Pokemon legends: Arceus – Evoli catch & develop

In our Evoli Guide to Pokémon Legends: Arceus Let’s tell you:

  • Wherever Evoli can catch
  • Which poké balls should be used to catch evoli
  • How to get all eight developments from Evoli

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Where can I find and catch Evoli?

Evoli can be in several regions in Pokémon legends: Arceus catch. If you want to come to Evoli as fast as possible, you should look around in the starting area, more precisely at the horseshoe meadows in Obsidian Grassland .

Other Evoli locations :

  • In the cobalt coastal country at the transitional slope
  • In white frostland at the avalanche hill and Arctilas ice block

If you do not find evoli in these areas, returning to a camp and puts you sleep – This can change the time of day and new Pokémon will spawn.

How do I start Evoli best?

Since Evoli is a very small pokémon, take best Spring Balls or the improved version – wing bells – for catching. Sneak from the back of Evoli and surprises with a targeted Pokéball litter. You can also use holey apricocos to make Evoli’s more cumbersome.

All developments of Evoli

Evoli has total eight different developments in Pokémon legends: Arceus. Each development has certain conditions that must be fulfilled to develop evoli. Which ones are each, we reveal you:

  • Auqana : requires a water stone to develop.
  • LITLA : Requires a Thunderstein to develop.
  • Flamara : requires a flint to develop.
  • psiana : requires a high friendly value and must be developed during day.
  • Nachtara : requires a high friendly value and must be developed at night.
  • Folipurba : Requires a leaf stone to develop or can be developed east of the Inner Forest during the Grassfield in the Obsidian Grassland.
  • Glaciola : Requires an ice stone to develop or can be developed in the ice rock in the underground tunnels of the white frostland (between Arctilas ice block and icy east).
  • Feelinara : Requires a high friendship value and a fairy attack.

Caution : Before your Evoli is developing for Psiana or Nachtara, ensuring that Evoli does not actively use the fairy attack “Bullery” . As long as “Kulleraugen” is among the active attacks, Evoli is always developing at a high friendly value namely to Feelinara – no matter if it’s day or night.

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