Soul Hackers 2 is exposed in a brand-new video clip

In the enormity of electronic data, human ideas have actually collected to appear Aion, a completely digital entity. The latter, by observing humankind from afar, calculates that completion of the world is closer than ever before. She then decides to produce two representatives, Ringo as well as Fig, to attempt to quit the catastrophe that is quick approaching.


In a world bathed in the light of the neon, human beings lead a presence which leads them right to their loss. The countless technological advancements having required humanity to submit to material convenience. In the shadows, nonetheless, a war between yatagarasu and ghost culture is impending, in the greatest of tricks.


While the launch ofsoul Hackers 2is scheduled for August 26, 2022, Atlus unveils a little a lot more on the circumstance of his video game in a brand-new trailer entitled Destinns mixed. The various personalities as well as their linked stories are discussed there.

Features of Soul Hackers 2

Gigagi, make it with AI human… Commercialization of kiosk within the year

It has been the direction of companies that can make artificial intelligence (AI) smart, but it’s important to see how natural it can be made in recent years. In particular, many companies are in a hurry to develop the AI, and in the current situation, differentiated AI technologies are urgently needed.

To solve this, KT is developing Gigini AI Human in partnership with Deepbrain AI. Gigini AI Human is a virtual human solution that can communicate in real time. KT plans to put a voice and voice of Deepbrain AI’s avatar on its AI technology.

On the 13th, at the Deepbrain AI office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, he met with Jang Se-young, CEO of Deep Brain AI, Kyung-Soo Chung, Secretary of State, KT AI Team, and Roh Jin-woo, head of KT AI Inside Business Team.

■ It is in specialized fields such as media and education.

KT plans to advance the Gigani service with the AI human technology of Deepbrain AI and introduce it to professional fields such as media, education, finance, and commerce.

Noh Jin-woo said, KT’s Gigani has the advantage of having a screen. We have collaborated with the introduction of Human technology of Deepbrain AI with Gigini and delivering various expertise.

We ultimately wants to create AI that can be natural even in real time, beyond simply implementing interactive AI.

CEO Jang Se-young said, There is a sound that only people who are not robots can give. I want to realize the sound that only people can give.

Recently, there is a controversy over the ‘Uncanny Valley’ for virtual humans, but KT and Deepbrain AI developed by AI AI Human, even beyond it. When I experienced AI Human on this day, I was not impressed that it was unpleasant because it was no different from people.

Jang explained, AI Human can make it similar to people.

■ All ages are AI Human estimated demands

KT and Deep Brain AI are planning to see how Gigajini AI Human will make. If you are a Human, which is supplied to a company, you can supplied the gender, age, and appearance that the operator wants, but the requirements are different in general families.

Chung Kyung-soo said he is also thinking about providing various options to solve this problem. We are sharing various ideas such as options that offer multiple AI human avatars at the same time, he explained.

Although the existing AI has been limited to relatively young people, Gigani AI Human is considered to be used for all ages.

Jang said, In the case of the younger generation, AI Human can also be provided in a way that recommends fashion. The method of making the production is also in consideration.

■ AI human being used for bank counseling and memorial

Already in various places, AI Human of Deepbrain AI is being used. The representative use of the financial sector is the financial sector. When the first AI banker was introduced last year, it was not a long time to do it, but now it has improved more through continued development.

In particular, AI Human is being used as a service for foreigners within the financial sector.

We have developed an AI banker who can speak Chinese and introduced them to banks. The pace of work processing has increased significantly in the tablet and explaining the opening of accounts in Chinese. Currently, Kiosk, which is applied with Gigini AI Human, is also developing and commercialized within the year.

Deepbrain AI also launched a remembers to commemorate those who passed away last month. Rememory begins with scenarios of various episodes and stories that have occurred in individual lives through a preliminary interview and learning in AI. Afterwards, a professional studio collects video and voice data for virtual human creation through about 3 hours of shooting.

AI Human is also supplied to public institutions. Deep Brain AI is currently delivering and guiding AI Human to Seoul City Hall and discussing with other local governments. KT also announced plans to target the public market through AI Human in the future.

Chung said, Gigani AI Human will be able to deliver to various operators, including public institutions.


Lastly, KT announced plans to complete a huge AI ecosystem by increasing collaboration with startups in various fields in the future.

Chung said, We are collaborating with various startups in the AI team, which is currently centered on KT, and we will add more in the future. I will promote the KT Digico business.

New world

“Daiing Light 2” Paid Story DLCs 1st release postponed -For the time being, free content including photo mode will be added

Techland has stated that the opening of the paid story will be postponed to September for the opening of the paid story about the open world zon beet “ Daiing Light 2 Stay Human (Dying Light 2: Stay Human)”.

This work is a sequel to the Open World Zon Virection “Daiing Light”, which is famous for its long -term new content. Techland announced that it would guarantee at least five years of content from the release without breaking its posture, and released a roadmap a few months after its release.

However, there are many voices calling for “New Game +” mode, photo mode, and CO-OP improvement immediately after the release. These developments were given priority to answer the needs of enthusiastic players, and at the end of April, updates 1.3.0, including “New Game +”, were held. From June to August, the first game chapter “IN THE FOTSTEPS OF A NIGHTRUNNER”, which includes new missions, rewards, and enemies, is scheduled to be distributed free of charge.

On the other hand, due to the above history, it has been different from the original roadmap, so it takes time to develop the first paid story additional DLC that was scheduled to be distributed in June. To He explained that it is currently being developed in September to deliver more sophisticated things.

In addition, the contents of the first DLC DLC with the “Daiing Light 2” paid story are that they can be played without clearing the main story, and the story outside “Villedo” is drawn, and some options are drawn. It is said that it will be a story that exists.