Tencent Aurora Studio Wannyeong Month M Justa 2021

The international people of France, or Roland Garros tournament, or more simply Roland-Garros by metonymy, is a tennis tournament on the ground created in 1925 and stands annually since 1928 in Paris, in the Roland-Garros stadium. He succeeds the Championship of France created in 1891.
Organized by the French Tennis Federation (FFT), it takes place during the last week of May and the first week of June. He is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, the second in the calendar after the Australian Open in January. Follow the Wimbledon tournament, taking place during the last week of June and the first week of July, then the US Open, starting at the end of August. In the world of anglophone majority tennis, the tournament is also known as the French Open since 1968, first year of the Open era.
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The record of victories in singles, men and women combined, belongs to Rafael Nadal who established thirteen times between 2005 and 2020. This record is also that of all Grand Slam tournaments, since it exists.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, the 2020 tournament edition was postponed in September, a first in the history of the tournament. First postponed from September 20 to October 4, she finally held from September 27 to October 11.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Tencent San Aurora Studios announced on the 22nd that the Mobile Games Wan Nae-il M exhibited to the International Game Exhibition Gusta.

The Aurora Studio plans to disclose Wi-ahi M to Gesta 2021, held in Busan on November 21, from November 21 to 21st.

At this Gusta booth, we will proceed with a variety of events, Wanyon s Fashion Show, and PVP match of the Fashion Show, and Famous Influenza. Booth details program and game related contents are disclosed later.

Winnieventment M is a large-scale multi-neoplasmal role (MMORPG) with high quality graphics and contents, which is a high-quality graphics and contents that are defined in PC versions through its own engine s own engine of Aurora Studiers.

This game has been implemented in a variety of combat systems, including one-to-one, 5, 5, 40, 40, 100 survival, and a customizing system, with a facial, hairstyle, and makeup, and more than 600 parameters, etc. . It also implements weather changes, such as daytime, night, snow falling, or raining, and the system of storage elements such as main scenarios also show.

Meanwhile, Wanyon Moon M has been launched in October last year in China, and it has been maintained for the first place in the Local Apple App Store sales ranking for two months.

What is the best game this year 2021 Games

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Korean game target awards ceremony to cover the best games that shine in 2021 year a month. This year, it is not easy for a lot of games to show a lot of games of gamers.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sponsored by the Korean Games Industry Association, will be held on November 17, the opening ceremony of the Korean Gama Damage Awards.

The reception was the 15th of the month of the month, and among the last 19 days of technology and creative examination. The primary examination is 20 days and the second examination is scheduled for November 16th before the awards ceremony.

In the case of a primary examination, the audit committee examination is selected for 2 to 3 times the award, and the second examination will determine the winner by summing up 60% of the judges, 20% of the voting of the vote, 20% of the vote. Online voting will be held from November 1 to 8.

The exhibition is not disclosed on the outside yet, but it is possible to have an inference. The Cultural Physical Education Tourism Department, and Korea Content Promotion Agency, the awarded by the Award and 2H, is automatically registered as a game target candidate.

As a result, the game that is currently the game targets for the game is the game for the candidate ▲ Grander (Enpell) ▲ Seven Knights 2 (Netmar Balx) ▲ Mir 4 (WMADE NEXT) ▲ Cookie Run: Kingdom (Devs Sisters King) ▲ ODA: Fallen Lijing (Lion Heart) Studio) ▲ The second country: Cross World (Netmarble Neo) ▲ Playful (harmful) ▲ 8 species to Globe (Air Cap).

Lion Heart Studio is developed and Cacao Games is served by Cacao Games: Balmari Rising is released in the end of June, and it is a box office that won the first place in the first place in the first place in Korea. Based on Nordic myths, Odin has entered the development, including introducing the mainly used motion capture technology for console games. In particular, Kim Jae-young, who won the game target with Blade in 2014, is concerned about the game targets for the game.

In Netmarble camp, I posted two games up to the second country and Seven Knights 2 in the candidate. Dual 2nd country: Cross World is a large-scale multi-adoption role, which is developed by Netmarble Neo, which is renowned for Lineage 2 Revolution . Level Five and Studio Zebra collaborated Fantasy RPG Ninokuni to Mobile RPG, the second country that has been reinterpreting two worlds to bring two worlds.

Mir 4, which is a newly launched Mir 4, is also in charge of domestic, but it is attracting attention to remarkable achievements in overseas markets. We have been assessed that you have combined the blockchain technology and settled the so-called Play to Earn model to play and revenue.

Cookie runs in DEV Sisters Service: Kingdom is a hybrid-form game that is used to collect RPG and SNG with Cookie Run IP. MMORPG is a new genre game on the domestic market and has succeeded in the box office. Recently, in Japan and the United States, are attracting attention and receiving attention.

Grandera developed by Enpellel is a game that started the official service of January this year and announced the beginning of 2021. It is characterized by a variety of fun, such as a vast worldview, attractive character, a key collection element of the game, and a variety of enjoyment.

On the other hand, NCsoft, which released Trickster M , Blade & Soul 2 this year, was confirmed that they have not exhibited these games on the game. The company has not been to the game targets for Lineage M and Lineage 2M .

Air Cap Girl Globe this month s excellent game award

[AI News 24 Municipal Reporter] Air Cap (Representative Representative) Gall Globe announced 19 days that the Mobile Game Girl Globe (Globe) has won the Excellent Game General Game (Frontier).

The Cultural Athletic Tourist Department hosted and hosted by the Korea Content Promotion Agency, which is the event that started in 1997 to activate the game creation and to promote the production of developers.

In the second half of 2021, the excellent game of this month in the general game sector ▲ Odin: Balhallazing ▲ 2nd country ▲ Chosun Bettle M ▲ Play Together ▲ Tapu Galaxy ▲ Bald: Jara Nara Hair Head ▲ Globe, a total of seven works I climbed on. As a result, Globe was awarded the third country and Odin: the third most votes followed by the second country.

As a good work, the game of the developer is awarded the Cultural Physical Education Tourist Minister of Culture, and is automatically registered as a candidate for the 2021 Korea Games in the November 2021 on November 2021. In addition, we offer various award benefits, such as an excellent game website and game expertise, a game expertise, a game expert, a YouTube creator, and the like,

Air cap presents a 500 sapphire, 200 Heart, 200 Princess Coin, 200 Honor Coin, and 100,000 coins, which is a game item that means thanks to the user. In addition, we will present a limited edition background item Thanks Yui to all users in accordance with the regular inspection to be held on October 28.

The Representative of the Republic of the Republic of Korea said, I think I have led to the Globe and I heard a lot of love. This award thinks as a result of the generous support of the user, said the result is that We plan to tilt the ball on the game update, and especially, we will try to grow without missing the direction of the user and to grow into a fashion mobile game that represents the country.

Promotion of Mission to Gameville Com2us Holdings

Gameville (utilities) announced on the 15th that the Mission to Com2us Holdings was changed at the Temporary shareholder General Assembly, which is held on November 30th.

Gameville has resolved the meeting of temporary shareholders at 9 am on the 30th of the 30th. Major agenda is scheduled to be subject to mission changes.

Games Bill, which has accumulated global competitiveness for more than 20 years, is planning to increase the phase and role as a substantial business owner through this mission change, and we plan to increase the synergy and synergies with Com2s.

It also integrates affiliate brand images and customer-oriented clear communications, and the company s goal is to expand its influence in the global market.

Previously, Gameville has not only strengthened the role of roles as a holding company, as well as a global game business and game service platform business. In addition, we have been investing in a Korean virtual asset exchange, and in advance of the cooperation with the 2 major shareholders, and the technology-based new business, such as NFT, such as NFT.