Is it worth playing Tower of Fantasy?

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild returned the greatness of open world games at 2017 , many companies have wanted to recreate their success by making their own adaptation. And this is because people want to spend hours and hours exploring large land and fulfilling missions of almost all kinds.

The clearest example of wanting to exploit this type of gameplay is genshin impact , only that carrying the experience by a somewhat different path (that of a free to play with micro payments), since the story was unlocked with time. Under this scheme he also arrived in China, Tower of Fantasy , a release that opted to go much further.

And now that we have tried it recently, we want to give our impressions after a few hours under control.

How do we get to this land full of mystery?

The story of Tower of Fantasy puts us on the feet of a character that does not have a name as is, since we can choose his name as well as his genre. Well, at the beginning they question us if we want the avatar to be male or female, and based on the decision these two boys will take separate roads.

What we are in the beginning is that the chosen character is persecuted by a kind of infected dogs, which apparently want to end the protagonist as it gives. Thus we arrive at a battle with one of those dogs that triples the size of their companions, seriously injuring who we have chosen.

This leads to an obvious fainting, because a purple substance has been impregnated, shortly after being unconscious, we discover two characters: Shirli and Zeke. Brothers who have saved his life to Avatar, have even protected him in the strength of the Astra region, one of the lands within the world of Aida.

An immense map to explore

As mentioned above, Tower of Fantasy is a JRPG video game with an open world, which we must meet different types of missions. These may include orders that are intended to upload the experience of our character or simply continue with the main story that developers prepared.

Within the map, we will handle our respective avatar, which we can customize after a few minutes of advancing in the plot, we can modify your hair, face, body and more attributes. To that we can add that you can equip clothes, which is obtained when you meet missions or making your respective purchase.

The main character’s skills set is quite complete, since it has a double jump, you can run, move in all directions, scale to style Breath of the Wild , and of course, use some jets to stay floating a moment in the air; These are basic movements of all contemporary open world.

However, Tower of Fantasy adds some more things so that you can feel with your own identity, so the character can use more extra artifacts such as a power that can move cubes as puzzle.

Something that distinguished genshin impact of other games is the use different characters, and Tower of Fantasy was not going to stay out with this, because we can use an option called simulation. This will allow us to change the aspect of our avatar to a totally different one, with their respective skills, weapons and others.

I liked that the mechanics of changing characters are present here too, but the way to make the change is quite long, since a menu must be accessed and then activated when avatar. Hopefully this long process for these days is changed in some way, this could be done with an update in which we can use a shorcut.

Dungeons can lead to greatness

Now that we review the basics regarding how the open world of Tower of Fantasy is composed, it is time to move on to something that a current open world title should not miss. This is the exploration of sanctuaries or dungeons in the purest Zelda style: Breath of the Wild, but with challenges that Genshin Impact reminds above all.

In these places we must walk linearly to release it and obtain rewards, but not everything will be simple, since we will find different enemies that will obstruct us to entry. There are also simple puzzles that we must decipher to continue advancing, they are included from acting levers to moving blocks in different directions.

In addition, you have to make the use of jumps somewhat more practical, with cliffs that require fair movements such as jumps to somewhat distant platforms. It is worth commenting, that we cannot climb or use the propeller here to fall slowly, so using basic skills is necessary to survive.

Finishing the Dungoons will give us good rewards, with hidden chests that carry special materials to continue forging our weapons, as well as some others to create equipment and clothes. To this are added special crystals that can be exchanged for orbs that give us the right to a shot in the Gachapon.

The difficulty of the game was looking very simplistic to this the encounter with the Dungeon bosses, so I totally recommend entering these ruins to have a much greater challenge. There are also bosses in certain parts of the map, and as with those of Dungoons, they will be a great obstacle, unless you take a group of friends in the multiplayer online ending them within a few minutes.

In general, character controls and menus are quite comfortable, but there is a problem for those who use a control to play, because as the experience focuses a lot on the PC and mobiles, it will be necessary to use the mouse and keyboard from time to time To access certain options. Something that Genshin Impact has already perfected in its mapping.

Similarly, you can only use an Xbox command that is detected immediately by the operating system, so if you want to use PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, you must use some program that emulates Microsoft control.

just like playing an anime

The graphic part of Tower of Fantasy is one of the most striking aspects of the video game, as well as Genshin Impact, the characters designs are focused 100% in the anime style. Some feel somewhat generic, others with more personality, in the end it will be a matter of taste for players.

I must emphasize that here I detected a very punctual failure, because in the kinematics the main or secondary avatars do not present any kind of expressions on the faces. So it shows that developers did not give so much importance to those details, that is not novelty in the world of the Gacha and as a suggestion, they should work more.

As for the world, it is very well detailed, with a lot of vegetation, designs of interesting enemies where I can highlight the bosses that look like giant machines. Of course, some mountain textures do not convince at all, but there are not so many failures if you do not carefully look for each section of the land.

Of course, there are failures like the occasional Popping out of nowhere in terms of objects and enemies. Although this could be a little more technical issues. Well, if you have a moderately good PC team, it could run to decent graphics and at least 60 pictures per second, but they can be lowered or increased according to your budget.

may be the worthy opponent that Genshin Impact needs

In conclusion, Tower of Fantasy tries to do everything that other gender titles but putting their own style, even adding mechanics that are not found to differentiate themselves even more. This does not mean that it will be the fifth wonder as soon as it is available, but it is possible that users will gradually win.

It has a solid gameplay that many will like for its degree of simplicity, in addition, it carries with them many history and secondary missions so that the public is lost in the Great Map of Aida for a considerable amount of hours. Of course, for those not accustomed to gender, they could end up tired in a few minutes.

In general, Tower of Fantasy is betting on becoming the final open world game, something that has not achieved for now, but it shows that the effort that is behind. Let’s not forget that at some point it will be necessary to make micropagos yes or yes to avoid hours of Grinding when trying to unlock rewards.

Remember that next August 10 on PC and mobiles.

Banner Cookies Shinobu in Genshin Impact received a start date

The developers of the cross-platform ARPG Genshin Impact from the company Hoyoverse reported the date of launch of the banner of the Kunoichi Kuki Shinobu and the second phase of renewal and update 2.7.

The raran of the banner of the Ara Ato, which will be part of the 4-star kunoichi kuki shinobu, will be held from June 21 to July 12. At the same time, the test race event will be available, where heroes can be tested. For those players who want to know the shinobus better, from June 21 a meeting with a heroine will be available. To take part in the latter, 40 adventure level will be required.


Along with this, the second part of the plot quest of Ara Ato and some other content that can be occupied will be opened.

Wuthering Waves developers showed the protagonists of their response to Genshin Impact

The developers of a large-scale Arpg with the open world of Wuthering Waves from the Kuro Game studio, which you can know from Punishing: Gray Raven, showed protagonists of their new project. The game, like Genshin Impact, will have a choice between the two main characters of the female and male, which are armed with one-handed swords. We have no information about whether the equipment of other types of weapons (as in Tower of Fantasy) is not yet. You can familiarize yourself with the appearance of the heroes below.

ARPG WUTHERING WAVES will offer players an open world with a high degree of freedom and a rich plot content. At the moment, the game is at the stage of active development, and therefore we do not have other information about the project.