Lunistic: cute platform adventure with Pone

Imagine that Sega would play a new Sonic game in 2022 – but just for Saturn! The relaxed 3D Hüter Lunistic captures this spirit-with a gross polygon look in a charming 32-bit style.

ROBLOX FOXLANDIA - The Mysterious Lands - Fox Animal Game
Developer A Grumpy Fox is doing a thing with Deck 13S Indie Initiative Spotlight-the 3D platform Lunistic should already take you into a retro-armant Jump’n’Run country in September. The Tanuki lady Hana jumps and fights over the moon in seven different dreams. And of course that awakens memories of the never appeared 32-bit sonics, Spyro and Croc, pandemonium and a little bit of nights into dreams.

With visible pixelated edges, coarse polygons and bright colors. On the one hand, Lunistic wants to offer a relaxed gaming experience, but also deliver a speedrun mode for ambitious hops. Because the game idea was created from a challenge from A Grumpy Fox, developers and publishers want to make the entire process as transparent as possible to sale – so that other potential playmakers get valuable insights. Sales figures, marketing strategies, discounts and their effects should be shared transparently via Twitter & Co.

Become curious? Then take a minute time to look at the trailer below. Or a few seconds for a click in the picture gallery.

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