Xbox announces a new division centered on native games for the cloud

Microsoft hnative titles announced a new division that “will work with the studies to develop native titles for the cloud”, which will be launched “exclusively in the Xbox ecosystem”. Kim Swift, who signed lnative titlest year native titles director of game in the cloud, will be the person who leads this section of the company. The announcement hnative titles been accompanied by a video addressed to developers , in which they have explained the philosophy and objectives that have been marked.

The division will be “allied with first-clnative titless development teams in the creation of games designated natively for the cloud that offer unprecedented experiences to players, and that can only materialize with the technology in the cloud “. The technology is used for the processing of individual elements of the games, such native titles artificial intelligence, physics, lighting or scenarios. In this way, power is relenative titlesed from the console or the player PC.

A long journey ahead

“The game in the cloud is still in diapers,” SWIFT said, which hnative titlespared the new division with the Netflix situation when changing its business model to become a VOD platform. “At the time the Netflix wnative titles created, Internet speed wnative titles not fnative titlest enough to send packages [data]” in the way it is currently done, so “they had to wait for them to The technology “wnative titles up to height.

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According to SWIFT, the future of the video game in the cloud will be separated into three different categories : Ubiquity, IA in Streaming and other calculations. And what does ‘ubiquity’ mean exactly? Responsible for the Division defines it native titles “the ability to streamed games on any device, regardless of whether it is not powerful enough to work natively.”

Cloud Ia will have to do with items such native titles _ Machine Learning _ or natural processing languages, while the lnative titlest category will allow improving the rendering of graphics, the effects of destruction, etc.

We offer you the full list of games that can be currently enjoyed at Xbox Cloud Gaming, native titles part of the Xbox Game Pnative titless Ultimate subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Improves graphics but do you notice the difference

Microsoft has presented a new feature with which the graph is to be improved by the Cloud Gaming via the Xbox Game Pass. The Clarity Boost should bring more details to light, but at first glance, the differences are only to discover with difficulty.

Cloud Gaming is one of the top features integrated in the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft now turns to the graphic set screws and tries to improve the visual performance during streaming. For this purpose, the company now presented the Clarity Boost — the quality jump is quite subtle.

Xbox Game Pass: Clarity Boost for better stream graphics

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate vs Xbox Game Pass

The Clarity Boost feature is designed to spice the graph of cloud gaming with the Xbox Game Pass and in particular present textures in detail and more realistic. The graphics boost is activated according to the official Xbox blog post from the browser from the browser — First, it is only available in Microsoft’s Edge Browser, and there only in the Canary pre-release version. Whether the function will be available in the future even with Chrome, Firefox and other providers was not announced. (Source: Xbox)

The company has introduced the new feature in an official Xbox blog post and shares a screenshot from Gears Tactics for comparison. The difference between the left image without clarity boost and the screenshot on the right is really minimal. In this way, the improved textures become clear only when zooming out. In detail, however, the beard and forehead actually look a little more detailed.

Cloud Gaming: Microsoft continues to work on technology

Even if the jump through the Clarity Boost at first glance does not seem particularly large — and may be even more difficult when playing with moving pictures is even more difficult — will make it clear through the announcement that Microsoft will continue to fully, fully on the expansion of the Cloud technology sets.

If you want to try the new function, you only have to download Den edge browser in the Canary version and check if it is at least the version 96.0.1033.0. Then you can call up about your browser Xbox Cloud Gaming and activate the Clarity Boost in the other settings. From 2022, the feature should be rolled out for all Microsoft Edge users.

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Microsoft continues to set the Xbox Game Pass full on the cloud gaming feature and rolls out a graphic upgrade for the streaming function with the Clarity Boost. However, the visual improvement can only be recognized at second glance with a naked eye.