LOL Worlds 2021 The beating of Damwon to Funplus Phoenix is explained with two details

Doodle Champion Island Games is a 2021 role-playing browser video game developed by Google in partnership with Studio 4 ° C. The video game acted as an interactive Google Doodle in party of the 2020 Summer season Olympics and also 2020 Summer Paralympics along with Japanese mythology and society. The tale adheres to Lucky the Cat as she competes in sporting activity events throughout Champion Island to become the champion of the island, whilst completing numerous side quests such as helping people who are in requirement. The Doodle was eliminated on 6 September 2021 by Google yet can still be played in Google Doodle archives.
The game features seven different mini-games themed around sports that appeared at the Olympics, consisting of table tennis, skate boarding, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, sport climbing, and also marathon.The worlds have already started. We do not talk about that pre-Play-In phase that has served to complete the final groups, but precisely from said groups. The best teams of the global League of Legends are already on the crack of the invoker, as the opening match is demonstrated. We are talking about anything else and nothing less than a Damwon Kia against Funplus Phoenix. The last two champions of the world of League of Legends opened the competition.

Although the beating was sovereign and there are many aspects of the game that fell on the side of the LCK representatives, we would like to stop around two specific issues that talk about how to be a world champion of League of Legends, it is also a matter of details.

Showmaker with long sword and conqueror

These worlds will be really important for Showmaker. The Korean Midlaner arrives as the current world champion and will have in the tournament other legends of the position of him as Doinb, Caps, Perkz… and Faker. Although it is already facing him every certain weeks at the South Korean Lck, the Worlds are the land of the Unkillable Demon King.

The first game of him was against Doinb and that of him FPX, an important touch stone to know the level of the Damwon Midlaner… and the reality is that he has surpassed the compatriot of He solvency. His Leblanc obliged Gallio from the first minute and gala of a backpack full of resources.

The first shopping of Showmaker has been the one of a sword Long, the basic object of attack damage. Despite being a champion based on ability, the Korean Midlaner took advantage of the highest rank of attack of his character to harass Gallio. But in addition to this, he used as a key Runa conqueror (and not usual electrocute). Thanks to the sustained damage, he was able to generate accumulations and generating a large amount of AP despite having started buying AD.

Canyon gives reason to the community

A few days ago we talked about as a community player made an allegation in favor of the Pilar de Trundle, a skill he considered the best of all the game. Well, it seems that Canyon, one of the best players of League of Legends on the planet, could well agree.

Damwon Kia s jungle was responsible for several plays that can be overlooked, but that the expert eye appreciates. We refer to the use of the Trundle Pillar to stop channeling skills ; As for example, heroic gallium entrance. If it is used right at the foot of a champion, this is raised through the air for a few tenths of second… enough to cancel this type of skills.

A detail of crack that makes us see the difference between any players and a whole world champion of League of Legends.

Foto de lol esports.

What is the best game this year 2021 Games

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Korean game target awards ceremony to cover the best games that shine in 2021 year a month. This year, it is not easy for a lot of games to show a lot of games of gamers.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sponsored by the Korean Games Industry Association, will be held on November 17, the opening ceremony of the Korean Gama Damage Awards.

The reception was the 15th of the month of the month, and among the last 19 days of technology and creative examination. The primary examination is 20 days and the second examination is scheduled for November 16th before the awards ceremony.

In the case of a primary examination, the audit committee examination is selected for 2 to 3 times the award, and the second examination will determine the winner by summing up 60% of the judges, 20% of the voting of the vote, 20% of the vote. Online voting will be held from November 1 to 8.

The exhibition is not disclosed on the outside yet, but it is possible to have an inference. The Cultural Physical Education Tourism Department, and Korea Content Promotion Agency, the awarded by the Award and 2H, is automatically registered as a game target candidate.

As a result, the game that is currently the game targets for the game is the game for the candidate ▲ Grander (Enpell) ▲ Seven Knights 2 (Netmar Balx) ▲ Mir 4 (WMADE NEXT) ▲ Cookie Run: Kingdom (Devs Sisters King) ▲ ODA: Fallen Lijing (Lion Heart) Studio) ▲ The second country: Cross World (Netmarble Neo) ▲ Playful (harmful) ▲ 8 species to Globe (Air Cap).

Lion Heart Studio is developed and Cacao Games is served by Cacao Games: Balmari Rising is released in the end of June, and it is a box office that won the first place in the first place in the first place in Korea. Based on Nordic myths, Odin has entered the development, including introducing the mainly used motion capture technology for console games. In particular, Kim Jae-young, who won the game target with Blade in 2014, is concerned about the game targets for the game.

In Netmarble camp, I posted two games up to the second country and Seven Knights 2 in the candidate. Dual 2nd country: Cross World is a large-scale multi-adoption role, which is developed by Netmarble Neo, which is renowned for Lineage 2 Revolution . Level Five and Studio Zebra collaborated Fantasy RPG Ninokuni to Mobile RPG, the second country that has been reinterpreting two worlds to bring two worlds.

Mir 4, which is a newly launched Mir 4, is also in charge of domestic, but it is attracting attention to remarkable achievements in overseas markets. We have been assessed that you have combined the blockchain technology and settled the so-called Play to Earn model to play and revenue.

Cookie runs in DEV Sisters Service: Kingdom is a hybrid-form game that is used to collect RPG and SNG with Cookie Run IP. MMORPG is a new genre game on the domestic market and has succeeded in the box office. Recently, in Japan and the United States, are attracting attention and receiving attention.

Grandera developed by Enpellel is a game that started the official service of January this year and announced the beginning of 2021. It is characterized by a variety of fun, such as a vast worldview, attractive character, a key collection element of the game, and a variety of enjoyment.

On the other hand, NCsoft, which released Trickster M , Blade & Soul 2 this year, was confirmed that they have not exhibited these games on the game. The company has not been to the game targets for Lineage M and Lineage 2M .