Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for PS4, Xbox or Switch?

Mohn playing time is back in the spotlight with the publication of his second chapter. This little indie horror makes it possible for everyone to live their childhood dream to be all alone in a toy factory. However, this dream quickly turns into a nightmare when they find that the funny and cozy toys live and are after them. The first chapter of the game ensured a disturbing atmosphere, with the scaryest event taking place directly at the end of the chapter. Chapter two by Poppy Playtime continues the story and many wonder if it is published on their favorite console.

is Poppy Playtime Chapter Two for consoles?

Just like in chapter one from Poppy Playtime, fans seem to have to wait a while for a console version of chapter two. The developers of the game seem to concentrate much more to bring out the full game first on the PC and then work on porting it to other systems when they are finished with the full game. For the most part, this is a good idea, as the developers have more workers to complete this, since they do not have to divide their teams in order to work on console versions and the rest of the game.

Something that you can do on a console while waiting is the new SMG in Destiny 2 that has been released with the Guardian Games. It may not be a horror game, but it is something you can use to pass the time while waiting for Poppys Playtime and is ported to other systems. However, as soon as Poppy Playtime is finished, the question arises as to how it is sold on consoles.

The game is currently being sold episodically on the PC, whereby the first chapter is free of charge and other chapters cost $ 10. But when the whole game is ready, you could sell it as a full game with a higher price tag on consoles. If you need further help for Poppy Playtime, be sure to read our other instructions.

Mohn playing time is available on the PC.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 - FULL WALKTHROUGH
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Amazon Games, Rost Arc Console Version Fans want to consider

Amazon Games’s franchise representatives referred to Console version.

On the 25th, Overseas Media ‘VG247’ was conducted by the Amazon Games and written interviews of Amazon Games, who were in charge of overseas publishing of . Among the interviews, the Park Soo-min said, “If the fans really want to ask the console version of Diablo 3>,” If the fans are really really wanted, all Amazon and Smile Gate RPG (released) I answered.

So, can really come to the console?

To look at positive signs first, supported Xbox Gamepad from just after release. It is not simply a line that is not a line that is not a line, but it is careful that a game pad manipulation is possible through the update. On July 21, 2021, the patch note was also available for the game pad related to the game pad, and has launched the global server, and after the game pad was able to see the user who enjoys the game smoothly with the game pad.

The overseas game market is known as the mainstream, and many domestic MMORPG, including the , and , can be compliant with the console version, which is also positive. Recently, the Smile Gate is likely to challenge the console MMORPG market by using its representative IP , as much as the commitment to entering the overseas console market through .

Amazon Games and Smilegate would ‘consider’ Lost Ark console port if fan demand was high enough

There is also a situation in which actual development is undertaken. In April 20, 2020, Smile Gate RPG has recruited Console client development through job search sites such as Jobs Korea and Game Catch. Through the interviews of the Smile Gate RPG, the Representative of the RPG support was reported to be positive for the Mobile and Console version of .

However, there are negative signs. In the original webzine interview, “ambiguous” (Elusive) was used for the answer. There is a possibility that the possibility of unacceptable lip service form is likely.

In addition, the current pad support function is not perfectly optimized, and the cost and time of entering the vast content of are not available to porting the console. In addition, it should be given that the answer of the interview is also a developer, not a smile gate RPG, but it is a story that came out through the Overseas Publisher Amazon Games.


Microsoft set 2021 Xbox One

Have you already been able to get an Xbox Series X — or you snapped a Series S? In any case, Microsoft has already focused on the current gene consoles, as now known. Since the end of 2020 is no longer produced for the Xbox One.

Production stopped

It’s about it: Before Microsoft’s new consoles conquered the market in November 2020, Microsoft initially opened only to set the production of two one models: this was the Xbox One X and the digital version of the Xbox One S.

This is new: By contrast, it was now known that last year no longer has been produced for the other Xbox One consoles. So only the units that were in stock in the retailers were still available and slowly sold out. quotes Cindy Walker, Senior Director of Xbox Console Product Marketing on the topic as follows:

To focus us on the production of Xbox Series X / S, we set the production for all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020.

In contrast plan at Sony: On the other hand, we have just learned that Sony will continue the production of PS4 in 2022. The reason for this is the persistent scarcity in the PS5. The hardware manufacturer hopes that PlayStation fans who so far could not get a current console will serve at the last generation.

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After all, new cross gene titles such as Horizon Forbidden West ensure that the load gene remains attractive. With Microsoft, the situation is different because the Series S is far more available than Series X or PS5. Fans to whom it is too cumbersome to keep an eye on sales time windows for the Series X and then rush as quickly as possible, instead, can instead access the powerful, but also significantly cheaper console.

What do you think about Microsoft’s decision and did you already suspect that or are you surprised?