Soul Hackers 2 is exposed in a brand-new video clip

In the enormity of electronic data, human ideas have actually collected to appear Aion, a completely digital entity. The latter, by observing humankind from afar, calculates that completion of the world is closer than ever before. She then decides to produce two representatives, Ringo as well as Fig, to attempt to quit the catastrophe that is quick approaching.


In a world bathed in the light of the neon, human beings lead a presence which leads them right to their loss. The countless technological advancements having required humanity to submit to material convenience. In the shadows, nonetheless, a war between yatagarasu and ghost culture is impending, in the greatest of tricks.


While the launch ofsoul Hackers 2is scheduled for August 26, 2022, Atlus unveils a little a lot more on the circumstance of his video game in a brand-new trailer entitled Destinns mixed. The various personalities as well as their linked stories are discussed there.

Features of Soul Hackers 2