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Overwatch 2: Shooter needs a mobile phone number

Comparable info is saved on the other systems, for instance in, where PC gamers are addressed **: To play overwatch 2, you need a mobile phone number linked to your account.

The information on mobile phone commitment is rather hidden in the official PlayStation Shop access for the Watchpoint bundle, which costs 39.99 euros as well as offers a surefire access to the beta of Overwatch 2.

In the phrasing it states : In order to have the ability to play overwatch, a mobile phone number have to be connected to your account.

Overwatch 2 will certainly soon begin the beta stage for which gamers can sign up. The free-to-play begin complies with in October. In order to have the ability to make use of the shooter, nevertheless, an active mobile phone number is needed.

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Because it is presently only possible to link a mobile phone number with a single account. If a gamer has the objective of creating a number of accounts for Overwatch 2, he requires a correspondingly many numbers.

If the mobile phone obligation does not prevent you as well as ensured to participate in the beta of Overwatch 2, then the purchase of the Watchpoint package discussed is optimal. In enhancement to accessibility to the examination phase, it includes a copy of the Overwatch Legendary Version. To publish Overwatch 2 on October 4, 2022, an exceptional fight masquerade the initial period, two epic heroes, 2,000 systems of the online money and a player symbol.

A saved mobile phone number can serve quite successfully for account safety. Blizzard Amusement appears to pursue a various objective and also ** is making every effort to decrease the number of Smurfer, giants as well as various other harmful gamers.

Further reports on Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2 will certainly soon begin the beta phase for which gamers can register. If a gamer has the intention of producing numerous accounts for Overwatch 2, he needs a correspondingly several numbers. If the mobile phone commitment does not discourage you as well as assured to take part in the beta of Overwatch 2, then the purchase of the Watchpoint bundle pointed out is perfect. The beta of Overwatch 2 starts on June 28, 2022.
| formally provided successor-the trailer and also the planned web content | Owner package for proprietors of the first component announced

The beta of Overwatch 2 begins on June 28, 2022. We have even more information concerning the examination phase in this message for you The free-to-play start complies with on October 4, 2022.

What do you consider linking the accounts to a mobile phone number? Do you also do without the shooter? .

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Guild Wars 2 Devs listen to beta players the elite spec

Anyone who looked in the beta events around the Elite Class Specializations of GW2: End of Dragons, who determines the one or the other construction site discovered. Be it the green Katz look of the new woodpeckers spec, the chunky use of the jade spheres as a catalytic EYE or the boring elixir of the harbinger.

But the developers have heard the feedback and unveiled tons of changes based on them. These are only available in English, because the devs wanted to show them before the start of the next beta event — so that players can discuss them and company for build crafting. On November 30, 2021, another beta event starts with all Elite Specs from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.

More about the Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) : Overview of all elite specs from End of Dragons

Highlights of the beta adjustments of EOD elite specs

The enormous amount of changes ensures that we can not imagine you all in detail. Instead, we limit ourselves to the best of the beta adjustments. In all you will find the elite-spec changes in the official forum.

Catalyst can now create several jade spheres of different elements. They do not change even if you change the element. The energy is no longer decreasing outside the fight. Hammer Skill 3 now rotates closer around the player so that this skill meets Melee goals. Accordingly, he finds opponents more frequently, which is why the damage has been reduced. The elementary armature is in GW2: End of Dragons to the catalytic designer. This can run with hammer-skill 3 projectiles around them. The radius of the skill has now been reduced so that he fits more to the Melee range. Source: damage

Much handlebar can get a fallen much back to the fight after 50 seconds, not only after 100. In addition, players receive more control over his skills. The Robot companion is used (as expected) what his attributes are concerned. The Much will always receive the blessing Shift Signet by the Support skill Shift Signet, which also receives the Much handlebar — so players can also suffice the damage potential of the killer machine. The Robot companion of the Much linker was still too strong at his first beta appearance — no wonder he is attenuated for the launch of End of Dragons. Source: damage

The will dresser becomes clearly agile to meet the promise from its teaser video. Some skills that have rooted you so far can not only be in motion during the activation of the skill, but sometimes even increase your pace. With this goal, the F-skills (F1, F2…) were also revised. The traits of the willverdler no longer reduce other attributes and strengthen either direct damage, state damage or healing. Guardians put as a willverdraft in End of Dragons on rink attacks, which partly go towards Martial Arts. Source: damage

The virtuoso automatically regenerates a blade for its blade songs every ten seconds, so you can use this easier directly in a fight. In order for more planning as all skills on cooldown is possible, the property Deadly blades in addition to the previous effect also increases your damage after you have used a blade song, which should provide a rhythm in the rotation. State damage builds should now also be rising as a virtuoso even more than virtuoso in GW2: End of Dragons on psychokinetic blades that they invest in so-called blade songs — mighty spells. Source: Arena net

The harbor no longer consumes constant for healing life force, which he actually needed for the veil skill. The lack of healing is compensated by a few lifestyles reductions due to a shift, but also through a stronger health-skill. So that there are more synergy with the shift mechanics (Blight), some skills will get the function to remove Blight when activated, but then tackle appropriate harm.

These include the new elixirs that players found boring: Elixirs are now additionally skills that you can throw on opponents, where you do higher damage if you have enough shift on yourself. There are harbinger in the AOE field of the elixir, you also get more shattering. Elixirs can also provide allies with blessing in the AOE field by a trait. The developers have screwed on the elixir and the shift mechanism of the hailing necromancer in End of Dragons. This should provide more fun and more synergies. Source: Arena net

ALL Eod Elite Specs Getting Massive Updates! Timestamped by Class! - Guild Wars 2 News

The untamed forest runners gets the possibility to send or retire his PET to the fight. In addition, all the weapons that can be used to use an ambush skill (previously reserved for illusionists). This replaces the first weapon skill with a stronger variant. The Great Sword gets a 360 degree blow, the ax throws two axes on every single opponent in a 360-degree radius, the longbow fires on several opponents near the target and reduces so longbow-cooldowns (via Reddit ). The unsightly visual effect of the untamed forest runner fades after a short time, so no longer hides your pretty char. The ugly green effect for untamed teachers in End of Dragons disappears thanks to a beta adaptation. Source: damage

The Legal Booking Reflectors causes more damage with his evasive attack and is no longer festive after landing on the spot. Much more important, but players may choose with a new F3 campaign in the legendary Alliance of St. Viktor and Archers, whose skills they want to use. So you do not have to alternately play DPS and Support. Trait adjustments should also ensure that players can build full on DPS and not forced to hybrid. The List of Layers will be freely decided to beta feedback, which skills of the legendary alliance he wants to use — the DPS skills of Archers or the Support Skills of St. Viktor. Source: damage

The phantom, which makes die healer, has only received a few small adjustments: so that players no longer only go briefly in veil shape to exploit the bonus healing of Consume Shadows, this healing will fall higher in the future If you have been in veil form longer (up to five seconds). The scepter-skill endless night can only be active on a goal. As a phantom, the thief can specifically heal individual allies or weaken opponents. Source: damage

Blade Spreads can use your dragon trigger more frequently and faster, but the damage was reduced — so there is no longer the tremendous attacks that need long to charge and then go into the emptiness. Warriors are allowed to attack faster and more frequently as a blade quote with the Skill Dragon Trigger in the future, but the damage to the Samurai attack is reduced. Source: damage

What do you think of these adjustments? Does your impression change in some elite specs now? Which will you want to play in End of Dragons first? Betray us in the comments!

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