスケットボール協会). A 1936 establishing member of FIBA Asia, Japan has one of Asia s longest basketball practices.
Japan has among the most effective basketball groups in Asia. It has won the Eastern Basketball Champions two times and also is the second leading nation in qualifications to the occasion. The group certified for the Olympic Gamings 7 times as well as for the FIBA World Mug 6 times.

You can enjoy the guy you are looking at. Well, let s start the game. , with the NBA 2K series and celebrities related to basketball, with a variety of cuts NBA 2K22 new video planning has been started and released with 2K JAPAN official YouTube channel.

In the first time to commemorate, Kashiwada Maki Maki, a female Japanese representative, who has achieved the first Japan Basketball world s first silver medal acquisition of the Japan Basketball World s Silver Medal, and Horse Ebelin player, Miyoshihoho guest. You can view the original character and watch the design that enjoys NBA 2K22 .

In addition, since the long interview, the long interview of Maki Maki who played this work, a long interview with Maei Nanhuho is also released, the basketball fan & NBA 2K22 attention user is a check.

◆ NBA 2K22 special project You can enjoy the guy you are looking at. Well, let s start the game. Series 1st

In the first guest that has been released today, it involves enthusiastic vortices in Japan, and a new one step in the history of Japan Basketball, Kashiwada Maki s (Denso Iris), horse bean Player (Toyota Motor Antelope), Miyoshi Hanaho (Toyota Motor Antelope) appeared!

A horsehold player has started playing the NBA 2K series on PS4 about five years ago. Takada and Miyoda have know that the existence of NBA 2K is not yet playful, but how many NBA 2K22 can be played …?

The next generation of NBA 2K22 has a game mode focused on a female professional and a female professional player, and Sakata player, horse gap, and three good players actually matched up with WNBA players There are a lot of elements where you can enjoy the world of real WNBA, such as challenging to play and training, and players themselves can be WNBA Legend players! This time, we challenged the My Player where you can enjoy the original character and the character made with your own character, 3ON3 and Quick Match that can be easily begun from beginners.

First of all, I can experience my face on my smartphone and make an original character (Maiplayer , which can be created (face scanning is mynba2k22 app ). When your face appeared in the game, when your face is projected, My Charm Point is also true! (Horse players), I m sorry that it is very similar! Jan (Laughs) Similar!? (Miyoshi 3 good players) While various comments such as I like foreign children and my mother …? , What a finished three original characters have been completed?

Then, using the original character created in My Prayer , 3ON3 is challenged. Since the appearance of the face is aligned with the actual specifications for each player, the coat in the game may be real. When the game starts, it is three people who show a stunning cooperation play while talking with each other while talking with each other. A scene where a horse can attract a shot that makes a shot that makes a shot that makes a shot that makes three good players who are boldly deciding to decide a brilliant post move. Reproduce the experience of the basketball and play the real world that has been cultivated so far, and you can win even in the world of NBA 2K22 ! ?

In the second video, we will deliver the Quick Match ! Three good players are going to be Rotin before everyday match, decide to do something . I will definite one-point shot! (3-good players), I want to decide one shot because I play for the first time I want to do a fierce defense (horse players) and each goal and challenge the game!

When the game video starts, Toshida, who is the first time to play NBA 2K22 , and three good players are impressed by the beauty of the graphics and the real movement of the character, and enjoy as if you are looking at the actual WNBA s video It was. Playing, can we achieve their goals each and get the first victory with NBA 2K22 ? Please check the result of the outcome in the video.

※ The second will be released next week.

◆ Maki Toshida, horse bean player, Miyoshi Hanamio players, long interview!

-The how to play NBA 2K22 for the first time today?

Takada player was purely fun, and the real feeling of reality, including the movement. From the atmosphere of the venue. I played for the first time, but it s fun! I thought that I wanted to do NBA 2K22 soon.

As we are an athlete, we have been losing in the game because they are NBA 2K22 , so there are a lot of regrettable feeling …. But I want to make this more more than this, I want to create a dream team with my favorite player, so I think that NBA 2K that can reflect such parts is a very dream game Is.

Three good players really enter the game and played happily, and it was very beautiful that the video is beautiful and so NBA 2K22 is beautiful. I did not have my own game, but I still enjoyed it, so I want to master from now on!

-MyPlayer How was your character created and created?

I often caught the Toshida character features, and I was really happy that I was able to play with various players and play with various players. When I played NBA 2K22 from a child, I think that this world is familiar and feels like it aims to aim at NBA and WNBA in real. It was fun and fun when I was creating myself with myplayer.

I thought it was like Mom! I thought that it was similar (laughs), and after all I thought. Among them, I think that it is also a good place for NBA 2K that the function is changed to change the hairstyle, so when you play Story Mode (My Carrier) with that character, the story going to NBA I can experience it because I can experience it too fun to children. I think it is a dream like an adult or a child.

It was the height of the quality that I could see if I was watching three good players at the moment. This time, I played the same way as my height, so I was easy to enter. On the contrary, the hairstyle that could not be done so far, and the different height is a place where it can only be played in the game, so I also thought that there was a way to enjoy the challenge.

No maitake player. I wanted to play at 190 cm. It is 190 cm in reality, so it s fun to play with 190 cm and 2m in the game!

-After in NBA 2K22 , please let me know if there is an impressive episode or comment with Yachimura who became the first cover of the Japanese.

Because it is a horse guitel super star …! At the timing of gender retranspiration time at the training camp, I spoke occasionally because I like NBA. At that time, I think that Hachimura player still was before entering the NBA, but I was excited about the story of realistic NBA who hears what kind of feeling? And I heard from the person. I thought I wanted to do my best because I know the attitude to the effort of Yachimura, but I really wanted to do my best (while pointing to the cover of NBA 2K22 ) is really Hachimura think.

In recent years, men and women have matched at the same venue in men and women. increase.

It feels like just looking at the three-way players purely like Baske, and I feel that I would come to see the game.

-In NBA 2K22 , if you can organize the ideal team regardless of age or affiliated player, what kind of player and team do you want to team?

I m wearing a Lebron Bash, so I would like to play with Lebron in that sense.

Miyodai Tony Parker player wants to be ready, Damian Relander, Kawai LaNard.

Horse player is great, good! Riralards and Parker players are both point guards but do you want to be No. 1?

With a three-good player Parker player! Realard players shooting guards Now I m doing with a small ball, I would like to go with a dream team I got on the vital!

Horse Games Hardener, Shakhire O Neill player, Kevin Durant player, 2 Kebin Durante, No. No. 3 recently pressed Zac Lavigne. It is a guy (laughs)

-The catch copy of NBA 2K22 this year will be as strong as you like. Please tell me if you also liked basketball and if you have the pleasure and experience you have ever before.

I m still continuing now because I like the Basketball. I m not good at saying something, but I think that I like it is technically and mentally, so I think that I will grow people in various ways, so I will continue to likes something I think it is very important. As NBA 2K22 was so much fun the more you do, I would like to continue in reality! It is really fun!

Through the horse gainer s basket, it is how to communicate with other teammates and what kind of friends are you won. I learned the important things in various lives, so I think that I would like to give it back to it. In the sense of wanting to give back, the silver medal was taken at this Olympics was a feeling that I was really good to do a basket in myself.

Three-performance I think that it will be as strong as you like. I think that it can be said in basketball, so I just came to now, so I left a silver medal as a result. I originally started a basketball for the purpose of diet, so I was disgusted every day. I really hate to go to the gymnasium (laughs) Nevertheless, I m going to practice it one day (for another day (for practice) and continued to go repeatedly and I liked the basketball, so I like it I think it was good.

-Please comment a word for the fans who wanted to play NBA 2K22 through this video.

I think that you can enjoy it for people with a wide age group. I first played NBA 2K22 for the first time, but I think that I want to enjoy it for many people because it has been very fun and time.

I think it is a game that can be experienced to be able to do anything that can not be himself, so it is good for your favorite player, and even if you put in a player who does not know later, he will be real at real NBA and I m active in NBA I think there is a way to enjoy it. By all means, I think that I would like to make a lot of functions and enjoy it!

It is very fun to be able to play together with players and games that are three-way players or those who are usually absolutely involved. I also try to do NBA 2K22 for the first time today, so I think that everyone would like to do it once!

(C) 2005-2021 Take-Two Interactive Software and its subsidiaries. 2K, the 2K logo, and Take-Two Interactive Software are all trademarks and / or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. The NBA and NBA member team identifications are the intellectual property of NBA Properties, Inc. and the respective NBA member teams. (C) 2021 NBA Properties, Inc. All rights reserved. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks are property of their RisePective Owners. All rights reserved. ACCORDING to 2008-2021 AND NPD DATA.

New game conquers Steam receives 89 positive reviews what is Demon Slayer The Hindokami Chronicles

Sega published on October 15, 2021 the new game Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba-the Hindokami Chronicles . The adventure fighting game is based on the Anime Demon Slayer and celebrates huge success in Japan. However, you do not have to be a fan of the anime to find fun at the game. Meinmmo explains what that is for a game and what the Reviews on the PC platform Steam say.

Genre: Adventure, Beat Em Up | Developer: CyberConnect2 | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S | Release: 15 . October 2021

What is Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles for a game? Demon Slayer is an adventure beat – em-up, which always takes place on 3D battlefields during the story and online mode.

In the online multiplayer you can decide between 12 different characters, of which 6 have an additional skin.

Your goal is to bring the livelihood of the opponent with strategic combinations and your skills to 0. In doing so, you have a selectable combat partner at your site, which you can call in between with the touch of a button (on PS4 with L1) in between. He saves you from enemy attacks or shares harm together with you.

In addition, you can also choose the combat partner as an active fighter if your key holds longer. Both characters swap their positions, which provides more variety and strategy in the battle.

Story Mode of Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles

The story mode works: In story mode, the history of the anime will be so understandable that even people can follow that the original does not know.

Unlike online mode, you have the opportunity to explore on the respective maps, explore the area and collect items that allow you to unlock additional cutscenes or rewards.

The fighting in the story mode basically run as well as in the online fighting, but there is some quick-time events at the end of battles or during boss struggles, which challenge you challenge certain keys at the right time.

Who plays Games like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, the principle is known.

What s in the story? The gloomy story is Tanjiro and Neozo Kamado s sibling pair. The story plays in an older age of Japan. When Tanjiro is going to sell coal, his family is attacked by a demon and killed brutally.

Only Nazuko survives scarce and turns into a demon. She is to wonder all, but not malignant and wants to eat people, but is a very special kind of demon.

Tanjiro makes it a task to become a Demon Slayer to make his little sister Neozo again to a normal man. He meets many heavy and traumatic challenges and learns some important people who support him on his mission.

So the story was implemented in the game: In the Hindokami Chronicles you mainly play Tanjiro and pursues its strenuous career as Demon Slayer. In the game, the experiences of Season 1 of the anime and the film are retired.

All CutScenes are synchronized, designed with original charges, pretty graphic and are underlaid by suitable, great music.

Hinokami Chronicles can be played with both Japanese, as well as with English synchronization and you can choose subtitles in different languages ​​- including German.

Steam celebrates Demon Slayer – awards 89% positive reviews

What does the community say? The community praises the graphics, music and addictive combat mode from Demon Slayer. Especially the fans of the series and the manga should come according to the phrases of the reviews at Steam at their expense.

We have broken through the Steam Reviews for you; That s what the players say:

For fans of anime fighting games, Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba-the Hindokami Chronicles is a captivating experience. Even if you are a beginner of the series, it s a game that fun plays and has a clear narrative that captivates you directly. It may easily feel easy to feel, but it s a perfect example of what CyberConnect2 best can best.

Unrealisplayer via Steam

Ezekiel adds:

The quality of the effects is really good and the gameplay is pleasant.

Via Steam

Gamma is also the opinion:

If you like the Naruto Ninja Storm franchise and of course Demon Slayer, the game is a must. Solid story, animations and solid gameplay. Go and S-ranks these missions, I have already done it :).

Via Steam

Players also praise that there will soon be free DLCs to expand Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles. Over time, 6 new fighters are added and Season 2 is also to find their way into the game after the broadcast from December 2021.

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Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles still have to work

But there is also criticism of the game: Players criticize that there are too few characters for fighting. 6 of the 18 figures, with their skins are simple clones of existing fighters. Furthermore, the game for the current content with 59.99 euros is too expensive.

The players say that the story would be too short and they would have liked more content. However, the understanding of the understanding that Hinokami Chronicles does not want to spoil the story of the anime and manga.

In addition, the game so far only runs in 30 fps, which will be spatched for 60 fps, according to developers, what some fans also stops from the purchase.

All in all, Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles but a hit on Steam and harvestes massively positive rating of fans and new entrants. Who likes a character-focused story, fighting games and anime style, will come to its expense in this game.

What do you think of Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba – the Hindokami Chronicles? Have you already tested and are even a fan of the series or is anything like that for you? Write us in the comments.

Another new and future game we have shown you on Meinmmo here: Dokev was one of the colorful highlights of the Gamescom 2021 – now shows new gameplay

Champions League Four change at VFL Wolfsburg

The rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is a football rivalry between the fans of the Argentinian attacker Lionel Messi and the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo and, according to some people, between the players themselves. Having won a total of Eleven Price Golden Ball / FIFA Gold Ball (Six for Messi and Five for Ronaldo) and Ten European Golden Shoe Prizes (Six for Messi and Four for Ronaldo), both are widely considered no Only as the two best players of their generation but also, by the majority of Bull Salzburgs experts including players and Bull Salzburgs journalists, like the two biggest players of all time. They are two of the most decorated footballers of history, having won up to 66 combined trophies (34 for Messi and 32 for Ronaldo) during their senior career, and have regularly crossed the 50 goalbar in one season. They are among the 51 players in the history of Bull Salzburg to have marked more than 500 goals in career, the two having even marked more than 700 goals each in their career for their club and country. Cristiano Ronaldo currently holds the world record of the largest number of career official goals.
Journalists and experts regularly discuss individual merits of both players to try to establish who they think is the best player in modern football. Whatever preference, football critics are unanimously suited that both are the best players of their generation, surpassing their peers by a significant margin ,,,. This Bull Salzburgs rivalry is also compared to others having taken place in different Bull Salzburgs like that of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in boxing, that of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and the rivalry Björn Borg and John McEnroe in tennis, or that of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in Formula 1 ,,. Some commentators choose to analyze the different physics and styles of play of the two, while part of the debate revolves around the contrasting personalities of the two players: Ronaldo is sometimes described as someone capricious while Messi is described as having a plus character reserved ,,,.
At the club, Messi and Ronaldo level were the flagship players of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid s rival clubs for nearly a decade. Both players faced at least twice per season in the world s most popular regular season club match, El Clásico, from Ronaldo s arrival at Real in 2009 until she was transferred to the Italian Club of Juventus FC in 2018,. Apart from the field, they are also the face of two rival Bull Salzburgswear manufacturers, Adidas for Messi and Nike for Ronaldo, who are also kits suppliers of their national teams. Messi and Ronaldo, are among the football and Bull Salzburgs stars generally paid in the world in terms of combined revenue from wages, premiums and off-law revenues. In 2018, Messi Advance Ronaldo on the forbes list of the best paid Bull Salzburgsmen, winner $ 111 million a year, and Ronaldo following $ 108 million. They are also among the most followed athletes on social networks in the world with more than 253 million fans combined on Facebook in 2021. Ronaldo is also the most followed person on Facebook, with more than 150 million followers, and on Instagram with more than 300 million subscribers. Messi is respectively the fifth and most followed on these platforms.

Lukas Nmecha is scheduled to replace the Coronavirus-infected top striker Wout Wout Wout Wouthorst at the Champions League game of the VfL Wolfsburg against Red Bull Salzburg. The 22-year-old, who had recently played in the football Bundesliga from the beginning, is again in the starting of coach Mark van Bommel. At the Austrian opponent, the German young international Karim Adeyemi is ready for use. The 19-year-old, who had last received a break, forms the double tip with Noah Okafor. Van Bommel takes four personnel changes compared to the 0: 2 defeat in the past Bundesliga game at Union Berlin. In the defense Maxence Lacroix plays instead of Sebatiaan Bornauw. In the defensive midfield Aster Vranckx is used for the locked Josha Guilavogui. In addition, Ridle Baku and Renato Steffen are new.

What is the best game this year 2021 Games

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Korean game target awards ceremony to cover the best games that shine in 2021 year a month. This year, it is not easy for a lot of games to show a lot of games of gamers.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sponsored by the Korean Games Industry Association, will be held on November 17, the opening ceremony of the Korean Gama Damage Awards.

The reception was the 15th of the month of the month, and among the last 19 days of technology and creative examination. The primary examination is 20 days and the second examination is scheduled for November 16th before the awards ceremony.

In the case of a primary examination, the audit committee examination is selected for 2 to 3 times the award, and the second examination will determine the winner by summing up 60% of the judges, 20% of the voting of the vote, 20% of the vote. Online voting will be held from November 1 to 8.

The exhibition is not disclosed on the outside yet, but it is possible to have an inference. The Cultural Physical Education Tourism Department, and Korea Content Promotion Agency, the awarded by the Award and 2H, is automatically registered as a game target candidate.

As a result, the game that is currently the game targets for the game is the game for the candidate ▲ Grander (Enpell) ▲ Seven Knights 2 (Netmar Balx) ▲ Mir 4 (WMADE NEXT) ▲ Cookie Run: Kingdom (Devs Sisters King) ▲ ODA: Fallen Lijing (Lion Heart) Studio) ▲ The second country: Cross World (Netmarble Neo) ▲ Playful (harmful) ▲ 8 species to Globe (Air Cap).

Lion Heart Studio is developed and Cacao Games is served by Cacao Games: Balmari Rising is released in the end of June, and it is a box office that won the first place in the first place in the first place in Korea. Based on Nordic myths, Odin has entered the development, including introducing the mainly used motion capture technology for console games. In particular, Kim Jae-young, who won the game target with Blade in 2014, is concerned about the game targets for the game.

In Netmarble camp, I posted two games up to the second country and Seven Knights 2 in the candidate. Dual 2nd country: Cross World is a large-scale multi-adoption role, which is developed by Netmarble Neo, which is renowned for Lineage 2 Revolution . Level Five and Studio Zebra collaborated Fantasy RPG Ninokuni to Mobile RPG, the second country that has been reinterpreting two worlds to bring two worlds.

Mir 4, which is a newly launched Mir 4, is also in charge of domestic, but it is attracting attention to remarkable achievements in overseas markets. We have been assessed that you have combined the blockchain technology and settled the so-called Play to Earn model to play and revenue.

Cookie runs in DEV Sisters Service: Kingdom is a hybrid-form game that is used to collect RPG and SNG with Cookie Run IP. MMORPG is a new genre game on the domestic market and has succeeded in the box office. Recently, in Japan and the United States, are attracting attention and receiving attention.

Grandera developed by Enpellel is a game that started the official service of January this year and announced the beginning of 2021. It is characterized by a variety of fun, such as a vast worldview, attractive character, a key collection element of the game, and a variety of enjoyment.

On the other hand, NCsoft, which released Trickster M , Blade & Soul 2 this year, was confirmed that they have not exhibited these games on the game. The company has not been to the game targets for Lineage M and Lineage 2M .

Wow So Blizzard combats the boosting by magicians in Classic Fresh

Who has played extensively Wow Classic, certainly remembers the numerous magicians who have pushed a lot of gold with their boosting services . Especially in dungeons such as Maraudon and Zul Farrak, huge pulls were possible, thanks to which the offside-positioned twinks in the shortest possible time Level climbing.

This method may be efficient, but the Dungeon Boosting also made sure that in the open world hardly twinks were on the road to make quests or to connect an instance group from equal to . So we can definitely understand why Blizzard in Wow (Buy Now 14.99 €) Classic: Season of the Championship Dunitionon Boosting would like to stop.

In the last week DataMiner had already found indications for how Blizzard wants to fight the boosting. Now the first confirmed adjustments have landed on the beta server:

There are noticeably fewer experience points through killed monsters, when you are in a group with one or more characters that have a significantly higher level than the defeated monster.
In Stratholme and Maraudon, many opponents receive immunity to root and slowdown effects, 30 or 60 seconds after they were grilled.
In Maraudon, the opponents who are immune to root effects receive an increase in the movement zest by 50 percent.
Any type of control effect (apart from roots and slowdown) will refresh the immunity and the running pace buff in Maraudon and Stratholme.
The zombie trolls in Zul Farrak will now drop less valuable prey. Most Loot of Zombie Trolls was distributed to the other enemy types in the Dungeon.

According to the developers, these changes are only the first round in the fight against Bosting and Powerleveling . What do you think of these adjustments? Track us in the comments!

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Fornite s Halloween Event Currently Live As Cube Queen Gets Here In

It s all been leading up to this: the Cube Queen has actually shown up to Impressive Games Fortnite and also with her comes the start of the end of the fight royale s Halloween event.

Fornitemares is Impressive s method of commemorating Halloween– it s brought fabulous scary symbols like Frankenstein s Monster alongside other popular personalities like Rick Grimes to the fight royale– as well as it s been happening essentially all month long. The end is in sight currently as the new Fortnitemares: Rage of the Cube Queen event will run from currently until November 1.

The Cube Queen s introduction brings adjustments to the Island, Impressive s blog article regarding the event reviews. Because Fortnitemares began (and also before), the Cubes have been mobilizing. Their movement in the direction of the Island s facility wasn t simply to spread corruption– they re currently at the facility developing The Merging. What is the purpose of this strange structure?

It appears the response to that question is something gamers should look for while joining the Rage of the Cube Queen event. In order to do that, gamers will require to take out Caretakers, which are brand-new monsters that web server as the Cube Queen s devoted warriors. They re apparently made of rock, really high and shadowy, as well as can make use of long spooky tendrils to draw you straight into The Laterally for a showdown on their house grass. If you endure, Epic teases that the loot will deserve the fight.

Together with the arrival of the Cube Queen is the brand-new Sideways Scythe and returning things like the Witch Brooms as well as Pumpkin Rocket Launcher.

The Batman That Chuckles Outfit will be included in the Fortnite Thing Store throughout this occasion too. More specifically, it will certainly be offered alongside the Robin s Perch Back Bling, Dark Multiverse Pickaxe and also Glider, as well as the Dark Days Loading Display at night Multiverse Establish on October 25. More information regarding this attire and the Batman Structure Fortnite comic book introducing on October 26 can be discovered on Epic s post concerning the character.

Fornite s preferred Crowd Thrill is back, too.

The Cube Monsters are pushing out of the Laterally as well as into our world, the article checks out. Battle together with your teammates to rack up your score by finding score multipliers, making combos, and getting rid of as numerous monsters as you can. To win, endure at places throughout the map and also take down the Last Manager!

There are three new Horde Rush pursuits readily available to finish throughout the Rage of the Cube Queen too. Total the basic Fortnitemares Pursuit to open the Raven s Curse Spray, the Midnight Face-off Loading Display, and also the Wrathful Breakout Contrail.

Total the Monster Seeker Questline to unlock Ariana Grande s All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Dark Style). Impressive s post seems to show that an Ariana Grande skin is related to this mission– Ariana Grande has returned to the Island … Spacefarer Ariana Grande, the galaxy s best beast seeker, is inviting you to join her search– but it s not specifically clear. Her All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe is absolutely up for grabs throughout the occasion, though.

The last questline, The Oracle Speaks Questline, rewards gamers with the Cube Cruise ship Glider upon conclusion.

For even more regarding Fortnite, reviewed about how Universal s classic monsters are signing up with the battle royale as well as after that take a look at this story concerning the addition of The Strolling Dead s Rick Grimes in the video game. Read regarding why you should not expect to see Fortnite on Apple devices for several years afterwards.

Will you be leaping right into Fortnite s Rage of the Cube Queen event? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below! .

Air Cap Girl Globe this month s excellent game award

[AI News 24 Municipal Reporter] Air Cap (Representative Representative) Gall Globe announced 19 days that the Mobile Game Girl Globe (Globe) has won the Excellent Game General Game (Frontier).

The Cultural Athletic Tourist Department hosted and hosted by the Korea Content Promotion Agency, which is the event that started in 1997 to activate the game creation and to promote the production of developers.

In the second half of 2021, the excellent game of this month in the general game sector ▲ Odin: Balhallazing ▲ 2nd country ▲ Chosun Bettle M ▲ Play Together ▲ Tapu Galaxy ▲ Bald: Jara Nara Hair Head ▲ Globe, a total of seven works I climbed on. As a result, Globe was awarded the third country and Odin: the third most votes followed by the second country.

As a good work, the game of the developer is awarded the Cultural Physical Education Tourist Minister of Culture, and is automatically registered as a candidate for the 2021 Korea Games in the November 2021 on November 2021. In addition, we offer various award benefits, such as an excellent game website and game expertise, a game expertise, a game expert, a YouTube creator, and the like,

Air cap presents a 500 sapphire, 200 Heart, 200 Princess Coin, 200 Honor Coin, and 100,000 coins, which is a game item that means thanks to the user. In addition, we will present a limited edition background item Thanks Yui to all users in accordance with the regular inspection to be held on October 28.

The Representative of the Republic of the Republic of Korea said, I think I have led to the Globe and I heard a lot of love. This award thinks as a result of the generous support of the user, said the result is that We plan to tilt the ball on the game update, and especially, we will try to grow without missing the direction of the user and to grow into a fashion mobile game that represents the country.

The main news of Football Manager 2022 for this sepractically disappearedon

Year after year and with a practically disappeared competition, Football Manager returns to the court looking for what to improve the almost infinite practically disappearedpects that already encomppractically disappearedses a simulator that is more than a game for all those with an interest in the professional world of sport King . Its monumental databpractically disappearede, its authentic trepractically disappearedure of the crown, allows you to have one of the most complex bpractically disappearedes on which to work in order to get the best possible sports management simulator, considering that there are always multiple elements in which you can Make better and there is only one year between editing and editing (usual problem of iterative sagpractically disappeared).

colossal data collection and processing work that accumulates the series , a living work that remains constant over time, is the bpractically disappearedis of one of the most striking news this sepractically disappearedon, a new data center that is It focuses on a discipline in vogue within the world of football, the detailed data analysis to establish what works, what does not and what can be improved. That constant stupid in applying the coldness of science to football chaos instead of putting the genius in the lamp (and winning games).

Analysis, management and data comparison is a constant among the great fans to sport, a danger of figures that must be interpreted in pursuit of a conclusive reading of the path that your team hpractically disappeared to follow. The new data area will allow us to devote enormous amounts of time to examine data, from the most obvious to the most insignificant. Do you want to know how many axles hunt your defense compared to the rest of the league? Number of shots at door compared to the best in the world? Kilometers traveled? area of ​​influence? All the possible data of each player of your team will be available in the face of you have the best tools to decide throughout the competition.

A complex machinery

One practically disappearedpect in which it hpractically disappeared been influenced in this version is in a new centralized management system of the different departments under our command. Bpractically disappeareded on the usual practice in professional teams to have a great regular meeting between the entire technical team, these meetings will allow us to have concentrated information from the different arepractically disappeared and to address short and long-term objectives with our players, supervise suggestions from the team of Griers, to tackle possible problems with training or contracts, evaluate the medical area and other practically disappearedpects that will reach us in the form of concrete suggestions that we can accept, postpone, ignore or reject practically disappeared lpractically disappearedt leadership that we are of the equipment. By discounted, we can manage all these arepractically disappeared also in its corresponding arepractically disappeared, although this new system gives you an air of realism a day to day.

The emotion of signings

Apart from improving the artificial intelligence of the negotiation of contracts and signings, with its countless clauses and modifiers, for the 2022 edition a showy visualization system hpractically disappeared been implemented, which tries to transmit the emotion and media electricity of the lpractically disappearedt day of the signing window , with new elements that will allow us to inform us (or be protagonists) of those lpractically disappearedt hours of tic-toc , of nerves and to be aware of social networks to know if the dreamed signing takes place or not.

Match Engine, the beginning of something new?

It is no secret that the visualization of matches is the great battle horse of Football Manager of all life. From the descriptions purely in text to the dance of circles until we have today it hpractically disappeared rained a lot, but given the complexity of the game, to move all that to a realistic and exciting partner viewer hpractically disappeared proven to be extremely complex and a constant process improvement Inside the British study.

The new edition leads practically disappeared one of its most attractive elements an armed viewing system with a new animation engine and a multitude of adjustments looking for a more natural movement of the players and the flow of the ball. Nothing takes out more paper at Football Manager more than seeing practically disappeared your tactical care and virtuous sports management translates into ridiculous goals and impossible movements. The first impressions after a few hours with the Alpha is that, indeed, the new vision system seems more solid and it is possible that it is the beginning of a new time for the saga, or at lepractically disappearedt solid foundations to achieve ambitious objectives in The future in the short and long term.

UNE promising delivery

There are still a few weeks until that November 9 Announced practically disappeared the relepractically disappearede date of this edition and in this Alpha that we have played there are still enough things that are being retouched and that will continue polishing post-relepractically disappearede, but the impressions are Good and the changes in the viewing of the parties can be a great added for the future of the saga. We have many hours to take the team of our people to win the Champions before being able to better evaluate what this delivery offers, but we stayed with an undoubted tpractically disappearedte of mouth that we hope to be confirmed at the time.