Exclamation mark Alba Berlin defeats top team Fenerbahce

For Alba it was 6176 spectators of the first victory in the third game of the Euroleague. Best Berliner Werfer were Oscar da Silva with 22 and Maodo Lo with 21 points.

Trainer Israel Gonzalez continued to deal with the injured Quartet Johannes Thiemann, Ben Lammers, Christ Koumadje and Marcus Eriksson. Alba played again without real center. And even in the audience, the numerous fenerbahce followers first dominated the game. The favorite of Istanbul did hard.

Alba defended very committed and left little, could take the middle of the first quarter even for the first time at 13:11. But the German most of the most did not feel very heavy, found no wormhythm and awarded many simple throws. So the Turks could settle successively. Just before the break it became two digits for the first time (25:35).

The Berliners then came with momentum from the cabin and picked up the lead after a 15: 2 run. Alba agreed to agitate now much more effectively and remained defensively attentive. Almost six minutes before the end, the lead was two-digit for the first time (69:58). And that could not take Alba to the end.

Alba Berlin – Fenerbahce Istanbul 84:70 (27:35)

Best Werfer for Berlin: Da Silva (22), Lo (21), Sikma (13)
Best throwers for Istanbul: de Colo (15), Duverioglu (12)
Viewers: 6176