A special effects style giant brawl with a monster and a hero is finally here -freshly harvested! Todays STEAM Featured Game 8 Selection [August 8, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Boneraiser Minions

This work is an auto battle rogue light developed in a Gothic horror world view. The player becomes a notorious bone riser, gathers skeletons and daemon troops and fights with the braves. Using the bones and souls obtained by defeating the brave, create a powerful undead minion and upgrade by collecting powerful spells and relics. Ultimately, we aim to defeat the defeated army led by King Gigard. There are multiple game modes, Endless Skirmishes, which competes in the story mode that protects your mausoleum from the army of King Gigard, as well as how much you can hold on the increasingly increasing enemies. Clashful Cards, etc. exist.


President Real Estate

In this work, which is a real estate business simulation game on the theme of the city, the player is the president of the real estate company as the president of the real estate company, competing for auction, bidding, acquisition, etc., constructing a residence, constructing a residence, and in conjunction with the request of citizens. Providing facilities. Ultimately, we aim to develop a huge company that monopolizes the market of the whole city. In addition to imitating the rules of the real estate industry, it seems that various random events are prepared, such as building design, design, land prices fluctuations, cities greening, and natural disasters.

Track & Burn (early access graduation)

This work is a stylish basic play free racing game that combines classic race experiences and original courses in the 70’s. It has the spiritual successor of the title such as DRIVER and TrackMania, and a mussel car that drives at a real speed without boost or mini map, a building that can create your own original course by combining various parts. I have a mode. Also, with paid add-ons, you can get a premium customization option that can be applied to the machine, but of course these do not have an advantage in the game, not Pay Towin.

Hamani 喵 喵

This work is a metroidovania with a cute cat girl Nyarur, a cute cat girl living in a small town. One day, Nyaruru will go on a journey to find out her truth, as all of her town residents will have cats and tails like themselves. In the game where she can enjoy a fierce battle, she can buy items with cat coins to strengthen her confidence and use boss battles and maps. We aim to capture bosses using appropriate abilities and accessories and skills to capture bosses, but if you change the difficulty of three types, you can clear it even if you have poor items and abilities.

Recipe for Disaster

This work is a restaurant operation simulation that started early access in November 2021. At the time of writing articles after 9 months early access period, all reviews are very popular. This work is built with a restaurant with a construction tool, organizing a team from various human resources, and operating a restaurant, but the customer’s preference and requests are various and must be responded well. It is also necessary to deal with incidents such as fire. Furthermore, this work has a recipe editor, and you can also provide original dishes with your favorite ingredients and cooking methods.

Lost Light

Lost Light, which is also compatible with crossplay on mobile and PC, is a third-person action shooting aimed at escape from a closed field as a member of the special unit in the near future. Like ESCAPE from Tarkov, it adopts a system that loses all of the equipment obtained during the play if an escape fails, and the part of the team parties and cooperating and helping each other is similar. I am. Of course, detailed customization, such as scope and grip, is also possible.

Hard West 2

This work is a strategy game in which the infamous disclosure Gin Carter combines the occult element and the western drama in which he fights the devil and the Andet with his friends using guns and magic. Witches, murderers, mysterious old outlaws, etc. have appeared as his friends, aiming to capture the gold nuggets loaded on the legendary ghost trains. If you defeat the enemy in a row, you will enter the BRAVADO mode, and the action points will accumulate, and you will be able to produce more aggressive and brutal kills. The unique party can be equipped with guns, explosives, accessories, whiskeys, etc., and can also make a powerful attack by combining members’ abilities.


This work, which is a competitive action game where huge monsters and heroes confront, are like a combination of games such as Power Stone, Super Smash Brothers SPECIAL, and Monster Great Battle WAR OF THE MONSTERS. So you can create a powerful monster battle with your own hands. There are 10 types of characters, including old beast Titan, transformation heroes, and huge robots. Each character has a good distance and way of fighting, and strategy and technique are very important works while operating easily. Up to 4 people can participate, and various modes such as deathmatch and tag battle are also available.

Destiny 2

What is the desire for Shuro Chi in Destiny 2?

The desire of Shuro Chi in Destiny 2 is Fourth desire which you can call in last desire Reid. Using this desire, you can cause a fight with Shuro Chi, one of the bosses of the specified raid. Although this battle is not as complicated as the battle with Riven, the final boss in the “last desire”, there are a lot of hell, which makes it a great place for Pharma. The image below shows a combination required to execute the desire of Shuro Chi. Run this combination in Wellness well To get into battle with Shuro Chi.

Destiny 2: Shuro Chi, the Corrupted Raid Guide - Last Wish

After Bungie has corrected the tralating in a split throne, farm murders for weapon catalysts has become quite difficult. That’s where the desire for Shuro Chi enters the game. Since in this battle with the boss, many addists appear, here you can easily snapar catalysts. In fact, if you managed to get Catalyst Gyallahorn , all you need to do is go to the desire of Shuro Chi and start blowing things. You will need a colossal 400 killings to master this catalyst.

If you have already played the “Last desire” raid, you probably know all the mechanics of battle. If this is your first Rodeo, think about finding someone who will help you with a raid, look for a combat group on a associated Destiny application 2 or on several DISCORD servers associated with Destiny 2. Good luck, keeper.

If you have problems with the Campaign “Queen Witch”, see the section “How to change the level of difficulty in the Campaign” Queen Witch “in Destiny 2 and other manuals for professional games.”

Hakusura Action RPG “Babylons Fall” PS4 / PS5 Pretest trial version will be delivered on February 25. Save data can be migrated to the product version

Square Enix announced that the preceding trial version of Online Action RPG “ Babylon’s Fall ” is delivered from 18:00 on February 25th to PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5. It is also clear that trial version for PC (STeam) will be delivered in late March.

“Babylon’s Fall” is an online-only cooperative play-enabled action RPG that Square Enix and Platinum Games jointly develop. Hack & slash element-based gameplay, player is a warrior, chiff instrument (Sentinel) who is a special brace called Gideon Coffin, and a huge column babylon that huge heritage will sleep Aim for the capture of

In the trial version announced this time, you can enjoy the beginning of the game from the opening of the game including the tutorial, with an online multiplayer with up to four people. Also, save data played in the trial version can be taken over to the product version. This work is one of the great attractions to collect equipment and create your favorite characters while playing over and over again. If you play in the trial version, the results will not be wasted.

This work is operated in a season of about three months, and a large-scale update is performed every season. The Season 1 “Kuen’s Giant Tower” was also revealed this time to start from February 25, on the same day as the preceding trial version delivery. The season 1 will be implemented until May 31st.

NEW GAME! Babylon's Fall Gameplay - New Platinum Action RPG

Also, in each season, free battle paths and paid premium battle paths are prepared. Players can earn various rewards by saving battle points (BP) that can be obtained by clearing missions and quests and raising the battle path Tier. The content of the free battle pass reward has a boost item that increases the acquired amount of experience and the inside of the game, and it is possible to obtain an emote such as cosmetics equipment, appearance and victory production, etc. in the premium battle path.

This paid premium battle path is usually a bit of purchasing at 1000 Galasz (paid currency), but it is special for free of charge for things in Season 1. Not only free battle paths are also available not only for free battle paths.

“Babylon’s Fall” is scheduled to be released on March 4 for PS4 / PS5 on March 4th. In addition, users who purchased “Digital Deluxe Edition” or Collector’s Edition of this work can be Early Access. The PS4 / PS5 version is from 18:00 on February 28, and the PC (STEAM) version can play this work from 2:00 on March 1.

And the Preceding Version for PS4 / PS5 will be delivered from 18:00 on February 25. It will be delivered in late March for PC (STeam).

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The new flight of Battlefield 2042 makes players run to Call of Duty

Call of Duty: World up in arms is an FPS video clip game developed by RESEARCH and modified by Activision on Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and also Wii. Rebellion looked after the PlayStation 2. Identical variation, an exclusive version on Nintendo DS, as a result of its portable layout, was created by N-Space. Trey arch, the designer of Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and also Call of Duty 3, is filled from this 5th part. The game returns to the 2nd Globe War on the Front is throughout the last days of the Reich, but also, for the first time in the Call of Duty series, this opus takes area in the Pacific opposing the Americans to the Japan empire. The game was also, for the very first time in the Call of Duty series, not advised at the age of 18 by the PEG system. A various PlayStation 2 variation of this game is out under the name Call of Duty: Globe up in arms — Last Fronts.

A new battle 2042 The flight has some players running towards Call of Duty: War Zone and Call of Duty: Vanguard. Battle 2042 was launched last month through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and it was a disaster. Not only did a multitude of features of previous games lacked, but had the same amount of errors and performance problems. What did not help the problem was the fact that the content I was there and that worked well, was not the most convincing, at least compared to the standards of the series? Unfortunately, a month later, the game is not much better and there are no signs that it improves substantially in the short term.

During the last weeks, players have been wondering when the game 1 will be launched. It turns out that fans have not heard anything about the first season of the game because apparently it is neither close to its launch, nor at least that is what the game files indicate.

On Twitter, battle-the Data miner, Memory, transmitted the news that, according to the current files of the game, season 1 is scheduled to start at some March 2022, which is a much longer wait of what May the players anticipate.

As mentioned, fanatics are not happy with this. And in some cases, players have revealed that they are waiving the game and are directed towards competition.

It’s time to buy Vanguard, he says one of the best answers to the Tweet above. This game goes in the same way that battle v, reads another higher response. Sin content for five months since the launch is frightful.

«I am one of the minority that loves the game, but this is awful news». Add another player. If season 1 fell in January with corrections and features, then I had the strong feeling that the environment would close quite fast.

Said all this, it is important to remember that it is a data mining leak, which means that it should be taken cautiously. While there is no doubt about the validity of leaks, speculation and conclusions about data leaks do not always end up being accurate.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Trailer (2021) 4K ULTRA HD
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