Ubisoft Delist Might & Magic X after closing DRM

When announced for the first time in April that Aubisoft would close the servers of his RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy 2014, we would never have guessed that it would make the game completely unplayable. Now, however, it seems that rather than working to solve the problem, Ubisoft (at least for the moment) doubles its position, completely removing Might & Magic X from Steam.

Might & Magic X: Legacy is the continuation of the classic series Might & Magic, which started with Might & Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum in 1986. Since then, Science Fiction/Fantasy World of Might & Magic was restarted in a more traditional fantastic rate unrelated to previous games in the titles of 2006 Heroes of Might & Magic V and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. There were 10 full years between the release of Might & Magic IX and X, and because of the restart, Might & Magic X serves heroes of Might & Magic VI. While Might & Magic X received fairly mixed criticism at launch, most criticisms agreed that it was a faithful representation of the classic RPGs that preceded it.

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The problems started when Aubisoft closed Might & Magic X online servers at the start of this month. The end of these servers has led to serious DRM problems for Might & Magic X, preventing players from progressing beyond act 1. In a declaration to PC Gamer Magazine, a Ubisoft representative said they were “aware and investigated the problems reported”. Now, however, it seems that the investigation can take a little more time than expected – Might & Magic X has been fully deleted from the Steam store, the “Add to the basket” button replaced by a note saying “* notice: * At the request of the publisher, Might & Magic X – Legacy is no longer available for sale on Steam.

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