Destiny 2

What is the Osiris test map this week in Destiny 2?

Osiris tests are the premiere of Destiny PVP Activity 2. Two teams of three people fight each other in the game mode inspired by Elimination. Players should win to get the best awards and a chance to visit the legendary lighthouse on Mercury. Those who can go through impeccable mileage will collect even more prey.

Earlier this week, Bungie sent a survey, in which she asked the community to vote for the Trials of Osiris card this week. The community expressed its opinion and altar of flame became the winner with 44% of the vote. In second place is Vostok with 36%, “fragment” – 20%.

The tests of Osiris were originally engaged in the followers of Osiris (Brother Wans) in Destiny 1. Since then, it lay on the shoulders of the Osiris partner, Seant-14, in Destiny 2. Although the location of Mercury was placed in the Destiny content storage., cards such as Altar of Flame remain. This does not make much sense from the point of view of Laura, but people tend to not ask too many questions so as not to upset PVP sweaty monkeys.

Destiny 2 - Trials of Osiris Map & Rewards This Weekend 29th April 2022 | Trials Loot This Week
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