Preload and unlock times of Elden Ring, installation sizes (PLAYSTATION, XBOX, PC)

Elden Ring from FromSoftware is among the most expected games for 2022, and with its launch around the corner, it is not surprising to see so many asking exactly when it will be unlocked and will be available to download on each platform. Here is a complete breakdown of the the preload and unlock times of Elden Ring, as well as the installation sizes, for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Preload times of Elden Ring

It is possible to preload Elden Ring, but only if you have a digital copy of the reserved game. Once you have done it, it will be available to preload on all 48 hours before the launch date in your region.

When can you start playing Elden Ring?

The launch time of the game differs slightly between each platform and region, which in turn means that everyone has a different time in which they can prefect it. Here is a complete breakdown of the launch times for each platform and region:


Elden Ring is launched on both console platforms on the night of February 2. 25 For almost all regions. Those who live in the US UU at Pacific Hour and the central time will get access a little before at 9 p. m. PST / 11 p. m. CT


The date of launch for PC is a bit more complicated, since it differs slightly for each region: some can play it before midnight on the 25th, while others have to wait more. Here is the general description:

  • Tim of the US Pacific. UU Thursday – February 24 – 3:00 p.m. m. (Pacific Time)
  • Centro de EE. UU Tim Thu – February 24 – 5:00 p.m. m. Ct
  • Eastern US Time UU – February 24 – 6:00 p. m. Et.
  • Colombian time – February 24 – 18:00 p.m.
  • Brasília Time – February 24 – 8:00 p. m. BRT.
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – February 24 – 23:00 GMT
  • Central Europe Time – February 25 – 00:00 CET
  • Eastern Europe time – February 25 – 01:00 a. m. EET
  • Moscow Standard Time – February 25 – 02:00 a. m. MSK.

  • Standard Time of Arabia – February 25 – 02:00 a. m. AST.
  • Gulf Standard Time – February 25 – 03:00 GST
  • UTC + 7 – February 25 – 06:00 a. m. UTC + 7.
  • UTC + 8 – February 25 – 07:00 a. m. UTC + 8.
  • Korea Standard Time – February 25 – 08:00 a. m. KST.
  • Standard time of Japan – February 25 – 08:00 a. m. JST.

Elden Ring Size & Preload Details | GameSpot News
* Summer Time of East Australia – February 25 – 10:00 a. m. Aedt.
* Summer Time from New Zealand – February 25 – 12:00 p. m. Nzdt.

What are the installation sizes of Elden Ring (PS4 and PS5)

Elden Ring is not huge in terms of installation size according to modern standards, but you will still want to make sure you have a decent amount of available storage space.

  • PlayStation: 49GB
  • Xbox : 45GB
  • PC: 60GB

That’s all you need to know ** Ring of Elden Preload times and unlock, as well as installation sizes, for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. **** To get more tips, tricks and guides, Look for February.

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The old co-developers of Witcher form a new studio: Rebel Wolves

Last update there is February 16, 2022

A new wolf pack has arrived on the video game development scene and brings with it many skills. Rebel Wolves is a new studio that a group of industry veterans gives life. The studio team consists of old co-developers of Witcher and CyberPunk CD Projekt Red. And Rebel Wolves, launches with a single goal in mind: to offer players a new generation RPG.

_ “We develop a video game to which we would like to play so that the games are created. _ Tit, CEO of Rebel Wolves and Game Director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz.

Tomaszkiewicz was the director of the game Wiccher 3: Wild Hunt and CyberPunk 2077. With similar ambitions, Rebel Wolves, under Tomaszkiewicz, aims to create living worlds for the pleasure of players. In addition to the skills brought with the team of previous projects, Rebel Wolves has vision.

_ “Collectively, we are considering Rebel Wolves as a place where experienced game developers can revive their passion, where they can focus on their job and pay their love in an amazing and ambitious title._ Tomaszkiewicz in the announcement statement Rebel Wolves.

In addition, the ad gives us a glimpse of what the Wolves reserve us. Basically, Rebel Wolves develops a RPG based on an AAA story. Of course, they conceive the game for new generation consoles and PCs. In addition, with titles like The Wiccher 3 and Shadow Warrior 2 under the team’s belt, their ad breathes trust.

_ We are veterans of the industry, but we want to know more. We want to create incredible virtual worlds, filled with sharp emotions and unique experiences._ Said the announcement.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ ‘Witcher 3’ Game Director Unveils New AAA RPG Studio

Currently, all additional details about their project are secret. However, the announcement ensures players that more information will soon be available and that it is worthwhile. The information will most likely be available on the Rebel Wolves website. What do you expect from this industry veterans? Are you waiting for great things from Rebel Wolves?

Large changes arrive on the Xbox Game Pass

Last update there is February 6, 2020

Microsoft has announced that it would make significant changes to the operation of the quests for the Xbox Game Pass. The quests give players the opportunity to earn points by playing games and gaining success in the games they play. The more customers play games and succeed, the more they receive Microsoft reward points. Unfortunately, these reward points were not worth so much because there were not many things on which they could be used. Fortunately, everything is about to change.

Microsoft has now facilitated reward points for games. There will now be about 90 different daily, weekly and monthly challenges proposed to players. These challenges will then naturally change each month. Some challenges will be exclusive to individual games like GTA V. But the majority of new challenges can be completed in just about any game.

The achievements are enormous in the games. Giving players a goal to reach is an infallible way to hang some1. The battle passes in Fortnite or Pubg, for example, do a great job for people to come back to know more.

Players can now use these points by participating in competitions to win new games or even consoles. You can also use them to get the Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE for free. Now there is actually a reason to play and play. We should not be surprised if we see other subscription services adopt this new type of system.

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Microsoft may not have done as well as they wanted for this generation. But it is undeniable that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals on the market.

Control National ADV sequel “Beholder 3” to March 4th. Citizens and colleagues also monitor

AlaWar Entertainment announced on February 10 to release “ Beholder 3 ” on March 3, March 3rd. According to the description of the store page etc., it is expected to be released on March 4th, the next March 4. The corresponding platform is PC (steam /

Live: Day 4 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News
“Beholder 3” is a dark surveillance society / adventure game, which is the stage of the near-future control nation. In the first work “Beholder”, surveillance attraction for residents of the apartment was the subject. The following section “Beholder 2” drawn a story on a system that uses colleagues who work under the government. And in this “Beholder 3”, it seems that a double surveillance duration life is waiting for the apartment and the ministries.

The main character of this work is his wife and a man Frank Schwarz. He is fucked in some trap and just lost his public office, and it becomes a sober who makes the apartment manager as a government’s spy as a government spy. The player should look at the lives of the residents of the apartment, and sneaks into the room, and you have to pinch the violations such as property possession. Also, it seems that there is also a discretion as a manager.

Apartment Manager A part of life and a position at the ministries must also be secured. The behavior of his colleagues and the boss also monitors firmly, and the power game of political factions is used to solidify the scaffold. Do you want to sell colleagues and people, shake the flag of Propaganda and share peace or fight for transformation and truth? In order to return to life with his wife children, what choices are left to play.

It is Paintbucket Games, a German developer, responsible for the development of “Beholder 3”. Russian Studio Warm Lamp Games was developed for the past two works. The third work was new. Paintbucket Games has been working on the simulation game “Through the Darkest of Times” in the past. This is a work of a heavy atmosphere, depicting the resistant struggle in Germany under Nazi’s control. Evaluation in STeam is also solid, and 524 user reviews have been received at present, 87% of which are a favorable “very popular” status. The same work and “Beholder 3” have a large number of themes theme, and how the studio’s skills are shaking?

“Beholder 3” will be released on March 4, March 4th, PC (steam /