Air Cap Girl Globe this month s excellent game award

[AI News 24 Municipal Reporter] Air Cap (Representative Representative) Gall Globe announced 19 days that the Mobile Game Girl Globe (Globe) has won the Excellent Game General Game (Frontier).

The Cultural Athletic Tourist Department hosted and hosted by the Korea Content Promotion Agency, which is the event that started in 1997 to activate the game creation and to promote the production of developers.

In the second half of 2021, the excellent game of this month in the general game sector ▲ Odin: Balhallazing ▲ 2nd country ▲ Chosun Bettle M ▲ Play Together ▲ Tapu Galaxy ▲ Bald: Jara Nara Hair Head ▲ Globe, a total of seven works I climbed on. As a result, Globe was awarded the third country and Odin: the third most votes followed by the second country.

As a good work, the game of the developer is awarded the Cultural Physical Education Tourist Minister of Culture, and is automatically registered as a candidate for the 2021 Korea Games in the November 2021 on November 2021. In addition, we offer various award benefits, such as an excellent game website and game expertise, a game expertise, a game expert, a YouTube creator, and the like,

Air cap presents a 500 sapphire, 200 Heart, 200 Princess Coin, 200 Honor Coin, and 100,000 coins, which is a game item that means thanks to the user. In addition, we will present a limited edition background item Thanks Yui to all users in accordance with the regular inspection to be held on October 28.

The Representative of the Republic of the Republic of Korea said, I think I have led to the Globe and I heard a lot of love. This award thinks as a result of the generous support of the user, said the result is that We plan to tilt the ball on the game update, and especially, we will try to grow without missing the direction of the user and to grow into a fashion mobile game that represents the country.