Netmarble invested 9.4 billion won in Annie Studio, IP competitiveness

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young -sik, Do Ki -wook) invested about 9.4 billion won in the animation studio Million Bolt.

Netmarble has given priority to the game development and service authority for the new animation ‘Hero Books’ IP, which is being prepared in the Million Bolt, and the priority of the game of all projects produced by Million Bolt.

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Hero Books Trailer
Million Bolt is an animation studio founded in December 2018 by the director and the crew, who produced the Non-Verbal comedy animation ‘Lava’ series, which has become very popular all over the world. Million Bolt is preparing a number of animation works, including Hero Books, based on production capabilities.

‘Hero Books’ is produced as a global public goal of the year as an action hero comedy genre animation with the concept of the comic book’s main character (hero).

Netmarble said, “As Netmarble expressed its willingness to be a strong IP company in NTP in January, this investment is to strengthen global competitiveness by securing Million Bolt’s excellent IP.” We will be able to showcase differentiated games. ”

Dunpa Mobile, the first day of release, achieved 1 million users

Nexon’s ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ released its own record of the first day of the first day of the launch.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was ranked first in Apple App Store sales in 5 hours from 8:00 am on the 24th. Dictionary downloads 12 million cases, Dictionary characters generated by 1100 million users, and the number of users who have accessed the game on the day of launch is 1 million.

This is the largest number of the first day of the mobile game released by Nexon.

Google Play and Apple App Store The popularity of popularity is to sweep the summit, and the explosive popularity is to be exploded, and it has also been to record 4.6 Google Play rating and a high assessment of stable service environment and game performance. After the release, we are taking a pleasant server environment without checking the present.

“The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard,” said Nexon Lee, said, “The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard has given a great impression and pride to all of his employees,” he said, “I am thankful to the high interest and support of the high interest and support that I have shown, and to provide stable service I will spend. “

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that has been a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that is a manual manipulation, which was a ‘action pleasure’ and enjoyed a manual manipulation in the past entertainment room, and a journey of adventurers on the Arad continent that the beautiful legend and miserable war coexist.

Meanwhile, the Dungeon & Fighter, which was released in August 2005, is 850 million cumulative users, 5 million in China simultaneous users, and 5 million in China, and $ 18 billion, It is a work that is reported a game as a representative culture contents of Korea as a record of Korea.

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Detailed information on Dungeon & Fighter mobile can be found through the official website.

Remedy takes stock over a year 2021 busy

Remedy Entertainment has published its results for the whole year 2021 and takes stock of its various projects in progress.

Remedy closed the year 2021 on positive results, marked by a turnover and rising profits. The studio first benefited from the launch of Control Ultimate Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series at the beginning of the year and then from the exit of Alan Wake Remastered In October, a clearance game entirely financed by EPIC Games in exchange for half of the recipes, but whose welcome seems to have been rather shy since the game has not yet been profitable.


This year has also allowed to see more clearly in the many projects of the Finnish studio. Strong time of the year, Alan Wake 2 has been officially announced for an exit in 2023, always at Epic Games Publishing that supports all production and marketing costs. The development of the game is currently undergoing its exit next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Epic Games Store.

Results of Remedy

Period Turnover Operational Profit Net profit
January 2020 – December 2020 41.0 million euros 13.2 million euros 10.3 million euros
January 2021 – December 2021 44.7 million euros 14.7 million euros 10.7 million euros

At the same time, Remedy signed with 505 games for a spin off multiplayer cooperative control (code name Condor ) and a smarger control game (code name HERON ) that are still in the preparatory phases for their production. Remedy also signed an agreement with Tencent for a house cooperative multiplayer game, code name Vanguard . Again, the project is in a so-called “proof of concept” phase and its development is still embryonic. So many projects that justify the creation of a new Studio based in Stockholm whose opening will take place this year.

“_In 2022, we will continue to invest in our staff and technology to support our game projects while going to the next steps of their development. Although these investments can have a short-term negative effect on profitability, they will allow large play launches between 2023 and 2025 and are essential to stimulate the growth of turnover and benefits in the future, “says Remedy, for whom the exercise 2022 should be more calm and focused on the development of its Four projects.

Nintendo Will Make 20 Fewer Switch Consoles Than Expected Via March

If you thought getting a Nintendo Switch was difficult over this previous year, that test is not going to slow down anytime soon.

That s since Nintendo will certainly be making 20% fewer Switch consoles than anticipated with March, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. The 20% decrease equates to about 6 million fewer Switch consoles, as Nintendo initially prepared to produce and deliver 30 million Switch systems by March. Nikkei Asia reports that the organized number has actually been lowered to 24 million.

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As you could expect, the reason for this decrease in manufacturing is chips, or instead, the continuous scarcity of chips. The same chip scarcity that has actually made buying video cards, brand-new lorries, PlayStation fives, and also Xbox Collection X/S gaming consoles coincides lack influencing Nintendo.

We are evaluating their [part lacks] effect on our production, a Nintendo agent informed Nikkei Asia.

In spite of this lowered target number, demand for the Switch remains high. Actually, if the production had the ability to meet this need, there s an excellent possibility Nintendo would have struck its 30 million target number. According to Nikkei Asia, the recurring supply crunch has left Switch with a 37% loss in sales to 214,000 units in September from a year back, marking the third straight month of year-on-year decreases, a stat the publication learned from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu.

Nintendo s initial goal was to offer 25.5 million units in the 2021 fiscal year that finishes following March, today that number doesn t seem likely. However, the Switch is nearing 100 million units marketed, having actually marketed an overall of 89 million since the Switch s release back in March of 2017.

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