Ellen Ripley in Alien Isolation 2 and a new game of 007 with Unreal Engine 5? A user shows us what they would be

Definitely, creations with Unreal Engine 5, the brand new Epic Games engine, with the idea of imagining games that have not yet been relecurrent graphicsed to the market or reinventing a clcurrent graphicssic with current graphics are of absolute and rigorous fcurrent graphicshion. Rare is the day that we do not see artisanal projects and works that surprise us again and again, so today it wcurrent graphics not going to be less and we bring you two different: Alien isolation 2 and an imaginary look at what would be the new game of James IO interactive bond .


Alien isolation 2 with Ellen Ripley, the sequel we deserve

In the generation of PS3 and Xbox 360, Alien left us one of the best video games bcurrent graphicsed on the Ridley Scott license we have ever seen. A complex, tense horror survival, with an excellent level design and ultimately, an unforgettable horror experience aboard Sevcurrent graphicstopol . A title that never offered us a sequel, something that the YouTube user Enfant Terrible hcurrent graphics wanted to solve. Or at lecurrent graphicst, put our teeth long with a trailer with the protagonist’s ripley and an impressive audiovisual section . Inside video.

What will it be Project 007?

The IO Interactive (Hitman) project continues in development , although details about the game are not known. And once again, this user hcurrent graphics tried to anticipate the events creating an ambitious trailer that, if official, would quickly attract the attention of any lover of the saga. Persecutions, infiltration, the soundtrack recognizable by all and even details such current graphics current graphicston Martin’s favorite by Daniel Craig in the lcurrent graphicst 007 films.

Enfant terrible is known for this type of work. Without going any further, we recently share with you one of him’s most popular works: the new game of The Lord of the Rings bcurrent graphicsed on the Trilogy of films of Peter Jackson, with Unreal Engine 5, of course.

Genuine footballers of 1. FC Köln take component in an experiment that appears like FIFA 23 in Digital Fact


FC Köln attempted something brand-new in the test game versus Air conditioning Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the factor of sight of the footballers. That had a bit of video clip games-like Ebenfifa 23.

** What type of examination was that?

You can see what that resembled, for instance, below in the tweet of 1. FC Köln, where you can see a goal of Perfume Florian Dietz from the factor of sight of enemy Lemperle.

The latter showed the game from an uncommon perspective: The Cologne players Timo Hüber and Tim Lemperle were equipped with the camera so that various scenes of the game might be seen directly from their viewpoint.

Among various other points, a referee camera, a new data acquisition in the footwear of some gamers and body cams were used.

And also somehow the entire thing looked like a virtual reality game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. The normal summary of a football broadcast was missing out on, but it was in the middle of the activity. Above all, the arms of the gamers who showed up every now and then in front of the camera really resembled a VR or vanity setting for video games like FIFA 23.

wouldn’t that be for FIFA 23?

Overall, the BodyCam perspective from the video clip appears like something that would fit FIFA 23. Naturally, a few decisive factors would be shed: the big game review that you require for a regular FIFA game would be shed. You would probably not have the ability to play truly competitively with it.

In the meanwhile, FIFA 23 is getting closer. All reports as well as information regarding FIFA 23 launch can be discovered below in our introduction.

For this, the environment, such as the reasonable stages or the mood from the rankings, might enter into its own. At the very least as remarkably, maybe fun to immerse on your own in the game for a few minutes.

Of training course, a few decisive variables would certainly be lost: the large game summary that you require for a normal FIFA game would certainly be lost. Can you use something for the games of your favored groups?

_ Im adhering to highlight video on YouTube you can view a few added scenes from the game in between Perfume and also Milan-also in regards to first-person viewpoint: _

Can you make use of something for the games of your favored groups? And also what would certainly you believe of a variation in FIFA 23?

Furthermore, there is currently a specific degree in FIFA 22: The Pro Web cam allows a solitary player play from a sort of persecutor point of view. Particularly if you create your own gamer into a globe star in the gamer profession, such a primary step might supply a bit even more immersion as the following step.

FC Köln tried something brand-new in the test game versus AC Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the point of sight of the footballers. As well as somehow the entire thing looked like a VR game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. Over all, the arms of the players who showed up from time to time in front of the camera really looked like a Virtual reality or vanity mode for video games like FIFA 23.

** Could FIFA advantage from such a camera? Only playing in a Bundesliga club-the opportunity is uncommon.

V Rising

Why is V Rising compared with Valheim?

V Rising is a survival game in which you are trying to stay alive as a vampire. You track out your prey, explore the open world and gradually become stronger and move forward. So why is the game compared with Valheim, a game, the action of which takes place in a world inspired by the culture of the Vikings? Well, these two games have more in common than you think.


V Rising and Valheim make the player kill the bosses to progress.

The development of V Rising and Valheim is associated with the victory over large bosses. In V Rising, the first boss, Alfa-wolf, opens the form for travel, which means that you can significantly expand your base. While in Valheim, having defeated Aikitra, you stop the wild boars and neck from raids on your base and instead move forward to fight Graidvarfs, which will give you access to more materials and progress.

V Rising and Valheim add RPG elements to their survival games

Valheim and V Rising turn a traditional survival formula into a role-playing game with a progression system. In V Rising, you will improve your vampire abilities, and in Valheim, improve your weapons handling skills.

They are both unexpected hits

Both V Rising and Valheim unexpectedly became hits. There was practically no excitement before the release, and then there was a huge explosion of people playing them, these games caused a spark among fans of survival games.

and V Rising, and Valheim ideally combine the construction of the base and research.

In V Rising, you will want to sneak back to your base after a difficult day of depletion of the local population. While in Valheim, you need to leave your base to replenish the materials that you inevitably lose when your camp is attacked. In both games, the balance between staying on the base and access to reconnaissance is accurately balanced.

Ultimately, there is not a single reason why these games could be compared. There are many differences, from the view from the third person in Valheim to the view from top to bottom. The tone and the situation are very different. But due to how similar they are to release, the cycle of the gameplay and the growth of popularity, they will always be compared.

To receive additional manuals and information about V Riding, read the section Is Verced V RISing alone? In professional game guides.

Wholesale PlayStation games are turning into movies and series – here are all the projects in the works

PlayStation Productions is a production company founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which focuses on working on films and series from various PlayStation games.

The line of work started in 2019 seems to be bearing fruit, as the first movie has been seen ( Uncharted, which has been in limbo for a long time) and the first series will arrive for viewing next year ( The Last of Us ). And that’s not all, because a lot of other PlayStation games will also end up in the same treatment in the coming years.

Attached is a list of upcoming PlayStation Productions productions.

The Last of Us (series)

The closest to release is the series of the same name based on The Last of Us games. The epic coming to HBO will bring the apocalyptic world to life next year, although the exact date is not yet clear.

The main stars of the series, which has been seen many times in the news of our website, are Pedro Pascal ( Narcos, The Mandalorian ) as Joel and Bella Ramsey ( Game of Thrones ) as Ellie. Other roles include Gabriel Luna ( Terminator: Dark Fate ) as Tommy Miller and Nick Offerman ( Parks and Recreations ) as Bill. Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, who acted as voice actors in the games themselves, are also involved in some sort of roles, about which there is no more detailed information yet.

Twisted Metal (series)

The Twisted Metal games, which serve car action and total destruction, will be made into a series for the Peacock service. The shooting of the series is going on for the best time.

Starring Anthony Mackie ( The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ) as John Doe, Stephanie Beatriz ( Brooklyn 99 ) as Quiet, Thomas Haden Church ( Sideways ) as Agent Stone and Richard Cabral ( American Crime ) Loud role. The iconic Sweet Tooth of the games features the wrestler Samoa Joe on screen, but the character is voiced by Will Arnett.

Gran Turismo (movie and maybe also series)

According to current information, a film based on the Gran Turismo car games is coming out in 2023, directed by Neill Blomkamp, who directed films such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie. The plot description says that the film focuses on a teenage Gran Turismo player who, after winning several Nissan competitions, ends up a racing car driver. The story is based on true events.

In addition, there have also been rumors about the series, but The Hollywood Reporter website has said that these rumors are not true. Time will tell.

Ghost of Tsushima (film)

The game, set in feudal Japan, is being made into a movie. The work is directed by Chad Stahelski, a former stuntman who has directed all the John Wick films so far. Sucker Punch-studio acts as the responsible producer, so the end result is possible to follow the events of the game. Takashi Doscher was announced earlier this year to be penning the script.

God of War (series)

Kratos’ adventures will eventually be available to watch in serial form on Amazon Prime Video. Much else concrete is not clear yet. So it is still unclear who will play the dark god and whether the story will take place in the landscapes of Greek or Norwegian fairy tales.

Horizon (series)

Based on the games Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, the Horizon 2074 series is in the works. The epic set in the time before the events of the games will eventually arrive on Netflix, but that’s where the information remains at this point.

Jak and Daxter (movie)

In February of this year, a movie based on the Jak and Daxter games was said to be in the works. There is not much information about the project, except that the project is led by Ruben Fleischer, who directed the Uncharted movie, with the help of Naughty Dog studio.


Uncharted (movie, maybe?)

The first film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg was a financial hit, so it would be downright strange if there wasn’t a sequel. However, no official or even unofficial confirmation has yet been heard about Nathan Drake’s, Sully’s and partners’ new ventures.

The productions will hardly stop here. What other PlayStation game would make a movie?

More on the subject:

  • The best games, series and movies of the year are here! Or at least the first half of the year
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a great success, so a sequel will follow-premiere already at the end of next year
  • Skillfully constructed comedic documentary about competitive gaming-in the review, the Players series
  • Neill Blomkamp’s Gran Turismo movie is based on true events-focuses on a teenage gamer’s journey to become a real race car driver

NFT, Web3, blockchain: Tomonobu Itagaki annonce Warrior

Exploration of the site, that includes this 30-second video, mean the opportunity of mobilizing a hundredMob Servants _, all of which have an arbitrary ranking establishing their combat performance. TheseCrowd Servantscan likewise learn over 60 skills and also have their very own one-of-a-kind island. All these components can be traded in between users.

The site also consists of a roadmap evoking the pre-sale of NFTs at the end of 2022, the release of a beta variation in early 2023 to test the gameplay and also the economic system, then the modern deployment of PvE as well as PvP video game settings to enhance gaming experience and token blood circulation.

‘ Web3’, ‘GameFi’, ‘blockchain’, ‘NFT’, ‘Metaverse’… discard no more, all the repellent terms of the minute are lined up in the launch from Apex Game Studios, the name of the new team led by Tomonobu Itagaki, which would certainly already have around a hundred staff members primarily based in Japan as well as Singapore.

Creator of Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden and Devil’s Third, Tomonobu Itagaki is well and also really out of his lengthy retired life, yet not as anticipated. All of it depends upon that we is.

Rather than pretending to be interested in this gigantic humbug, we allow you appreciate the reactions of the gamers on Itagaki’s Twitter account.

Apex Game Studios consequently aims to createimmersive and top notchInternet 3.0 video games, starting with Warrior, an MMORPG created with the Unreal Engine that can be downloaded and install on PC, iphone and also Android, according to the links offered. will certainly quickly be active on this official web site.

Excerpt from journalism release from hell

He clarified his purpose to create games where individuals can compete against each other. He additionally showed that he was interested not only in creating video games based upon non-fungible symbols, or NFTs, but also in the Metaverse and also that he took into consideration making use of these technologies as a tool of selection. For Itagaki, it is vital to embrace the adjustments and satisfy the new difficulties fundamental in blockchain technology.

He explained his intention to produce games where individuals can complete against each other. He also suggested that he was interested not just in developing video games based on non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, but additionally in the Metaverse and that he considered using these technologies as a tool of selection. For Itagaki, it is crucial to embrace the modifications as well as meet the new difficulties fundamental in blockchain innovation.

Warrior removes the gaming setting and also is more easily accessible as well as profitable than conventional games. Itagaki revealed that a person of the main features a blockchain game must have to be successful is to be a real enjoyable and also attention-grabbing game, precisely what his group desires to accomplish with Warrior.

Warrior intends to address the resilience, security as well as efficiency concerns of GameFi 1.0 and attain a breakthrough in GameFi 2.0. Based on the gameplay of AAA video games, an excellent economic climate system is supported to preserve a sustainable game cycle and also the exchange of possessions via competitive, battle as well as expedition tasks in the game.

Candy crush soda saga

Blacksmith Sim Anvil Saga -Not faithful to history, but passion for history triggered the development of this work [Developer Interview]

This project interviews the developers of new indie games that interest you. This time, we will deliver a mini-interview to the developer of the blacksmith simulation Anvil Saga , which was developed by Pirozhok Studio and started early access for PC on June 21st.

This work is a simulation game that runs a blacksmith in the Hundred Years War. As a blacksmith, players will respond to the needs of all customers, from bandits to merchants, priests, and soldiers, while expanding the blacksmith by managing workers and improving facilities and tools. It also features that every player’s decision influences the story and gameplay. Japanese is not supported at the time of writing the article.

Anvil Saga is available for early access for 1,420 yen.

――First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game? **

Daniil Zevakin (Daniil) This is Daniel Zevakin, the publishing producer of this work. He was also a creative producer and game designer. Regarding my favorite game, when it comes to genres, I’m omnivorous and I don’t want to group games in the favorite frame. I love Capcom, which makes stylish games, I love the creativity of Nintendo’s game system, and of course I love Rockstar in terms of scale, detail, and cinematicity.

Timur Shakirov (Timur) Timur Shakirov, the leader of Pirozhok Studio. He is 22 years old and has been playing strategy and simulation games for a long time, as far as he can remember. He can’t choose one of his favorite games, but he has a few that he loves. Warcraft III, Civilization series, Total War series, Factorio, Prison Architect.

――Why did the development of this work start? **

Timur I’ve always liked history games, but I’ve never seen one about the Hundred Years War. Suddenly one day, I came up with the concept of a blacksmith simulator and thought it would be interesting to set the stage in the Hundred Years War.

――Please tell us the features of this work. **

Daniil The most interesting thing about this game is that it combines the randomness of gameplay with a simple yet effective story. Thanks to that, you can have a unique experience every time you play. I also like the fact that it depicts the gloomy medieval era in a cute and colorful art style!

Timur players must always balance factions such as England, France, bandits and more. Churches and witches will also appear. Players need to carefully choose their ally factions, but in random events enemy factions can occupy your village. Every choice is important. It’s okay to be on your side with your favorite faction, but be careful!

――What kind of person do you want this work to be played by? **

Daniil To be honest, when making a game as a product, I don’t assume a specific target. My goal is to make it fun to play, and I always give a GO sign, even if I try to add something strange to the genre or the players. So my answer is I’ll do my best to make everyone enjoy it!

Timur I hope that as many people as possible can play this game. I think it’s a dream for any developer to have many people enjoy their work.

――How long do you plan for early access? What kind of elements will be added in the future? **

Daniil Our plan for the content of this work is to publish a roadmap on the Steam page. We aim to complete it in the next 5 to 8 months.

――Please tell us your impressions of releasing it as Early Access. **

Personally, as a Daniil producer, I don’t like early access. There is resistance to putting it out in public before it becomes the best thing. But on the contrary, I think it’s good to get direct feedback from the community. It tells us that we are moving in the right direction, and sometimes we need to rethink. It’s so cool!

Timur So far, I’m completely successful. There was a save bug and it took a while to launch, but the players really understand us and help us. We’ve cleared most of the bugs in a week, 10 days after launch at the time of the interview, with 350 reviews and 80% positive ratings!

Early access went smoother than I had imagined, but there’s still a lot to do. Big updates are coming soon, so I don’t have time to rest.

――Are there any works that influenced this work? **

As I mentioned on Timur, I’ve always been interested in history. He plays historical games and often reads books on medieval battles and the manufacture of armor and weapons. This work is not true to history, but my passion for history is what triggered the development of this work.

――Are there any plans to support Japanese for this work? **

Daniil It’s just a word about how interested the Japanese community is. Voluntary translations are accepted, and we are also looking forward to hearing from individual translators for this work and other titles. Please email us here.

――Did the new coronavirus have any impact on development? **

The new Timur Corona had no impact on development. Everyone on the team is working remotely.

――Is it okay to distribute and monetize this work? **

Daniil Of course! We welcome any content that uses this work.

――Please give a final message to Japanese readers. **

Daniil I hope you’ve already enjoyed this game, and I’m very happy if you play it in the future! Thank you for reading this interview. Keep an eye out for Game * Spark as we’ll continue to post cool game interviews!

PS: Personally, I wish I could visit the wonderful country you live in next year!

Timur Thank you for your interest in our project and for reading this interview. Please look forward to Arthur’s success until the end!

–thank you very much. **

An NPD expert predicts that Xbox Series X and the PS5 will certainly not have an effect on sales of Nintendo Switch in 2020

Extra when it comes to a console suggests that it is made use of as an additional aspect in a person’s video game library as well as is not the only means to take in games on the current console market. The majority of Switch proprietors use hybrid as a method to capitalize on Nintendo Indie titles as well as products when taking a trip, while PS4 or Xbox One are used to play the best third-party games as well as various other console exclusives.

And also if the Xbox Series X of Microsoft as well as the PlayStation 5 of Sony will release the following generation of consoles in 2020, the numbers show a constant success for the crossbreed machine.

The Nintendo Switch has filled the void in between the business console and the pocket computers markets, making it a big success that can be used as a typical console or away from the HDMI cable and also the station D ‘welcome.

While the generation continues to progress and also less third celebration titles are able to make use of switch devices since it is outdated contrasted to the Xbox Series X as well as PS5, sales might start to fall due to the fact that the new video games will have much more To learn well and also the difference in between the next generation as well as the Switch versions of a title will certainly be a lot more visible. That will still not protect against people from using it to play games much less intensive graphically and also Nintendo titles.

According to an NPD Games expert, Floor covering Piscatella, an investigation by the firm shows that 40% of Switch proprietors in the USA likewise have one or the other two gaming consoles. As well as even thinking about the number of individuals interviewed in the Playerpulse survey, it has actually long been perceived that switch was made use of by most individuals as additional product if they play video games outside of Nintendo exclusives.

Generally, the figures show that the Nintendo darling will make sure at the very least up until 2020 and a lot of 2021, because it is made use of as a supplement as well as not as the cornerstone for a huge part of the players. However the more we go into the new years without switch pro or various other enhancement in the console, these sales numbers can start to fall.

Piscatella forecasts that the launch of brand-new generation tools will certainly have no significant impact on switch sales, as it will remain to be made use of by a lot of people that plan to get one of the new gaming consoles as an Additional part. It will certainly be indie andMariodevice as many claim, while the new gaming consoles will be utilized to playfifa 21 ,halo infinite , and also whatever the launch titles launched on PS5.

V Rising

7 ideas to bring your V Rising video games to the following level

** And what can you finish with that cash? You will certainly see just how helpful your departure is.

Finally, if that is close to you is a person that makes your life difficult, you can always outlaw it. Banuser or Bancharacter are the specific commands to throw it out of your departure.

V Rising has actually exceeded all expectations if we talk about the game at the minute. This Stunlock Studios vampires title has become whatvalheimwas before: a milestone for computer players; A hard journey, yes, however additionally fun and also refreshing-almost as long as drinking a fanta in summer season.

They already commented in Vidaxtra about Wilfred, one of the simplest managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. take care of journeys or fight in complicated fighting when the sun is at the leading .

Developing a labyrinthine system will certainly shield you, although it will certainly postpone the speed of your games. Of program, you will not be able to have a cooking area with newly made burgers or a fridge to the top of fantas of all tastes.

Whether you win as well as if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, rest and breathe, take out an icy fanta as well as stretch your fingers . In addition, you can constantly take advantage of this minute to get your favoredtreats and also go along with those drinks.

_ V Risingis a game stuffed with possibilities as well as tools. All of them are structured in 5 components and have different resistance worths to all the typical weak points of vampires: sun, garlic, fire, spiritual items and silver.

You will just have access to this new game.
It will certainly resemble a private server and also there will certainly be no one moreon the internet _.
All breakthroughs in Steam Cloud will certainly also be recorded, as if you played in a multiplayer game.
You see it, ** A marvel to calmly enjoy the game of the moment.

As well as it is that every season comes a release that marks new rules **.
Like Fanta, that every summer tosses new tastes, exclusive for that summertime season.
Do not miss out on the possibility or, if you favor, thrill with orange fanta and also original lemon or absolutely no as well as fanta watermelon without sugarcoated.

_ V RisingIt additionally gets complicated when you begin looking for a details resource as well as you invest a whole afternoon without locating it. Complying with the line of the previously mentionedvalheim _-although without such a huge map-it is very easy to obtain shed.


That is why we have actually prepared a set of tips, a type of guide for beginners so that you do not miss out on any one of the many opportunities that this habit forming multiplayer proposition offers. To endure you will certainly need blood, however likewise something else. Our little course supplies you fundamental suggestions to encounter fighting with enough assurances The rest, to stop as well as fill powers with the revitalizing collection of Fanta and also your favoredtreats, range from your account.

The secret is to know just how. And our wager is that you copy the castles of the real world: hidden entries, deluxes and area well concealed in trunks, far from the possible appearances of an intruder .

There is just one much better tool in the entire video game and that is moons . To get the latter it is crucial to have actually built in your castle the framework of the Athenaeum as well as have accomplished enough diagrams-in Silverlight’s hillsides.

They already commented in Vidaxtra regarding Wilfred, one of the most basic managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. Each gamer inv risingcan put up a great castle. And beware due to the fact thatv risingis likewise a command video game.V RisingIt also obtains made complex when you begin looking for a details source and you invest an entire afternoon without discovering it. Whether you win and if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, remainder as well as breathe, take out an icy fanta and also stretch your fingers .

The only excuse to hug the celebrity King as the just one ofDark Heartsis worn a shield at the elevation. At any kind of other time, you will certainly suffer his burns.

Register for the Rising NETWORK ON YOUTUBE .

And beware sincev risingis also a command game. The commands are like those encrypted messages that just your associates record. That very own language. And some commands are very helpful. Gaterallallies: you create it in the conversation and both you and your minions-sorry, allies-you will automatically relocate to the location where you have actually noted with the arrow. Therefore you can move with locations of light and remain in the shadows in a simple as well as without problem .

Each gamer inv risingcan put up an excellent castle. A number of. As well as they will determine your level of power: your castle can make you virtually unyielding. You can expand plants in your very own yard, sowing different kinds of seeds. You can boost the sidewalk, producing rock floors. And also you can put stairways and battlements.


Nexon plans to Release Great addition and class rebuild in MapleStory

We were staying still on the topic of MapleStory. The 2022 Nexon Developers Conference occurred yesterday, where MapleStory Universe was announced, i.e., a few games from this universe that connect.

The first choice will be MapleStory N, an MMORPG from this title, which will support blockchain technologies, where players can get items, turn them into NFT and trade them with other players. Items can be obtained by killing monsters or completing challenges.

Another project is to be a game called MOD N. Sandbox, in which players will be able to build mini-games using the content from MapleStory. The developers will use NFT previously obtained in MapleStory N or other. The whole thing is similar to Minecraft and Roblox, of course, with the addition of blockchain / NFT.

Great addition and class rebuild in Maple Story
Fans of Maple Story will be delighted, and massive updates are coming this summer with a lot of news.

The first part will be released on June 15 and titled Destiny: Remastered. All classes from the Explorers faction will be rebuilt with entirely new animations, improved skills, new story segments, and much more. Additionally, the Summer Event will kick off, and you will have a new accessory kit to earn. You can now take advantage of early registration and grab some goodies until June 13.

The second part of Destiny: Homecoming will come to the game on July 20 and bring a new Homestead feature, i.e., a house we can buy and decorate to our liking. This update will also bring a continuation of the storyline. This time, we will face Kalos at the top of the Unending Tower, and players will get new items from the Eternal series after defeating him.

When is the premiere? There is no such information at the moment, but if there is something new, we will inform you.

Open pop -up PC room for Xbox, Game Pass experience

Microsoft XBOX announced that it will open a pop-up PC room where you can experience PC GAME PASS for free in the optimal gaming environment.

The pop-up, which runs for about two weeks from the 10th (Fri) to the 26th (Sun), will be held at the Portal PC Room in Gangnam. Visitors can experience PC GAME PASS on high-performance PCs, play pre-installed popular titles, and enjoy various experiences through community events and Lenovo experience zones.

PC GAME PASS is a reasonable monthly subscription that allows you to play more than 100 high-quality PC games. XBOX has set up an offline pop-up PC room to introduce PC Game Pass and provide the best play experience to domestic gamers with high PC games. Furthermore, visitors will be able to continue the play experience by providing one month of PC Game Pass.

In addition, various community events will be held on Fridays and weekends when visitors gather. As the team’s death match of the shooting game Halo Infinite to the Forza Horizon and the Minecraft Dungeons, players can enjoy the game together.

In addition, Xbox parties to Lenovo’s premium PC brand Legion to provide visitors to play XBOX’s popular games and experience the powerful performance of Lenovo Legends PC.


Meanwhile, Xbox will be promoting a PC Game Pass for 1,000 won for three months in June. Users who subscribe to new PC GAME PASS can use the service at a discounted price, and can be used on PCs without any additional costs for new games that are updated from time to time, Xbox Game Studios titles, as well as popular EA titles.