Why does Danuri go back to four months for 3-4 days

The distance from Earth to the moon is about 380,000 km. Apollo 11 arrived in the moon in the Saturn V rocket in 1969.


Danuri, on the other hand, turns around 5.95 million km for four and a half months and goes to the moon. Why did Danuri in the 21st century chose to go around so far?

Danuri moves to the moon by Ballistic Lunar Transfer (BLT). Separate the propulsion from the projectile and move through the moon and the earth to the sun. After going to the Laglang tavern, where the gravity of the sun and the earth is balanced, the orbital is orbited in the direction of the earth. At this time, thanks to the gravity of the earth, acceleration can be easily obtained.

In this way, the track will be modified and about 54 days after the launch, it goes to the point of 1.55 million km from the earth. Afterwards, the Earth gravity will be used to move to the moon orbit, and in mid-December, it will be used to enter the moon orbit.

Another way other than the BLT is a phase transition method that gradually enters the moon track, gradually entering the moon orbit, with a long elliptical orbit near the direct transition and near Earth.

Incident missions, such as the Apollo plan, chose to transfer directly to reduce the time as much as humans exposed to harmful space environments. However, the fuel consumption is high because it is necessary to reverse the moon gravity after entering the moon orbit.

Phase transition takes about one month to enter the moon track. During this period, you can check whether the main parts are working normal, and if you have a problem, you can get time to modify. So Japan and India used this method when they first explored the moon. Korea originally chose this method.

However, the situation changed when the US NASA requested their permanent shades of cameras (shadow cam). As a result, the weight of Danuri increased from 550 kg to 678 kg.

In consideration of the size, weight, and performance of the satellite and the board, Hang Woo-yeon decided to change the navigation method by the BLT method, which has a longer operation period instead of reducing fuel. BLT can reduce fuel consumption by 25% compared to other methods.

Instead, the movement of the probe should be precisely controlled. Even if you move a little wrong, you can get out of the target trajectory. Hang Woo-yeon plans to modify Danuri’s trajectory up to nine times.

By accepting the US proposal and adopting the BLT method, Korea has been provided with space data from NASA, collaborated with the United States, and gains know-how related to space development. It was also helped by the United States for the BLT trajectory design.

We have a lot of areas to cooperate with Korea in the future. We hope that Korea will be able to exercise its capabilities while developing Danuri. I look forward to cooperation in.

Netmarble, the 11th regular group,

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] “We will introduce a variety of new artifacts based on a block chain as a result of this year.”

Kwon Young-sik’s Netmarble representative was presented on the 11th, Seoul Guro-gu Taichura, in the 11th regular shareholders’ meeting of Netmarble this year’s vision.

“In 2021,” 2021 was a revenue, and the uncertainties of corporate management have been more difficult than ever. ” The industry has been limited, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “has a limit to the speed of the development environment due to the change in the development environment due to long-term development of telecommuting.”

“We are continuing a lot of efforts in the mid- to long-term perspective to strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of the game business,” he said, “It has been devoted to the Diversification of the Game Platform, Explained.

Finally, the councing, “I have been in a large number of new technologies and research and development of related next generation technologies such as block chains and metabuses such as Netmarble. I said it “

Netmarble reported its main management earnings last year, including USD L2556.9 billion, operating profit of W151bn, and net profit of W15.1bn, and net profit of W12,49.2bn.

[ 4K ] Korea, Walking Around Guro Digital Complex Station, 구로디지털단지역 주변 산책

Netmarble said vision for shareholder value improvement. In 2018 and 2019, we practiced shareholder-friendly policies through purchasing large-scale treasures, followed by dividends of W62.8bn last year, and this year will be held on W43.3bn (528 won per share).

On the other hand, on the other hand, in the shareholders’ meeting, the Article 11 session of the 11th financial statement, the eligible for outside directors, a member of the Audit Committee, and the issue of the director’s repair limit approval,.

Phil Shenk and Peter Hu (Diablo II) are found to found Moon Beast Productions

We could add Moon Beast productions in the long list of studios “founded by the elders of Blizzard” recently, but the passage of Phil Shenk and Peter Hu goes back in fact in the Diablo II years.

In the jungle studios that seem to be born every week in the world, Moon Beast Productions presents the argument to be incarnated by these two veterans who worked in particular on the hack & slash worship, emerged last year in its Resurree version. At Blizzard North, Phil Shenk was chief artist on Diablo II and Chief Designer on his extension Lord of Destruction, while Peter Hu remained programmer until patch 1.20 released in October 2003, which does not rejuvenate.

Before sailing each side (Kabam, Zynga, Runic Games) The duet had also worked together at Flagship Studios with other elders of Blizzard North, but Hellgate: London is a little less striking than Diablo II on a business card.

Ph.D. Locates Secret Location Under Sphinx, Hall of Records Possibly Found, Manu Seyfzadeh

Those who will join Moon Beast Productions will have the opportunity to work on a new license in the Action-RPG registry. As the studio site shows, offices are available in the San Francisco Bay area and Austin, not to mention the teleworking option.