Activision Blizzard, QA Staff Power Full Regular Switching.

Activision fired multiple Raven Software employees
Activision Blizzard switches 1100 employees of QA (quality enhancements) to regular workers.

According to the foreign media, the Activision Blizzard is a minimum of $ 20 from April 17 (about 2,4400 won), while the Activor Blizzard will turn the QA employee’s power on July 1 on July 1. I said it would come. As a result, various benefits including bonuses are also granted. Activision Blizzard added that the regular worker increased by 25% due to this decision.

Prior to, Activision Blizzard has been converted to a full-time job of the contract of publishing studios and about 500 of the temporary workers in the Publishing Studio.

However, Raven Software employees, famous for the development of call of Duty on this regular work conversion, are expected to fall asleep. Last December, Lave Software QA teams entered the strikes, requiring full-time conversion of contracted power, including 12 employees, which have received the notification of the contract. In January, I also urged labor union approval to Activision Blizzard. This is the analysis that the Labor Foundation established the establishment of the Labor Activision Blizzard switched to the regular worker as a regular worker. Activision Blizzard said, “This measure is nothing to do with Raven Software Union’s attempt,” he said.

Raven Software is a “US Labor Relations Committee (NLRB)” to the establishment of a union establishment. If established, the first AAA grade game company union is born in North America.

Activision CEO apparently knew for years of sexual attacks and has not done anything

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kick knew a Wall Street Journal report, according to many years has done nothing to prevent the attacks within his company and. Worse, he is said to have actively prevents defendants were fired, although the personnel department had recommended the employees and the most serious allegations were brought against them. In addition, the CEO should set even the most over tacky behavior to light, and his subordinates have threatened again worst.

Attention, disturbing content:

This article is about, among other things (sexual) harassment, threats, abuse of power, violence against women, death and rape.

Activision Blizzard: New report draws even worse image

That s the point: Activision Blizzard stands for months the focus of a full-blown scandal, in which it comes to harassment and discrimination in the workplace, sexism, sexual assault, and the like. The company was sued, many employees are protesting and calling for major changes. Some of them have already been initiated, diverse employees in have left the company.

New WSJ report: Recently, there are many more and even more comprehensive accusations that paint a more dismal picture of the toxic working conditions at Activision Blizzard. The Wall Street Journal reported, among other things, that CEO Bobby Kick probably knew for years of attacks, the accused has met and even employees is said to have threatened the inside (via: WSJ journalist Ben Fritz on Twitter).

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Is An Absolute Monster

Bobby Kick probably already knew in 2018 of severe accusations

rape allegations at Sledgehammer: In July 2018 to Activision CEO Bobby Kick received an email in which it came that a former employee of the Call of Duty studio Sledgehammer Games was repeatedly raped by her male superiors. After she had put under pressure not to drink more alcohol, specifically in the office and work events.

The woman had reported the events of the HR department and other supervisors and the police, but nothing happened. In the following months, Activision has reached an out-of-court settlement with the woman after she had threatened with a lawsuit. CEO Bobby Kick have the Activision Blizzard s board set neither the allegations nor the agreement discretion.

Blizzards short-term co-chief Jen Oneal also reports of discrimination

New boss Jen Oneal was just a fig leaf? August briefly the first woman at the head of Blizzard, at least as a co-boss. She is now retired from the position and the end of the year they will all leave Activision Blizzard. Now we may know why. You should already have expressed in an email doubts about the motivation of corporate governance in the month after their arrival as a double top. The priorities are addressed clearly and not to serious change.

She herself had also been sexually assaulted in their time at Activision and gained less money than her male co-chief at the head of Blizzard, as the Wall Street Journal writes. Jen Oneal wrote that she was exploited merely token, marginalized and discriminated against.

In addition, they reported internal corporate parties, where there should have been strippers. Also, a DJ had asked the female party guests to drink more alcohol, so the male audience may have a better time.

Bobby Kick is not only done nothing but changes have actively obstructed and have been personally involved

Sexual harassment at Trey arch? Dan Bunting, co-head of the Call of Duty studio Trey arch, should According to a woman in have molested 2,017 more stuff. After an internal investigation in 2019 even Human Resources, Dan Bunting recommended to fire. But Activision CEO Bobby Kick had intervened to prevent that. Whereupon he was not fired. But now he is the company now but have left, apparently in connection with the investigation of the Wall Street Journal (via: Axis)

allegations against Bobby Kick: The CEO should be involved also in various scandals themselves. He is accused, for example, a woman harassed her and threatened in a voice mail that he would have her killed. Another woman said to have been fired from Kick after she complained about sexual assault. Then the CEO should the woman have said that he would destroy.

In this video you can check out information on the previous events and scandals that have already preceded the current report:

Activision Blizzard workers protest inside and organize Walkouts

Thus, the staff react: The Better Kink-Workers Alliance is a collective of workers inside at Activision Blizzard, which have joined together to stand for better conditions. They try to establish a union within Activision Blizzard and to attempt comprehensive changes. Your demands have changed by the new reports. They were more likely to be strengthened and want the CEO Bobby Kick to be replaced:

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Board is behind Kick: In view of the report, a statement of the Activision Blizzard Board was published, which does not necessarily make hope for improvement. In it, they explain that the Executive Board is convinced that Bobby Kick responded adequately to complaints in the workplace that had been reported to him.

Statement of CEO Bobby Kick: Bobby Kick itself has released a relatively unsuspecting statement. It s about the alleged reorientation and the supposedly active zero tolerance policy. The corporate leader treats again that he would really be able to create a safe, respectful working atmosphere and appropriate framework conditions.

Although there were some promising announcements in this respect in recent weeks, but the work in view of the new allegations like a drop on the hot stone. Of course, the assessments of the CEO now sound particularly unbelievable to strive for comprehensive changes if it should have been inevitable for so long before, or even involved.

Since we have reached us from the community questions about dealing with the situation — especially in relation to the future reporting on A / B games — we will inform you here a statement of editor-in-chief Rae Grimm.