Digimon Survive: First gameplay video provides fan

Fans are looking forward to the upcoming game Digimon Survive. If you are also part of it, you can now sweeten the waiting time with a little gameplay for this strategy game.

Digimon Survive: First gameplay for the game

As part of the South Korean Messe Rulicon 2022, Digimon Survive producer Kazumasa Habu told something about the game and also presented a video that contains a few minutes gameplay . The video said is not very long, but it gives a first impression of the game that so many are looking forward to. The focus is on the protagonist Takuma and Agumon.

It shows how you can put your characters and use certain positions on the battlefield for your advantages, e.g. B. with certain attacks and with attacks from different sides. While the game is largely triumphant with 3D animations, the fights are folded in a classic 2D-SRPG style .


_ Get a first impression of the game: _

Digimon Survive: What do we know about the game?

Digimon Survive is described as a Visual Novel video game with survival strategy role-playing elements . The story is about a group of teenagers who get lost during a school camping trip and finds it in a strange new world full of monsters and dangers.

Originally, Toei animation and Bandai Namco Entertainment wanted to release the game in 2019. Obviously, this time window could not be observed. The reason for this is not only the pandemic, but above all the narrative scope of Digimon Survive . For example, it depends on your decisions how far the Digimon digit and which end you can see.

Digimon Survive is supposed to appear on July 29 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch **. According to the many positive comments under the video, many cannot expect it.

_The game can already be pre -ordered: _


The new control games obtain a Remedy Development Update

It is an occupied moment for the Remedy Entertainment team. The study is not only working at Alan Estela 2 __ with the intention of launching the game next year, but it is also working hard on the new versions of both max payne and max payne 2. If that didn’t seem like a lot of projects at the same time, Remedy is also working on two new games associated with Control. And although the details about these titles are still scarce, we have now learned a little more about how they are developing.

Detailed in a new drafted investors, Remedy delivered a roadmap of the projects currently in process. In doing so, he talked more about these new games associated with Control, which have the names in “condor” and “heron.” Remedy didn’t have much to say about either of the two games. __ At this time, but the study made it clear that the work in each one is still in the early stages.

Control - Remedy Entertainment Studio Tour by Jesse Faden

«Codename Condor, a game derived from Control, continues in the concept proof stage. Garza code name, a larger Control The game is in the concept stage and its creation of prototypes continues, ”Remedy said about both games. “In addition, together with the Northlight technology team, the approach has focused on developing the necessary technology and tools that will serve a series of remedy games in the future.”

Once again, although there is not much to break down here, it seems likely to end up becoming mando 2 at some point. The fact that it is described simply as a “bigger” version of the first game shows how most sequelae end. As for Condor, it is difficult to know what could be looking to do. Given that this game is still in the “concept proof stage”, it means that we may not see it formally announced for a long time. Even so, it is great to see that Remedy is very committed to working more with the control franchise in the future.

Are you glad to know what Remedy is working on new games associated with Control? And when do you think these projects will really see daylight? Let me know for yourself in the comments or communicate with me on Twitter at @Mooreman12.


Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for PS4, Xbox or Switch?

Mohn playing time is back in the spotlight with the publication of his second chapter. This little indie horror makes it possible for everyone to live their childhood dream to be all alone in a toy factory. However, this dream quickly turns into a nightmare when they find that the funny and cozy toys live and are after them. The first chapter of the game ensured a disturbing atmosphere, with the scaryest event taking place directly at the end of the chapter. Chapter two by Poppy Playtime continues the story and many wonder if it is published on their favorite console.

is Poppy Playtime Chapter Two for consoles?

Just like in chapter one from Poppy Playtime, fans seem to have to wait a while for a console version of chapter two. The developers of the game seem to concentrate much more to bring out the full game first on the PC and then work on porting it to other systems when they are finished with the full game. For the most part, this is a good idea, as the developers have more workers to complete this, since they do not have to divide their teams in order to work on console versions and the rest of the game.

Something that you can do on a console while waiting is the new SMG in Destiny 2 that has been released with the Guardian Games. It may not be a horror game, but it is something you can use to pass the time while waiting for Poppys Playtime and is ported to other systems. However, as soon as Poppy Playtime is finished, the question arises as to how it is sold on consoles.

The game is currently being sold episodically on the PC, whereby the first chapter is free of charge and other chapters cost $ 10. But when the whole game is ready, you could sell it as a full game with a higher price tag on consoles. If you need further help for Poppy Playtime, be sure to read our other instructions.

Mohn playing time is available on the PC.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 - FULL WALKTHROUGH
Attack of the fanboy / captain / is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for PS4, Xbox or Switch?

Guild wars 2

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 supposedly revealed launch window

Star Wars Jedi: Fall order 2 The report suggested previously that the long -awaited sequel would be launched this year, but it seems that these reports are not precise, or at least they are no longer precise. The new Star Wars game has not yet been revealed, but this should change on May 4. When you do, don’t expect to listen to a 2022 vacation release date as previous rumors suggested. According to the latest report on the game, the _ war of the galaxies_ the sequel will not be launched until 2023. When it is in 2023, it is not specified.

The report comes along the path of Jeff Grubb, a prominent member of the industry and filtering that has a most reliable history. In the past, Grubb was wrong, especially with respect to the launch windows. For example, he was out of place with _ stellar campo_. However, most of the time, his information is good. If the game slides until 2023, it will probably be released in the first half of the year. Holiday 2023 is a sexier release, but that would be a great delay.

Игра Fallen Order 2 - ПЕРВЫЕ НОВОСТИ! | Звёздные Войны: Павший Орден

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not long ago, people said that the game would be launched in 2022, and now it will apparently launch in 2023. It is possible that both things are, or were true in the case of the previous statement, but at this time we are dealing with the Rumorology Not only everything is unofficial, but everything constantly changes.

According to Grubb, the game will be an exclusive launch for the current generation. In other words, in addition to PC, it will only reach PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, omitting PS4 and Xbox One in the process.

«Although it is a fascinating game for a single player of the galaxies_ the game is an experience that people have been longing for in recent years, at first it was difficult to get excited. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order, _ »Read the opening of our game review. «Cal Kestis, the protagonist in _orden Falle, was a newcomer to the saga and would have to win his gallons as a memorable character and, in addition to that, the idea of reaping people as a dominated Jedi did not seem particularly attractive or gratifying. But, as it revealed more about the game, including their influences from other series and how players would have to rebuild it essentially, the game became immensely more attractive.


Medieval RPG is struck on Steam-successor plays in Japan as well as also comes with co-op

In Sengoku Dynasty you remain in medieval Japan and also try to protect the continued existence of your family. For this purpose, you build your own neighborhood, arranges its daily life and leads you as the founder of your own town.

Medieval Dynasty brought players to the European Center Ages and also provided the possibility to develop their own village. With Sengoku Dynasty, publisher Toplitz Productions still wishes to bring the “Medieval Dynasty” experience to Japan in 2022.

What is Sengoku Dynasty? With Sengoku Dynasty, the German publisher Toplitz Productions intends to bring Medieval Dynasty’s recipe for the next phase. Sengoku Dynasty is to be released in 2022 in early accessibility on Heavy steam.

Look into the Sengoku-Dynasty CGI-Teaser trailer:

Which game auto mechanics will Sengoku Dynasty own? Just how the predecessor is identified by Sengoku Dynasty, over all. In addition to survival as well as RPG technicians, it has elements of life simulation in feudal Japan.

As opposed to Medieval Dynasty, you can experience the open game world of Sengoku Dynasty directly to launch not just alone, however also in co-op mode with buddies. Along with the story, you also have a sandbox mode.

Numerous categories are also readily available for your game behavior:

The game has typical elements of the survival category such as hunting, accumulating, crafting and developing homes. Given that it is likewise a simulation in which the creating of partnerships, organizations and also even logistics are necessary, the video game can likewise be intriguing for framework fans as well as strategists.

So if you are neither a survival neither structure follower and can refrain anything with parlor games or their NPC communication, after that Sengoku Dynasty will not be a ready you. If you are looking for a video game in which you desire to lead your very own Japanese village, Sengoku Dynasty may be interesting for you.

You will certainly then feel the repercussions if you do not select the proper answers in the conversations or make the wrong decisions. NPCs can purposely make a decision against the accession of your town and also a poor lead can talk around and also damage the telephone call of your dynasty.

The RPG mechanics, with which gamers currently communicated with the NPCs in Medieval Dynasty, are likewise an essential consider the facility of your family and establishing your own village.

  • The course of the leader: creates partnerships with NPCs, broaden your impact, Handlet, discovered a family and also develops a neighborhood.
  • The way of the craftsman: finds out the strategies of craft as well as generates weapons, tools and also lodgings, chefs, manufactures things and orders the country.
  • The method of the warrior: If you exercise the tool consumer, placed challengers with traditional Japanese near and varied tools and also go hunting.
  • The path of the monk: pulls power from areas of stamina, constructs spiritual buildings, meditates on mystical shrines and sacrifices Japanese deities to obtain their true blessings.

For whom is Sengoku Dynasty? Toplitz Productions released with Sengoku Dynasty a video game for followers of the precursor Medieval Dynasty and also admirer of feudal Japan, its landscape and one-of-a-kind style.

If you have an interest in Sengoku Dynasty, you will certainly locate 7 even more peaceful survival video games on Meinmmo 7 that do without PvP:

The precursor: “A ready everybody that takes pleasure in issue fixing”

  • Leahcim by means of Steam: One of the finest “negotiation construction” games there are.

  • Oetzina by means of Vapor: I like this video game. The world is so great that I desire to make screenshots constantly.
  • Slothlady1 through Vapor: I enjoy whatever about this video game. It can be tough or relaxing, depending upon exactly how to adapt the course of the game.
  • Tenderfoot via Heavy steam: A ready everybody that enjoys issue solving, building and tinkering, hunting and handling a population. It is not suitable for those who intend to combat, fly and also shoot aliens or zombies.
  • Harvjenn using Steam: A magnificently applied medieval world that captivates you as well as totally uses you.

Just how did the predecessor get here? The Medieval Dynasty published in 2021 was a total success. With 23,000 favorable testimonials, 90 % of all managed Vapor reviews of the Middle Ages RPG declare.


With the Koop Modus, Sengoku Dynasty gets the feature for which “Medieval Dynasty” fans are awaiting a very long time. Toplitz Productions just recently revealed that the player’s dream was met and Medieval Dynasty 2023 obtained a co-op setting.

Exactly how the co-op setting in Middle ages or Sengoku Dynasty looks precisely or what it seems like to lead a town along with buddies is not yet known.

Can you picture constructing your very own town in co-op setting or does the sole regulation interest you?

With Sengoku Dynasty, publisher Toplitz Productions still desires to bring the “Medieval Dynasty” experience to Japan in 2022. What is Sengoku Dynasty? With Sengoku Dynasty, the German author Toplitz Productions desires to bring Medieval Dynasty’s recipe for the next stage. Which video game technicians will Sengoku Dynasty own? Exactly how the precursor is identified by Sengoku Dynasty, over all.

Elden Ring

Open World New Year “Hikaga” will take money. The new patch of “Elden Ring” feels good. Play the trial version of “LoopMancer”. Gaming this week

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 333th. 333.

# Cyberpunk Time Loop Detective

Take a trial version of “LoopMancer” this week. A 2.5D action game with a Rogue Like element, which is a cyberpunk Chinese-style city. It is characteristic that the main character’s time loop experience is combined to repeat the retry that can be said in this genre. The detective of the protagonist is to put yourself in the battle in chasing a certain case, but when you die, the time rewind and the flow of the same case is to be contracted. However, the previous memory remains and can be permanently upgraded by the progress of the survey.

Stage is a three-dimensional structure with search elements and puzzle elements. While defeating the enemies that appear, we will continue to strengthen the area. Battle is a high-paced development that makes full use of close attacks, guns and skills. This work is grapper, and the rich world viewing expression is a highlight, but it is bothered by the situation in the battle somewhat. However, a variety of attacks and exhilarating actions enhance the expectations for the product version.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

# Wrinkling of frost with frost

Although “Elden Ring” was down to 1.02 for RTA, the balance adjustment of 1.04 was a significant amount, so I updated and play normally. I’m glad that the prayer was revised overall overall. If it is not a sloppy and night and night and night and flame swords, it is fun for the first time in a long time, and it feels free to play freely. Even if you play a new character new build, it is a heavy game as it is also as a heavy game, so the remembrance all recovery clear is a salt plume that you can enjoy well in casual play.

From next week, I think that it will be implemented with “FF14” and it will be cleaned up for a while, so I think I’m going to do something like “Elden Ring”. It is a PVP that has a rumor that struggles to match the matching, but I also feel that the field is too large. It has been left behind from the interpersonal meta, but it is also a place of the Seoul Series’s PVP’s best to kill it. It is likely to be rambling with a seat for build a while.
by. Mizuki Kashiwagi

# CBT SNS share seems to be OK

I was playing CBT of “TOWER OF FANTASY (Phantom Tower)”. China Basic Play Free Open World Game. The amount of content such as stories and search is a number of content, and a mechanism to maneuver with weapons and avatars. It is a game of the so-called “Kawagami” format. It is such a work, but it seems to be muddy. Visual from animation to effect, luxurious luxurious by UI. It is not possible to take care of money, including the voice actors and luxuriousness. In the search side, there are various things in the field, and it feels like an experience value enters by picking up. The battlefield is a combo battle, with skills and weapon switching. The avoidance reward is large or the air combos is also enhanced, and the elements of popular works are incorporated into one.

On the other hand, it is also a work that makes the success of the “Harami God” quite. The character can be done or the story is heavy or multiplayer (especially PVP, especially PVP), or there are many production elements, and there are many points unique to this work. However, I think it is a game with a “Yorami” that takes a mess. “Harami” also talked about the game that made various works from the time of the announcement, but it is interesting that the work chasing the “Kawagami” came out. “Phantom Tachi” was quite polite, and personally, I put it in the game more than the “Kawagami” in the early release. “Harami God” is a good idea to eat in popularity.
by. ayuo kawase


How do you revive other players in Ember Knights?

As Roguelite, Ember Knights is designed to play with friends, but death is more constant than in other games. You can return your friend to life if he died during the passage of the game.

How to revive allies in Ember Knights

Unfortunately, after the player died in Ember Knights, it means that he drops out of the game to the end of this area. The only way to return the dead Ember Knights is to defeat the local boss or get the Renaissance token. Renaissance tokens are unlocked on the Improvement tab and restore the Ember Knights to 25% of health.

To revive after the victory over the boss, you need to defeat the last boss in the end of the area. We mean not a mini boss in the middle of the area or other bosses that appear in the rooms, but a boss with a large health band. Players will rejoice after the victory over the boss.

This new 1-4 Player Roguelike is TOO FUN! | Ember Knights
In the game Roguelite bosses, as a rule, are far from the players, so some elements must be inexorab. If you somehow be able to get to the end of the area, you have to wait for your friend.

It is best to take your friend back and make it focus on avoiding attacks, especially since the aid kits are available every few rooms, and it is better than waiting until the boss dies alone.

To learn more about Ember Knights, why not check what relics are in Ember Knights? Or when will I unlock onions in Ember Knights? Here in Pro Game Guides.


Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake: Remedy in the concept phase, game uses Northlight Engine

Remedy Entertainment has already announced that one works at Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake.
The game – is currently in the concept phase and is developed for Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 and PC.
For the independent remake, Northlight Engine is used, which, for example, was already used in the game Control.

MAX PAYNE 1-2 REMAKE - Official Reveal Announcement Video (Remedy/Rockstar Games)
Remedy has a budget for the implementation, which has the same scope as a typical remedy AAA production.
For this purpose, the Max Payne 1 + 2 remake is funded by Rockstar Games.

Further details on the game should only follow at a later date.


Concerns about the industry concerns on the candidate

In January of this year, a forced shutdown that has been in charge of women’s family members (lessons) Although the optional shutdown of the string remains, the industry and gamers are welcomed for the law that the law that gave the negative awareness without scientific verification of the game. However, the person who revealed the deflected perspective against the game at the time of the National Assembly Activities was named the first time of the Yun Seok-yeol government and concerns about game regulation.

President Yoon Suk-yeol announced on the 10th, and an 8 Buddhist Cabinet Innership at the Commercial Committee in the Commissioner. Kim Hyun-sook, appointed as a minister, is the 19th National Assembly, as the 19th National Assembly, she was active until May 2013, until May 2014, she was working as a female family committee. She has since been in 2015 from 2015, she served as a senior of the Presidential Secretary Employment Welfare, and she is active as a policies for Yoon Suk-yeol.

Yoon Suk-yeol, who has been a professor, “He said, In her election, she has designed family policies, including a demand-specific dynamic assistance policy such as infant child care, elementary care, etc. She exploded to faithfully fulfilled the commitment, and focus on population measures and family policies, as well as a commitment base, with me. “

Kim Hyun-sook, said, “I saw a lot of researchers in the 19th National Assembly, and I have seen a lot of leisure business, but since I have been a lot of time, I have a lot of furniture, such as a family problem, As you make such a part, we will communicate with many people in a new age, communicate with many people, combine it with the opposition, and converge enough opinions to go to a new department that can open the future. “

However, Kim, a limb, was raised about the vision of the game that revealed a biased vision of the game when he was active as her leisure secretary. The candidate was active in 2013 in 2013. She pointed out that she was based on the investigation of the Korean Intelligence Agency in the United States. In addition, she said, “If you look at the addicted youth, you will not be able to adjust your feelings, and you will not be able to suffer from sleep, and depression, and it is conkry that it will be okay to prevention or treatment in progress now.” She also said she is a query that she is responsible for adolescence, and plans to play funds for teen protection even in the Candidate Candidate Personal Candidate Candidate.

The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

In addition to this, the Democratic Party of Democratic Party is a “19th National Assembly,” he said, “He who actively promoted the game addiction regulation laws,” he said. ” And it has been aimed at the use of excessive game discussion, and Internet game addiction discussion, “he said.”

Then he said, “It is only to sit in the Minister of Commerce and the game that will be relaxed in the Minister of District that the game is a strong source of game,, I was scheduled to be scheduled to be a member of the whole person who was a member of the whole person. He seemed to change at the end of the protest of the young people, but eventually, the keynote of the game addiction was not changed at all, “he said,” he said, “he said.

Yoon Suk-yeol, who has been a handicraft of the game of the game in the time of candidates, has recruited a newly-made members, and has revealed concerns in the industry. In the case of a candidate, we have revolutionized the controversial item in written items in the written interview with the game specialist medium ink. At that time, Yoon Jeong, a 2-day Facebook, said, “The game is never a disease,” and “the game is never a disease”, For the interview, the Yun Sun-sun side has been explained that the candidate will not be reported without reporting.


Minecraft Cross-Play finally arrives on PS4, as long as you have an Xbox account

Some of you may remember in 2017 when Mojang added the care of the game crossed to all his versions of Minecraft – W Aune, Presque all versions. At the time, Sony ended up being a recalcitrant because he was not sure of all the “crossed game”, saying that at the time, “Playstation is the best place to play.” But it will change.

How to Add Cross Platform Friends in MINECRAFT Bedrock Edition PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch

This morning, Mojang’s team announced that the Bedrock update will arrive on the PlayStation 4 version of the game from tomorrow, December 10. No, it has nothing to do with Flintstone_. But it has to do with Minecraft players together in a universe they can share, regardless of the game platform they choose.

The update will be free, but with an interesting hic: you will need an Xbox connection to access certain features.

Like a Microsoft spokeswoman told Eurogamer, “a free Microsoft or Xbox Live account allows all Minecraft players to track progress and purchases on all platforms, including now PS4. The Xbox Live Gold service Paying is not required to play Minecraft. “It’s an interesting quirk, requiring an Xbox account to play online via a Sony console.

“All this glorious and unified code means you play the same game as your friends on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 and Mobile”, the blog reveals. There is even a video that shows the importance of this unification.

In addition, PS4 players will now have access to the Minecraft market, where they can buy a number of goods for the game, just as others have done it in the past.

At the moment, Mojang has not provided a schedule as to when the update will be available.