Contrami-based Digital Innovation Control Tower must be established

Presidential Directarity The World Revolutionary Committee was presented as a challenge for curriculum to the Foreign Industrial Revolution in the future.

The 4th Industrial Revolutionary response policy is to enhance the role of a governance role in responding to the persistence, stakeholder and tight communication, tight communication, tight communication, coordination, various, and fast changes.

The 4th Army Industrial Revolutionary Committee opens the entire meeting in the Government Seoul Office on the afternoon of the 28th, and the “4th Industrial Revolutionary Performance and the Future Agenda of the” 4th Industrial Revolution and Future Agenda “.

■ 4th Industrial Revolution There are many remaining assignments in preemptive response

The fourth has been in the meantime, ▲ D‧N‧a has been establishing a core basis ▲ Big 3 such as new industrial cultivation ▲ Digital talent and digital embracing, and strengthening safety net.

Through this, I am amended the Data 3 Act, build a data dam, and achieved the world’s first 5G commercialization, and establishing artificial intelligence countries. In addition, the system semiconductor exports achieved $ 30 billion, and Bio Healthcare teenager exported items, etc.

In addition, we have established a national digital learning basis such as building the Early SW Education and the Essential Software Innovation Herpress and Corporate Intelligence Software Innovation for Digital Human Resources and Digital Gap.

It is noteworthy that the 4th activities have greatly improved, and the attention is greatly improved, and excellent evaluation in overseas major agencies.

On the other hand, the fourth-most private committee, the fourth-world’s fourth-most private committee, the 4th Industrial Revolutionary policy environment is slow to improve the improvement of the system and infrastructure, which is slowly improved, indicating the improvement of new industrial and infrastructure. I decided that new issues have occurred, such as issues, and opportunities in the digital gap.

■ The 4th Industrial Revolution is to continue to match the preemption

The fourth depends on this limit to overcome this limit, the 4th Industrial Revolution ▲ Process and trust-based innovation ▲ Digital Innovation Ecosystem Composition ▲ The 4th Industrial Revolution Promotion System Maintenance was presented as a key assignment.

First, we are important to promote the policy of ‘Person’ in the “Person-center” policy to share the fruits of the 4th Industrial Revolution, so that the 4th Industrial Revolution is achieved, We propose a support for digital innovation, such as supporting labor switching.

In order to pursue innovation based on processes and trust, we need efforts to enhance social acceptability on issues such as unbeatable and conflicts and gaps that occur in the Progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution process, especially in the process of innovation, For the stakeholder conflict adjustment, fair platform ecosystem composition, we have emphasized the improvement and win-win efforts to ensure reliability for new technologies.

It was also important that you have to establish an environment that can accelerate digital innovation. According to the principle of innovation, the government needs to strive to build an industrial ecosystem, such as data utilization, digital infrastructure composition, such as digital infrastructure composition.

In addition, the 4th Industrial Revolution has evident that there is a limit that is difficult to adjust without a powerful authority because it affects the entirety and various stakeholders and ministries, and various stakeholders and ministries.

As a result, we suggest that we have to build a control tower with strong policy adjustment authority, and establishes a strong policy adjustment authority, and establishes a national digital innovation master plan.

“The fourth depth of the fourth Civil Party”, said, “The fourth depot has been led to the 4th industrial revolution,” he said, “especially,” especially in the past year, since last year, “I have been trying to make a performance that the people, including Corona 19-time capsule projects,

Then, “The recent disclosure is a key to implementing the active data based on data-based administration and customized civil service implementation.” I need to upgrade to an executive organization, and I need to be born again. “

“The Prime Minister Kim, Bummyung, said,” The response to the fourth industrial revolution, which will influence the future national competitiveness, is an important and urgent state strategy, “said a national strategy that should not be delayed.” I have to deliver it, “he said.