How to find muzan in Project Slayers

After you have passed the 15th level in Project Slayers, you may want to become a demon. However, for this you will need to drink Muzan’s blood, and it can be very difficult to find it.

Keep in mind that Muzan appears only at night. The easiest way to track down Muzan is to buy a gaming pass with a notification that shows its exact location on any night, which will come in handy when you need to find it again for the second part of its quest.


How to find a muzan without a gamest with a notification?

You can still find a muzan without a gampas, because every night it appears in the same seven given places. Despite the fact that this method includes several trials and errors, you will ultimately find it and begin your journey to demonism if you repeatedly visit these places at night.

Village Kiribing . Exit through the gate in the village of Kiribating and turn left. Run along the fence until you get to the tree at the end of the fence. Muzan may appear on the edge of the fence.

edge of the bridge . Go from the village of Cyrbatting to the edge of a really dilapidated old bridge. Muzan should be along the edge.

Mount of Wallpaper . Teleport to the mountain of the cutter, and then move to the left of the place where you appeared. Stay away from Zenitsa . Continue to go straight, and there should be a cliff with a yellow tree below. Muzan appears under this tree.

Cabivarian village . Run in the courtyard surrounded by houses. Run back and go to the left upper corner between two houses. Sometimes muzan is hiding there.

Babochka mansion . Muzan can be found immediately behind the shinobe.

The mansion of the butterflies. Leave the gate surrounding the mansion, and run to the left along the yellow path. You will see a set of hills with small steps built into them. Use steps to find muzan.

Babochka mansion . From the hill with short steps, turn right and run straight. Muzan will be under the yellow tree.

As soon as you find Muzan, do not forget to talk to him, and not try to fight. You get his blood as a reward for the completion of the quest, and not for victory over him.

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