V Rising

7 ideas to bring your V Rising video games to the following level

** And what can you finish with that cash? You will certainly see just how helpful your departure is.

Finally, if that is close to you is a person that makes your life difficult, you can always outlaw it. Banuser or Bancharacter are the specific commands to throw it out of your departure.

V Rising has actually exceeded all expectations if we talk about the game at the minute. This Stunlock Studios vampires title has become whatvalheimwas before: a milestone for computer players; A hard journey, yes, however additionally fun and also refreshing-almost as long as drinking a fanta in summer season.

They already commented in Vidaxtra about Wilfred, one of the simplest managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. take care of journeys or fight in complicated fighting when the sun is at the leading .

Developing a labyrinthine system will certainly shield you, although it will certainly postpone the speed of your games. Of program, you will not be able to have a cooking area with newly made burgers or a fridge to the top of fantas of all tastes.

Whether you win as well as if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, rest and breathe, take out an icy fanta as well as stretch your fingers . In addition, you can constantly take advantage of this minute to get your favoredtreats and also go along with those drinks.

_ V Risingis a game stuffed with possibilities as well as tools. All of them are structured in 5 components and have different resistance worths to all the typical weak points of vampires: sun, garlic, fire, spiritual items and silver.

You will just have access to this new game.
It will certainly resemble a private server and also there will certainly be no one moreon the internet _.
All breakthroughs in Steam Cloud will certainly also be recorded, as if you played in a multiplayer game.
You see it, ** A marvel to calmly enjoy the game of the moment.

As well as it is that every season comes a release that marks new rules **.
Like Fanta, that every summer tosses new tastes, exclusive for that summertime season.
Do not miss out on the possibility or, if you favor, thrill with orange fanta and also original lemon or absolutely no as well as fanta watermelon without sugarcoated.

_ V RisingIt additionally gets complicated when you begin looking for a details resource as well as you invest a whole afternoon without locating it. Complying with the line of the previously mentionedvalheim _-although without such a huge map-it is very easy to obtain shed.


That is why we have actually prepared a set of tips, a type of guide for beginners so that you do not miss out on any one of the many opportunities that this habit forming multiplayer proposition offers. To endure you will certainly need blood, however likewise something else. Our little course supplies you fundamental suggestions to encounter fighting with enough assurances The rest, to stop as well as fill powers with the revitalizing collection of Fanta and also your favoredtreats, range from your account.

The secret is to know just how. And our wager is that you copy the castles of the real world: hidden entries, deluxes and area well concealed in trunks, far from the possible appearances of an intruder .

There is just one much better tool in the entire video game and that is moons . To get the latter it is crucial to have actually built in your castle the framework of the Athenaeum as well as have accomplished enough diagrams-in Silverlight’s hillsides.

They already commented in Vidaxtra regarding Wilfred, one of the most basic managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. Each gamer inv risingcan put up a great castle. And beware due to the fact thatv risingis likewise a command video game.V RisingIt also obtains made complex when you begin looking for a details source and you invest an entire afternoon without discovering it. Whether you win and if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, remainder as well as breathe, take out an icy fanta and also stretch your fingers .

The only excuse to hug the celebrity King as the just one ofDark Heartsis worn a shield at the elevation. At any kind of other time, you will certainly suffer his burns.

Register for the Rising NETWORK ON YOUTUBE .

And beware sincev risingis also a command game. The commands are like those encrypted messages that just your associates record. That very own language. And some commands are very helpful. Gaterallallies: you create it in the conversation and both you and your minions-sorry, allies-you will automatically relocate to the location where you have actually noted with the arrow. Therefore you can move with locations of light and remain in the shadows in a simple as well as without problem .

Each gamer inv risingcan put up an excellent castle. A number of. As well as they will determine your level of power: your castle can make you virtually unyielding. You can expand plants in your very own yard, sowing different kinds of seeds. You can boost the sidewalk, producing rock floors. And also you can put stairways and battlements.


Nexon plans to Release Great addition and class rebuild in MapleStory

We were staying still on the topic of MapleStory. The 2022 Nexon Developers Conference occurred yesterday, where MapleStory Universe was announced, i.e., a few games from this universe that connect.

The first choice will be MapleStory N, an MMORPG from this title, which will support blockchain technologies, where players can get items, turn them into NFT and trade them with other players. Items can be obtained by killing monsters or completing challenges.

Another project is to be a game called MOD N. Sandbox, in which players will be able to build mini-games using the content from MapleStory. The developers will use NFT previously obtained in MapleStory N or other. The whole thing is similar to Minecraft and Roblox, of course, with the addition of blockchain / NFT.

Great addition and class rebuild in Maple Story
Fans of Maple Story will be delighted, and massive updates are coming this summer with a lot of news.

The first part will be released on June 15 and titled Destiny: Remastered. All classes from the Explorers faction will be rebuilt with entirely new animations, improved skills, new story segments, and much more. Additionally, the Summer Event will kick off, and you will have a new accessory kit to earn. You can now take advantage of early registration and grab some goodies until June 13.

The second part of Destiny: Homecoming will come to the game on July 20 and bring a new Homestead feature, i.e., a house we can buy and decorate to our liking. This update will also bring a continuation of the storyline. This time, we will face Kalos at the top of the Unending Tower, and players will get new items from the Eternal series after defeating him.

When is the premiere? There is no such information at the moment, but if there is something new, we will inform you.

Open pop -up PC room for Xbox, Game Pass experience

Microsoft XBOX announced that it will open a pop-up PC room where you can experience PC GAME PASS for free in the optimal gaming environment.

The pop-up, which runs for about two weeks from the 10th (Fri) to the 26th (Sun), will be held at the Portal PC Room in Gangnam. Visitors can experience PC GAME PASS on high-performance PCs, play pre-installed popular titles, and enjoy various experiences through community events and Lenovo experience zones.

PC GAME PASS is a reasonable monthly subscription that allows you to play more than 100 high-quality PC games. XBOX has set up an offline pop-up PC room to introduce PC Game Pass and provide the best play experience to domestic gamers with high PC games. Furthermore, visitors will be able to continue the play experience by providing one month of PC Game Pass.

In addition, various community events will be held on Fridays and weekends when visitors gather. As the team’s death match of the shooting game Halo Infinite to the Forza Horizon and the Minecraft Dungeons, players can enjoy the game together.

In addition, Xbox parties to Lenovo’s premium PC brand Legion to provide visitors to play XBOX’s popular games and experience the powerful performance of Lenovo Legends PC.


Meanwhile, Xbox will be promoting a PC Game Pass for 1,000 won for three months in June. Users who subscribe to new PC GAME PASS can use the service at a discounted price, and can be used on PCs without any additional costs for new games that are updated from time to time, Xbox Game Studios titles, as well as popular EA titles.

What is a horned? General characteristics and examples

The game industry is extensive and offers many games to choose from. Each game can usually be attributed to one or more genres, and one of the most popular genres is Roguelike. This can make you ask about what Roguelike-game is and what Roguelike means.

What does a horned?

The Roguelike genre and the games of this genre have much in common. Although not all games in the Roguelike genre will have these elements, they usually contain at least several or more variations of these . Here are some of the most common Roguelike mechanics.

  • Procedural generation/randomized
  • Various runs
  • The progress system
  • Permanent death/One life

Rogaliki games, as a rule, have one or more of these functions to add a depth reiglable to the game cycle. Players usually make a series of passages, often through randomized dungeons or levels, with a progression system that allows them to transfer something to the next run. Thus, players achieve progress and learn from their mistakes.

Best Credphouses

There are many rogalists to choose from, but below we have made a list of some of the best available rogalists. If you are interested in this genre, we recommend that you look at these games.

Sacrifice of Isaac

In The Binding of Isaac, locked in the basement of your mother, you fight with dangerous and bizarre enemies. It has accidentally generated dungeons , equipment, enemies and much more so that each race is unique. There are also many enemies, objects, bosses and classes, which increases reiglabia. The Binding of ISAAC is one of the most re-playing games in the Roguelike genre, which has many fans.

Enter the weapon

Enter The Gungeon inserts a bullet caterpillar hell of the dungeon . Choose from various unique characters and enter into an accidentally generated dungeon. Here you must dodge, rob and break through random enemies and bosses, collecting various weapons. Each race will improve your trigger finger and rotation ability until you can defeat the arms.


It is often called a spacecraft simulator, FTL or Faster than Light. Command with a spacecraft and spend it through a randomized galaxy. In each passage you may encounter various events, enemies and tests. As you learn from your mistakes and move further through the galaxy, you will open new ships and crew members, which, I hope, will succeed in your next attempt.


Hades explores the story of Zagre, the son of Aida and the Prince of the underground world. Ruby and cut make your way through the halls of the underworld, collecting powerful gifts, objects, artifacts and much more, trying to escape. You will also meet representatives of the Greek pantheon who will try to help the Zagrean escape. Each passage contributes to the narrative of Aida, and the Blazers and other characters make notes and comment on its actions.

kill the spire

Slay The Spire takes the Roguelike genre and adds a thrill deck construction . In each race you choose a character and try to go through a randomized series of tests in a spire. Along the way, you will collect cards and make your deck-these cards will become your attacks, protection and abilities. The cards that you collect, and the problems that you are faced with are randomly selected, which means that each run is unique.

To get additional information about games, read the section what every hellish hand does in Aida? And is Dungeons of Aether a sling? In professional game guides.

Will we see a Summer Game Fest VS E3 in 2023?

Although the game conferences still take place from Thursday (9), at 15:00, thanks to the Summer Game Fest, ESA, organizer of the famous E3, seems to have finished debating the sequence of its events for the following year. There will be an edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

ESA did not cancel the Electronic Entertainment Expo definitively, and those responsible for the event took the year 2022 as a vacation. What will happen to the Summer Game Fest with the event back, which is now considered the new E3?

E3’s big comeback in 2023
After simply canceling E3 2022 (one of the most significant gaming events in the entire world), ESA has clearly announced that it wants to think about the brand’s future, and this time, it is official unless a new outbreak hits the world, E3 2023. will take place as a physical event to be held in Los Angeles and a digital one, as usual. In any case, that’s what ESA President Stan Pierre-Louis claims in the Washington Post columns.

The cancellation of E3 in 2022 made all the attention turn to the Summer Game Fest, including jokes about it on the internet, such as The new non-E3 of 2022. We are sure that the event will return next year with much more preparation and organization.

As for the in-person event remains to be seen what the security protocols will be like, as we are not sure how the public health issue will be until the date of the event. The hybrid model can be an excellent play and an away ball.

Summer Game Fest 2022: a chaotic schedule
Many things can be criticized about the various editions of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but not their organization and broadcasting of conferences by the significant figures of the industry at fixed times (although the times are often very late for some regions of the globe).

While we wait to see how things play out in 2023, we’ll still have to deal with Geoff Keighley’s proposed Summer Game Fest, and despite three issues, things still seem slightly disorganized when it comes to event timings.

We knew the spotlight would all be on Summer Game Fest with E3 out of the game, but now that it promises to return, how will these two conferences be organized? Will the planning be at different times, or will we see E3 in competition with the SGF? The comparison of gamers between the two events is inevitable and is already happening in 2022, and it will likely become more intense next year.

Will the two events get into a rivalry, and will we see a kind of E3 Vs Summer Game Festival? Or will the organization of both events not get in the way of each other? It could be that the promotion of games becomes an issue between the two conferences, which will fight for the most controversial announcements.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal and SnowRunner are the highlights of the June Releases

Diablo Immortal and SnowRunner are the highlights among the releases of the week. The first brings the intense battles against hordes of enemies from Blizzard’s RPG franchise to mobile, while the second gets a free upgrade for the next generation. They are joined further by Souldiers, who had previously been delayed, Silt’s black-and-white dives, and Gigapocalypse’s giant, destructive creatures. Check out all about this week’s releases, such as their dates, prices, and platforms where they’re available, below.

Diablo Immortal – June 2 – And iOS and PC

The new chapter of the Diablo RPG saga had been initially announced only for mobile phones, but the producer Blizzard heard requests from players to release it on PC. Combat maintains the traditional style of the series, filled with action against hordes of enemies in search of weapons, armor, and experience points to get stronger. In Diablo Immortal, players fight the forces of Skarn, the Lord of Doom, and his demonic legions.

In all, the game offers six classes to choose from Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Arcanist, as well as a robust multiplayer MMO element for raids, with crossplay and cross-progression support across all platforms. Diablo Immortal is free for Android phones, iPhones ( iOS ), and PC via

SnowRunner – May 31 – PS5 and XBSX/S

This week, the famous truck simulator game that challenges players to deliver cargo across rugged terrain gets a version for PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The update will be free for users who already own the game and will support 4K graphics, a frame rate of 60 FPS and more. In addition to trucks, the game features other vehicles such as 4×4 jeeps and pickup trucks to cross terrain filled with mud, water, snow, and ice. The game also has cooperative multiplayer for up to four people with crossplay between all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, where it did not have the function.

Souldiers – June 2 – PS5, XBSX/S, PS4, XB, SW, and PC
Initially planned for May 19, Souldiers is now coming to consoles and PC after a slight delay. In the game, players control a group of soldiers who explore the afterlife in search of a way to return to the world of the living. The player can choose between three classes: Scout, Archer, and Caster, and venture into a title with a combat system inspired by Dark Souls and exploration with touches of Metroidvania. Souldiers is available on Nintendo Switch for $45.99.

Silt – June 1 – PS5, XBSX/S, PS4, XB, SW, and PC
In this black and white puzzle adventure game, players will step into the role of a scuba diver into an abyss at the bottom of the sea filled with mysteries to be discovered. The abyss still hides ancient secrets such as strange creatures, abandoned ruins, and hidden machines. The protagonist, who has a peculiar power to control underwater life, must use his skills to get out of difficult situations and solve puzzles. Silt is available on Nintendo Switch for $ 71.89.

Gigapocalypse – June 2 – PS4, XB, and SW
Already available on computers, the monster simulator Gigapocalypse now also comes to consoles, bringing many elements of destruction and chaos. Inspired by classic movies like Godzilla and King Kong, in Gigapocalypse, the player controls a giant monster, or a kaiju, as he devastates cities and fights against humans who try to stop him. Mutations will be available during the journey that can transform the monster and make it even stronger.

Digital Showcase 2022: Checklist of all occasions in June 2022

The upcoming Digital Showcase 2022 Events have prepared a great deal of new video games as well as surprises and also below you can see which events are waiting for you:

Top 10 Upcoming NEW Indie Games of June 2022

Furthermore, an EA Play Live has actually already been canceled this year. ThQ Nordic will certainly go to the start in August and for all occasions you will have the chance to be online right here on Collective Showcase to follow the stream and after that have a look at the recording. At the exact same time, we will certainly report on the latest announcements and also present you to all the trailers, news and much more.

Digital Showcase-June 2022

  • 01.06.2022-Warhammer Skulls Festival
  • 02.06.2022-Playstation: State of Play
  • 09.06.2022-Summer Video Game Feast
  • 10.06.2022-Netflix Geeked Week: Games
  • 10.06.2022-IGN Exposition
  • 10.06.2022-Tribeca Games Showcase
  • 11.06.2022-Guerilla Collective Showcase
  • 11.06.2022-Future Games Program
  • 12.06.2022-PC Player Show
  • 12.06.2022-Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase
  • 26.06.2022-Indie Games Connect 2022

Even without E3, June ends up being the gaming month of the year again!

An EA Play Live has actually already been canceled this year. ThQ Nordic will certainly be at the start in August and for all events you will have the possibility to be online here on Collective Showcase to adhere to the stream as well as after that take an appearance at the recording. At the exact same time, we will report on the latest news as well as present you to all the trailers, news and a lot a lot more.

Diablo Immortal

Blizzard talks about the facilitation of the Diablo Immortal will be a game for everyone

There are only a few days left until the premiere of Diablo Immortal (June 2, 19:00 Polish time), so Blizzard is doing its best to encourage as many people as possible to play.

The new article addresses the issue of accessibility, making Diablo Immortal a game for all types of players – even the super casual (Sunday) players who have never dealt with Massively Multiplayer Online before.

We want as many players as possible to experience the main elements of the game and, at the same time, build relationships with other Diablo fans.

It’s about things like:
Controller support and button function change
The free cursor for navigation in IU
Change the position of the skill buttons
Change the text size in the chat
Voice chat transcription

Can’t use voice chat?

No problem! Use voice chat transcription to turn team chat statements into written text. Voice chat transcription control accompanies the chat controls. So you can turn this option on or off as needed when you’re at a party.

Text-to-speech in chat
The speech generator will read incoming chat messages when text-to-speech is turned on. This feature will apply to player-enabled chat channels.

Speech to text
Most modern phones have built-in speech-to-text capabilities. We wanted to provide the same convenience to our PC players. This option can be turned on in the chat tab of the settings menu. After enabling it, a speech-to-text button will appear in the chat window, which will allow you to convert the spoken words into editable text and then send it to the selected chat channel.

Chatting beeps
Sound signals inform about important events related to other players, incl. About received messages, invitations to a team or raid, voice chat control, and sending voice information.

The brightness of the game world
A sanctuary can be a dark place. You can increase the visibility of its elements by changing the brightness level in the Display tab in the settings menu. We hope that additional options will soon be added to the game to allow you to set more contrast and are intended for people with color disorders.

V Rising

How to Create Grave Dust in V Rising?

V Rising Grave Dust (or Grave Dust or Grave Dust) is an item required to summon the Rotting Rat. It’s relatively easy to get if you have the right tools. See the different ways to craft and farm Grave Dust in V Rising.

First, let’s remember the Items to create/summon the Rotting Rat using the Plague Nest in your castle in V Rising:
Sepulchral Dust (6)
Fish Bone (3)
Twilight Snapper (1)

Use the Crusher to create Grave Dust.
One of the ways to create Grave Dust is using the Crusher. This building is essential to evolving the castle, so sooner or later, you will have to have one in your base. Use 100 Bones on the machine to earn 1 Tomb Powder.

Farming Grave Powder on the map and in the castle
Another option is to farm Grave Dust in areas on the V Rising Map or in your castle. On the map, look for areas that have Grave Dust among their loot. There you will find chests and enemies that drop the item.
If you want to Create Grave Dust yourself, make the Tomb buildings in your castle. Then use flowers on the Tombs to summon the undead. By defeating these zombies, you can earn Grave Dust.
To make it easier to farm flowers, create crops to use the various seeds you earn in V Rising. Do not discard any seeds, and always plant when possible.

Summoning the Rotting Rat
If you already have the other items, go to the Plague Nest in your castle and summon the Rotting Rat. Be careful to put in the right amount, as more mice will come if you put too many items in production.

The boss will be at level 30, and it is only necessary to kill one to gain the transformation from vampire to rat. With it, it is possible to camouflage through enemies, as the name tag does not appear while you are in the animal’s form.

V Rising

How to Find V Rising Twilight Snapper to Summon the Rotting Rat?

If you’re trying to summon the Rotting Rat, you’re probably already racking your brains over an item called Twilight Snapper. This fish does not appear quickly in lakes, and it is common to spend hours and hours trying to catch the Twilight Snapper. Here’s how to find the Twilight Snapper to fight the Rotting Rat and gain the rat transformation.

The Search for the Rotting Rat
Unlike other bosses, the Rotting Rat cannot be tracked by the Altar of Blood. Instead, it can only be summoned inside your castle using a Pest Nest recipe.

But before that, you have to defeat another boss: Rufus, the Taskmaster. You will only have access to the fishing rod, which is needed to fish the Twilight Snapper. The other items are much easier to pick up.

Fish Bone is achieved by using the various fish you will catch while trying the Twilight Snapper. Use them on the Crusher to get the bones. The Sepulchral Powder is obtained in specific areas, using 100 bones in the Crusher or farming the undead after summoning them using flowers in the Castle Tombs.

Recipe for summoning the Rotting Rat in V Rising Castle:
Sepulchral Dust (6)
Fish Bone (3)
Twilight Snapper (1)

How to fish for Twilight Snapper?
It’s straightforward and very complicated at the same time: the Twilight Snapper can be caught in any lake in the forest of V Rising. However, it is rare. It took us 1 hour of footage to find the fishing spots that appear randomly in the water to give you an idea.
Note that the other types of fish will also come in handy. You can use them in the Crusher to make Fish Bones, as we said above. So your time searching for Twilight Snapper won’t be entirely wasted.

It’s luck
Unfortunately, for now, there is nothing that suggests any ease in finding the Twilight Snapper. The drop seems to be 100% random. Issues such as location and time do not influence anything.
Use the rod in a lake in the region in search of tiny bubbles on the surface. Cast and wait for a splash and left click to catch your fish. After many attempts, you will get the Twilight Snapper.

Summoning the Rotting Rat
If you already have all the other items, go to the Plague Nest in your castle and use it to summon the Rotting Rat. Be careful to put in the right amount, as more mice will come if you put too many items in production.
The boss will come at level 30, and it is only necessary to kill one to gain the rat transformation. With it, you’ll be able to camouflage through enemies, as your name tag doesn’t appear while you’re in rodent form.