Pazdora Nintendo Switch version of 100 yen sale starts

GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a summer sale of Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition on August 1st. During the period until August 27, a game with a regular price of 500 yen is sold for 100 yen.

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition is one of the Pazdora series released in February this year. While solving a puzzle that connects three or more drops of the same color, it follows a smartphone version of the game system that goes through the dungeon. In this work, there are adventure mode that captures a variety of dungeons, competition mode that fights other players online, or offline, and edit mode that can freely make and upload dungeons. There are some ways to play.

This work is Transcendence Update on July 14, and the number of dungeons in the adventure mode is doubled or a large number of achievements that can turn gacha for free are added, so it is easy to play with the game. It has been modified. Students who entered the summer vacation would have spent more time than usual. Now that it is easy to get with the special price of 100 yen, why not try Pazdora, which has increased the number of elements.

At the same time as this sale, the transcendental edit mode contest using edit mode has also started. The dungeon selected for the highest award will be implemented in the smartphone version of the new evolution of the dungeon based on the work and the boss monster set in the dungeon. In addition, the winning award is 9000 yen-worth of Nintendo Paid Cards, and participation prizes are also available for smartphone players. For smartphone players who have Nintendo Switch but are not playing, this contest and sale will be a good opportunity to play.


In addition, it will be implemented on the smartphone version of the work that won the highest award in the Edit Mode Contest held in April. I want you to check this out and connect the ideas of the transcendental edit mode contest.

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition is on sale for Nintendo Switch for 100 yen from today to August 27. The application period for the transcendental edit contest will be until August 31st. If you are planning to participate, please check the announcement on the official website once again and be careful not to forget to do so.

Any person who plays Rainbow Six: Extraction in the endgame need to be an absolute masochist

The upcoming coop shooter rainbow SIX: Extraction has presented the hardest mode that is currently set up. The Maelstrom protocol is the endgame of the video game and offers obstacles that self-heating also the very best gamers.

What is this for a mode? The Maelstrom protocol is a kind of prolonged basic setting. He continues to follow the concepts of Extraction: You start with a group in a mission, you have to do jobs as well as get out once again.

Extraction depends on team-play. In a team of 3 professionals with special abilities, you pass through right into a zone and also bums there on aliens that desire you to the natural leather. Using weapons as well as special gadgets along with assessment with the group are survival.

By default, there is an objective from 3 steps with jobs that you have to complete. The endgame mode Maelstrom protocol continues right here.

This is just how the Maelstrom protocol functions: As opposed to using just 3 successive phases, an objective in Maelstrom has 9 of them. So you play quasi 3 rounds one after the other, without break. There are additionally much more troubles:

In Maelstrom, you can just choose 6 right from the beginning and is not your favorite driver with you, you need to adjust to the style of the number. Additionally, you need to obtain/ totally free the drivers at the current after 6 failed efforts. The permitted driver in the Maelstrom setting modification weekly.

  • Various anomalies in each phase make the video game much heavier. So mistakes concerning haze the view or hazardous mucous contributes to you.
  • Terminals for filling ammunition and life points are all 3 completed phases much less. Additionally, the toughness of the challengers attracted.
  • Rather than having the ability to choose from all drivers, you just have 6 to select from.

The last factor brings puzzled by the restriction to your game design. Typically, you can select each operator for each and every mission in Extraction. If an operator drops, you need to free the game regarding a mission in regular mode.

The designers themselves state that they should just contend with completely erased operators. Otherwise, if you are really, excellent.

You can see the mode below in the incorporated video:

Bock swing mode for solid incentives

Why should you do that? For the conclusion of Maelstrom you obtain hectic experiences and also premium credit reports. You can likewise play unique cosmetics that only exist there.

Unlike the typical mode, the Maelstrom objectives constantly run the same. So you can evaluate error and also improve, if you are patient enough. Anomalies, challengers and also building and construction of the objectives, however, modification once a week.

When will Rainbow 6 show up: Extraction? On January 20, Rainbow Six: Extraction for Computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection X | s. The shooter will certainly also be included in the Xbox Video Game Pass from the initial day.

For this objective, Maelstrom is a type of stature mode. With the aesthetic rewards you can reveal just how well you are truly. A gold headgear means that you are one of the most effective of the very best.

Up until now, the hype is still temperate around the game. There is neither excessively high hopes, nor objection. Most importantly, followers wish that Extraction simply a great decoupling of the Episode Occasions of Rainbow 6: Success will certainly be. Possible has at the very least the video game:

I claim: The brand-new Rainbow 6: Extraction requires 3 things from triumphs to get actually excellent


How is your own to Extraction and the Endgame Mode Maelstrom? Will you see the video game or remain with victories? Create us a comment!

The upcoming coop shooter rainbow SIX: Extraction has presented the hardest setting that is presently scheduled. What is this for a setting? The Maelstrom protocol is a kind of extensive conventional setting. This is how the Maelstrom protocol functions: Rather of providing only 3 consecutive phases, a goal in Maelstrom has 9 of them. For the completion of Maelstrom you obtain busy experiences as well as also superior credit scores.

Battlefield 2042 danger zones

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone was revealed with a detailed breakdown of mode of operation of the mode as well as some of the unique features that DICE brings to this intense experience. However, since the gameplay details for Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone were dropped, players who inspire for the mode know if a unique map in Hazard Zone will appear in Battlefield 2042.

As expected, the mode will first use the seven cards of the game created for Battlefield 2042. However, if the mode prove to be a success, there is a possibility that DICE will publish further maps of the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone in the future and may even be an exclusive for the mode.

Read on what Dice said that the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone will receive a unique map in the future and the current Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone cards.

Battlefield 2042 hazard zone cards

At the start, Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone will have seven cards, all of which are also playable in the all-out-warfare mode of the game.

The seven maps in Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone are:

Breaking out


In the course of the game season, further maps are added, although Dice has not said if they are added to the danger zone. However, it seems more than likely that you will be available in Hazard Zone and All-Out Warfare.

Does Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone have their own card?

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone has no own unique card and there is no indication of DICE that it will ever get exclusive cards in the future.

As already mentioned, the mode will start at the start of the seven cards created for Battlefield 2042. While Dice did not say that Hazard Zone will receive its own card in the future, it did not comment on whether this is a possibility now.

However, since more cards are to be added to the seasons of the game, it is unlikely that DICE will use its time to create a unique card for the mode when the existing cards are implemented.

This covers everything we know about the plans of DICE for a unique map in the danger zone. While looking for news about the mode, take a look at the full list of tactical upgrades available in the Mode for Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is not free to

If you want to play Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042, you have to buy the shooter and can not resort to a free-to-play version.

Electronic Arts has announced that the Hazard Zone game mode will not be available as a free-to-play version of Battlefield 2042. If you want to play the mode, you have to buy a version of the shooter.

Some battlefield fans are assumed that due to the enormous success of Call of Duty: Warzone and the Inhouse Apex Legends, the new Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone mode would be published as a free-to-play version. Especially if you are still considering how much the Battlefield v Firestorm mode has failed due to missing players.

As EA officially confirmed, the Hazard Zone mode is only included in the paid main game.

Battlefield 2042 – Cross-Gen versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X – Pre-order

Battlefield 2042 – Standard Edition – 79.99 euros
Battlefield 2042 – Gold Edition – 99.99 euros
Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition – 119,99 Euro

Battlefield 2042 – Xbox One – Pre-order

Battlefield 2042 – Standard Edition – 69.99 euros

Battlefield 2042 EA presents Hazard Zone trailer and all information

Alectronic Arts has just introduced the mysterious mode Hazard Zone. Although the presentation with a nearly two-minute trailer has failed relatively short, but we have detailed information that awaits you with this game mode.

The events take place in 2040, so two years before the actual action. A global power failure ensures that the number of available satellites is drastically reduced. That s why the United States and Russia start to send temporary satellites to the sky to collect valuable information.

Subsequently, these satellites are dropped over different occupation areas so that the captured information can be collected by the world powers. The non-patriates (specialists) are also behind the data packets. At this point, your mission begins.

The game is played on the seven cards of the All Out Warfare mode. Together with three other players you have to find the data drives, which are distributed anywhere on the map. You will meet opponent Squads who pursue the same goal. But also armed forces from the Occupying Forces (computer-controlled opponents) and natural violations like Tornados will face you a challenge.

The 5 play phases of a round

Each round consists of a total of five play phases:

  1. Plan & Equip: You choose one of the specialists with equipment and tactics upgrades. You can also determine the starting point.
  2. Infiltrieren: Your squad is sent to the selected starting point.
  3. Save: The spy scanner is activated, whereupon the fight for the data skills begins.
  4. First extraction: The first chance to leave the danger zone alive.
  5. Second extraction: The last teams are fighting to escape the battlefield.

Whether you survive or not depends on your tactical decisions. It depends on the correct combination of weapons, gadgets and upgrades in this mode. The upgrades include a faster recharge time, additional ammunition, more space in the inventory and a revival for one team of players.

After each successful extraction you get a fixed reward. Depending on how many data drives you have backed up, you will receive further rewards. In addition to the classic experience points, you will receive the so-called black market credits that you can invest in your equipment at the beginning of a round.

On the New Gen consoles and the PC, the intense rounds take about 15 to 20 minutes. 32 players fight here around the naked survival. The lobbies on the PS4 and the Xbox One consists of only 24 players.

The Official Trailer:

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