EA, a large contract with the Soccer Spanish League in the next work of FIFA. There is a report that a contract that pays about 4 billion yen per year

ELECTRONICS ARTS (EA) and Laliga of the Spanish professional soccer league have announced on August 2 that they have concluded a new partnership with the Soccer game EA SPORTS FC. It is a contract from the 2023-24 season to multiple years. The Spanish local newspaper Marca reported that the contract would pay La Liga a yearly € 30 million (about 4 billion yen).

EA SPORTS FC is a soccer game developed by EA since 2023. The company has signed a license agreement with the International Football Federation FIFA and has released the FIFA series since 1993. However, in May this year, the EA announced that it would not renew the contract with FIFA (related article). FIFA 23 scheduled to be released on September 30 this year will be the last work in the series, and will be changed to EA SPORTS FC next year.

In the EA SPORTS FC, professional leagues, teams, players, stadiums, etc. around the world, like the FIFA series, will appear based on license agreements. The EA has announced that it includes exclusive partnerships with the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, and La Liga.

The new partnership between the EA and La Liga announced this time will further expand the conventional partnership. In addition to the naming rights for all the La Liga tournaments, the Le Liga logo and the EA SPORTS, the implementation of some new in-game elements, and the actual game. Includes highlight distribution. In addition, through improvement of accessibility and improvement of facilities, the game will grow and deliver a wonderful soccer experience to fans.


La La Liga’s executive director, La La Liga’s executive director, says that La Liga proves that she is a global brand, and says that how to enjoy soccer will change significantly around the world. 。 In addition, EA SPORTS FC’s senior vise President & General Manager Nick Wlodyka will contribute to improving visuals, technology and game development through partners, and the boundaries of reality and virtual in the world of soccer will be ambiguous. I’m commenting on.

EA also announced on July 26 this year that it has concluded a new partnership with Juventus FC of Serie A, Italy for multiple years. The club’s logo, uniforms, and home stadiums will appear exclusively in the FIFA 23 released this year and the subsequent games, that is, EA SPORTS FC. By the way, Konami, who develops the EFOOTBALL series, has announced the end of the contract with Juventus FC.

EA SPORTS FC will be released in the summer of 2023. The FIFA series, the final work of the FIFA series, will be released on September 30 this year for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. For Nintendo Switch, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition, which introduces additional elements other than functional aspects, will be released on the same day.

Genuine footballers of 1. FC Köln take component in an experiment that appears like FIFA 23 in Digital Fact


FC Köln attempted something brand-new in the test game versus Air conditioning Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the factor of sight of the footballers. That had a bit of video clip games-like Ebenfifa 23.

** What type of examination was that?

You can see what that resembled, for instance, below in the tweet of 1. FC Köln, where you can see a goal of Perfume Florian Dietz from the factor of sight of enemy Lemperle.

The latter showed the game from an uncommon perspective: The Cologne players Timo Hüber and Tim Lemperle were equipped with the camera so that various scenes of the game might be seen directly from their viewpoint.

Among various other points, a referee camera, a new data acquisition in the footwear of some gamers and body cams were used.

And also somehow the entire thing looked like a virtual reality game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. The normal summary of a football broadcast was missing out on, but it was in the middle of the activity. Above all, the arms of the gamers who showed up every now and then in front of the camera really resembled a VR or vanity setting for video games like FIFA 23.

wouldn’t that be for FIFA 23?

Overall, the BodyCam perspective from the video clip appears like something that would fit FIFA 23. Naturally, a few decisive factors would be shed: the big game review that you require for a regular FIFA game would be shed. You would probably not have the ability to play truly competitively with it.

In the meanwhile, FIFA 23 is getting closer. All reports as well as information regarding FIFA 23 launch can be discovered below in our introduction.

For this, the environment, such as the reasonable stages or the mood from the rankings, might enter into its own. At the very least as remarkably, maybe fun to immerse on your own in the game for a few minutes.

Of training course, a few decisive variables would certainly be lost: the large game summary that you require for a normal FIFA game would certainly be lost. Can you use something for the games of your favored groups?

_ Im adhering to highlight video on YouTube you can view a few added scenes from the game in between Perfume and also Milan-also in regards to first-person viewpoint: _

Can you make use of something for the games of your favored groups? And also what would certainly you believe of a variation in FIFA 23?

Furthermore, there is currently a specific degree in FIFA 22: The Pro Web cam allows a solitary player play from a sort of persecutor point of view. Particularly if you create your own gamer into a globe star in the gamer profession, such a primary step might supply a bit even more immersion as the following step.

FC Köln tried something brand-new in the test game versus AC Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the point of sight of the footballers. As well as somehow the entire thing looked like a VR game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. Over all, the arms of the players who showed up from time to time in front of the camera really looked like a Virtual reality or vanity mode for video games like FIFA 23.

** Could FIFA advantage from such a camera? Only playing in a Bundesliga club-the opportunity is uncommon.

FIFAs physical sales remain to drop with the launch of FIFA 22


FIFA 22 is offered now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, Nintendo Switch Over, PC and also Google Stadia.

The shift from physical sales to electronic downloads is not exactly unanticipated, especially given the current pandemic. As early as 2015, Ubisoft pointed out that nearly half of all its video game sales were attributable to digital sales, and also a report of a possession monitoring company in 2015 suggested that as a result of the much higher benefits At the circulation approach, sales of video clip games might just be electronic by 2022. Obviously, this did not rather work when coming close to the end of 2021 and GameStop is still active, yet C is the concept that matters.

Relating to football simulators, it is not difficult to claim that FIFA has been the most effective pet for a long time. Last year, FIFA 21 beat Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to take top place in sales of boxing day in the UK, and also regardless of a latest boring generation variation, FIFA 22 on PS5 and also Xbox Series X/S seemed to be reasonable The enhancement as well as technology that followers of the franchise had wished. Since the launch weekend of FIFA 22 has actually passed, it seems that a trend at first specified with FIFA 20 is concerning to continue: the decline in physical sales for the advantage of online downloads.

FIFA 22 was officially released on October 1 and GFK’s physical sales document recommends that FIFA 22 physical sales at the launch weekend break are 35% lower than those of FIFA 21, which were in turn 42% lower To those of FIFA 20. Digital sales have not yet been published, it is probably prudent to assume that they will be a bit higher, like the last payments of the series.

The new great update of FIFA 22 solves an error that allowed almost insured goals

Since it was launched on the market in October last year, FIFA 22 has enjoyed a success according to the usual commercial performance of the franchise. But, although it has been more stable than other previous deliveries and players in general are more satisfied, in EA Sports have had to deal with various problems, some so striking we did not expect to see them.

The Corner Glitch has been resolved Electronic Arts has announced the fourth large update of your soccer game, which comes to perform various adjustments at the gameplay level. In the notes of the patch there are good news, since it seems to arrange an error that frustrated users a lot of playing online. We talk about the famous ‘Corner glitch’ , a situation that made players controlled by the machine did not defend themselves correctly when it was taken out short from the corner, thus causing a multitude of goals without practically opposition.

It is an error of which many people took advantage of in Ultimate Team, and from which it is officially said that has been improved the artificial intelligence of the CPU when it comes to scoring the rival attackers in the hammers in short. About them, we can also adjust the tactics to have more players on the edge of the area or in the center of the field. So usual has been lately that it is a theme of recurrent conversation in the community, allowing jokes even from professional players:

There are also changes in goalkeepers, response and more We emphasize this adjustment because it is undoubtedly one of the most expected than those who play online, although in those already mentioned notes many more arrangements are cited. For example, is improved to the goalkeepers , which sometimes did not correctly stopped shooting when the attacker jumped from very close, and should stop producing some response failures when we make magazines or lose the possession of the ball. For those who enjoy playing alone there are also novelties, reducing the frequency of entries from the CPU but the variety of shots that can execute increased.


The update is available on PC since yesterday and should appear in consoles progressively. Fix or not the different problems, it does not seem to affect an Electronic Arts that can boast of really striking sales success. The soccer game is among the highlight of 2021 internationally, but in Spain specifically also cup monthly sales lists. In fact, it has been the best sold from December, with the versions of PS4 and Switch at the top of the table.

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Sheffield FC is the oldest club in the world FIFA 22

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On October 24, 1857, the official foundation of the Sheffield FC in England took place, the club is thus the oldest in the world. The founders of the club are not only its fathers, but also the fathers of organized club football. In 164 years later, EA Sports celebrates the Beffield FC s birthday with a special campaign in FIFA 22.

Under the motto No Goat Without The Foat – no best of all time without the first of all time – the developer is tremid to the Sheffield FC and reminds of his origins. The fans can unlock the original range of 1857 in Ultimate Team Mode (FUT) since Sunday by meeting some tasks.

Three task in any FUT mode

It is not too difficult for the players: You have to deny four games with at least five players from England in the Startelf, achieve three goals with a player from England and gaining an encounter with at least two own gates – you can use the FUT mode Reach these destinations themselves choose.

In the original tours of the 1857 team it remains content but not, EA SPORTS has also introduced the Foat Code . A small rule book reminiscent of the origins of the Sheffield FC and thus also of football – of course adapted to the requirements of the digital world. The code aims for a fair partner in FIFA 22, five basic rules have been set up.

The game should not be left in annoyance and anger, no time should be wasted, a replay should only be started for worthy hatches, not every sweaty goal is to be celebrated and the play flow should not be interrupted by breaks. Rules to which the majority of the community keeps anyway, however, attention to EA Sports again.


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Sheffield FC The world s oldest club receives FIFA 22 campaign

To mild, too uncreative – that will take revenge, EA

Sheffield FC itself not in FIFA

Anyone who wants to stick to the Foat Code can identify this setting in FIFA 22 by wearing the Heritage jersey of the Sheffield FC. And in the same, the founder fathers of the oldest football club in the world honor. Incidentally, the Sheffield FC itself is not included in the football simulation.

The club plays in the Divison One South East of the Northern Premier League – the eighth English league. The social media department of the lower class club celebrated the FIFA 22 campaign extensively and reminded of some well-known players who once ran in Sheffield. Among them is about Kyle Walker, who is under contract at Manchester City and is English international.