Why does Danuri go back to four months for 3-4 days

The distance from Earth to the moon is about 380,000 km. Apollo 11 arrived in the moon in the Saturn V rocket in 1969.


Danuri, on the other hand, turns around 5.95 million km for four and a half months and goes to the moon. Why did Danuri in the 21st century chose to go around so far?

Danuri moves to the moon by Ballistic Lunar Transfer (BLT). Separate the propulsion from the projectile and move through the moon and the earth to the sun. After going to the Laglang tavern, where the gravity of the sun and the earth is balanced, the orbital is orbited in the direction of the earth. At this time, thanks to the gravity of the earth, acceleration can be easily obtained.

In this way, the track will be modified and about 54 days after the launch, it goes to the point of 1.55 million km from the earth. Afterwards, the Earth gravity will be used to move to the moon orbit, and in mid-December, it will be used to enter the moon orbit.

Another way other than the BLT is a phase transition method that gradually enters the moon track, gradually entering the moon orbit, with a long elliptical orbit near the direct transition and near Earth.

Incident missions, such as the Apollo plan, chose to transfer directly to reduce the time as much as humans exposed to harmful space environments. However, the fuel consumption is high because it is necessary to reverse the moon gravity after entering the moon orbit.

Phase transition takes about one month to enter the moon track. During this period, you can check whether the main parts are working normal, and if you have a problem, you can get time to modify. So Japan and India used this method when they first explored the moon. Korea originally chose this method.

However, the situation changed when the US NASA requested their permanent shades of cameras (shadow cam). As a result, the weight of Danuri increased from 550 kg to 678 kg.

In consideration of the size, weight, and performance of the satellite and the board, Hang Woo-yeon decided to change the navigation method by the BLT method, which has a longer operation period instead of reducing fuel. BLT can reduce fuel consumption by 25% compared to other methods.

Instead, the movement of the probe should be precisely controlled. Even if you move a little wrong, you can get out of the target trajectory. Hang Woo-yeon plans to modify Danuri’s trajectory up to nine times.

By accepting the US proposal and adopting the BLT method, Korea has been provided with space data from NASA, collaborated with the United States, and gains know-how related to space development. It was also helped by the United States for the BLT trajectory design.

We have a lot of areas to cooperate with Korea in the future. We hope that Korea will be able to exercise its capabilities while developing Danuri. I look forward to cooperation in.

Wow Drift The First International Convention Horizon Cup Open 13 days

Riot Games says League of Legend: Wild Lift (Wildlife) E-Sports International Convention Horizon Cup, which is a Mobile Game, which utilizes League of Legend IP.

Wild lifts released earlier this year have been in the e-sports league in many areas. In Korea, Korea and China in Korea were unfolded in Korea and China, and in September, the Domestic League was held in the name of Week Lift Champions Korea (CHK) and gathered great interest. In addition to Korea, the competition was held in many regions such as China, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America and Japan, and the first international e-sports competition is the first international e-sports competition.

Wildlife The first time the International E Sports Competition Horizon Cup will be held at the Hunter Convention Center located in Singapore from November 13 to 21. All 10 teams participate in the Horizon Cup. WC WCKNETTO s TSM, Brazil, TSM, China s Dunno Gaming and Thunder Torque Gaming, EMEA Dunno, Japan s Representative Senior Gaming, Latin America s Eve Gaming, North America s tribe gaming, Southeast Asia s SBC E sports and team secret are participated.

Joining the group for group stages, which will proceed from 13th to 17th, was finished. China and Southeast Asia participated by two teams were assigned to one team in Joe and B. As a result, Korea Representative Robuster Y was achieved Brazil TSM, China Dun fun Gaming, North American Tribe Gaming, and Southeast Asia SBC E Sports. The opposite P (B), China s Thunder Talk Gaming, EMEA s Team Quorum, Japan s Singeing Gaming, Latin America s Eve Gaming, and Team Secretary of Southeast Asia.

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Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH

With starting the opening of the opening, the Group Stage, which will be held for 5 days, once, once, once, the teams were created once. Each game will proceed to 3 pre-two leaders, and the top three teams of each Joe enter the tournament stage. Group Stage A and B No. B No. B No. B No. B of Group B are put into hand with four-river direct tickets, and the second and third place of each Joe and the third place in the third place, and the second place for the third place and 2nd place. The two teams who won here will enter the fourth round, A and Group B for the first place in B. In the 21st, the two teams who won the fourth round of the fourth leadership.

The Group Stage, which will proceed from November 13 to 17, the game begins at 7:00 pm, and the fourth round held on the 19th, and the fourth round on the 20th are also started at the same time. The final finals that open on the 21st will begin at 9 pm. Robuster Y begins to be quenched to win the SBC E Sports and the first game on the second day of the Group Stage.

Wildlife The first time the International E Sports Competition, the Horizon Cup, is broadcast through Twitch, YouTube, Africa TV and Never e-sports.