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“Daiing Light 2” Paid Story DLCs 1st release postponed -For the time being, free content including photo mode will be added

Techland has stated that the opening of the paid story will be postponed to September for the opening of the paid story about the open world zon beet “ Daiing Light 2 Stay Human (Dying Light 2: Stay Human)”.

This work is a sequel to the Open World Zon Virection “Daiing Light”, which is famous for its long -term new content. Techland announced that it would guarantee at least five years of content from the release without breaking its posture, and released a roadmap a few months after its release.

However, there are many voices calling for “New Game +” mode, photo mode, and CO-OP improvement immediately after the release. These developments were given priority to answer the needs of enthusiastic players, and at the end of April, updates 1.3.0, including “New Game +”, were held. From June to August, the first game chapter “IN THE FOTSTEPS OF A NIGHTRUNNER”, which includes new missions, rewards, and enemies, is scheduled to be distributed free of charge.

On the other hand, due to the above history, it has been different from the original roadmap, so it takes time to develop the first paid story additional DLC that was scheduled to be distributed in June. To He explained that it is currently being developed in September to deliver more sophisticated things.

In addition, the contents of the first DLC DLC with the “Daiing Light 2” paid story are that they can be played without clearing the main story, and the story outside “Villedo” is drawn, and some options are drawn. It is said that it will be a story that exists.


Line Games Daehae Dynasty Origin 2nd CBT participant recruitment

The globe of video games in Linux started as an extension of existing video games in various other UNIX systems, a number of them free software application games or without graphic interface. Quickly, with the arrival of fantastic commercial titles in the mid-1990s, firms such as ID Software Application, Loki Software or Origin Systems brought their titles to Linux, providing a view of growth in this sector. In the years 2000, various other companies reach the sector, which were usually associated with the growth of multimedia libraries such as SDL or Open anal or if not, released the source code of their earliest games, a truth that was well seen and also made the most of By several free video clip game programmers to continue free variations of traditional business titles or new video games based on such engines. Also, with the red wine job, video games that were not natively built for Linux have been played (i.e., Gaming for Windows).
Towards the end of the decade, there has been an impressive growth in the quantity and also top quality of computer game in Linux, with the development of complimentary video clip games in neighborhoods, the development of independent video clip games, the arrival of the preferred Humble Indie Bundle, Desert, as well as much more Recently with the VALVE touchdown with its Steam platform in 2013, and we are in 2014, so you presently readily available video clip games extremely requiring and top quality expert quality (those referred to as three-way A ).

[Data provided: Line Games]

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Gameplay Android / iOS

From January 20, 2022, to February 3,

AOS, iOS, and line Games Floor can be played through the desired platform

Line Games started to recruit participants prior to the second CBT of Open World MMORPG <Daemon era of Open World MMORPG, which is scheduled for today (20th).

Users who want to participate are available by the participant’s recruitment site from today to January 4, 2022, to choose from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Line Games Floor by 1. Participant recruitment sites can easily access the search portal through the Search for the Reason Age.

Participants can participate in the second CBT for the second CBT for 15 days from January 20, 2022, to February 3, 2022, and win on January 13, 2022. This test has achieved the completeness of the cost of the users’ feedback during the preparation of the CBT for about one year after the last CBT.

is a title that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the Motif and KOI Tech Monza, which is in progress of the development of the series., <Daejeon, Daemon, is a member.

In addition, we have used Big Data collected from around the world to build a building, wind speed, and birds, etc., and based on high quality graphics, which utilize thoroughly reported and Unreal Engine 4, the main harbor of medieval days It is characterized by reproducing various forms of shipping.

For more information on game information and secondary CBT schedules, participant recruitment, and recruitment of the second CBT schedule, and recruitment of participants.


Steam Open World milestone dust for the absolute low price

At Steam, the discounts fly back around and this time they meet a real open World Hit. In addition, a former PS4 masterpiece is greatly reduced. The offers are only available for a short time, but with real best price guarantee. So is worth accessing!

Steam deal at the best price

With the ongoing Black Friday Week, the Internet is just full of lots of deals — so also at the Game Platform Steam. Although it is not every offer is always a real bargain, but in the following Open World masterpiece this is definitely the case.

The game is equipped with a discount of 70 percent and as the price history shows ideal, so also a real low price :

Death Stranding for 17.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

PC players who always wanted to try the special video game of Video Kolyma once again can confidently strike at the latest. But you should not wait too long with a purchase, because the offer is already running on 24 . November at 19 o’clock out.

Currently, Steam also offers the former exclusive PS4-Action-Kracher Horizon: Zero Dawn (Complete Edition) at the attractive price of 24.99 euros at 50 percent discount. If you want to save a little more, however, we recommend the following limited offer on eBay:

Steam Open World Sale! 5 Games with 85% - 90% Discount!

Horizon: Zero Dawn on eBay

If you want to buy Horizon: Zero Dawn buy directly at Steam, you are also only up to the 24 . November time to complain. In addition to these two top deals, the Game Platform of Valve of course has other offers, through which you can scroll.

ICR wants to save even more? Then this video Prepare best for the Black Friday:

For a short time you can dust an absolute open-world hit for the real low price on Steam. Get Death Stranding from Kolyma Productions until the 24th of November with set 70 percent discount.


4Netplayers Own thing Server for the construction

In the area of administration, strategic administration entails the formula and implementation of the significant objectives and initiatives taken by a company s supervisors in behalf of stakeholders, based upon consideration of sources and an assessment of the internal and also outside settings in which the company runs. Strategic administration offers total instructions to a venture and includes specifying the company s goals, creating policies and strategies to attain those objectives, and after that allowing sources to carry out the strategies. Academics as well as exercising supervisors have actually established various versions and also frameworks to help in tactical decision-making in the context of complex atmospheres as well as competitive characteristics. Strategic management is not fixed in nature; the models often consist of a comments loophole to monitor implementation and also to inform the next round of planning. Michael Door person determines three principles underlying strategy:
developing a unique as well as beneficial [market] placement
making compromises by choosing what not to do
producing fit by lining up firm activities with one an additional to sustain the selected strategyCorporate strategy includes answering a key concern from a profile point of view: What service should we be in? Organization strategy includes answering the question: Just how shall we complete in this organization? Management concept as well as practice commonly make a distinction between tactical management and also functional management, with functional monitoring concerned primarily with boosting effectiveness and also controlling costs within the borders set by the company s strategy.

Already with the Update 4 for the Construction Strategy Satisfactory, positive was able to draw a very positive conclusion in the early-access test: Satisfactory is a first-class factory build-up in an open world. Exploration, expansion, optimization and automation motivate up to high Technology levels. […] It s just a very good game — and it can be even better… meanwhile the update 5 has been published — and the positive encouragement of the satisfactory players is unbroken.

DayZ: How to connect with your server
That one can not only try to optimize the production chains alone, but also cooperatively, to explore the lush game world or the areas not only efficient, but also nice to build, Satisfactory makes only more attractive. Servers you can recently rent 4netplayers. If you are already a customer and already has a server with at least eight slots, you can get started immediately — of course, assuming Satisfactory already in its Steam or Epic Store library.

For all newcomers in the multiplayer world of futuristic factory construction, there are servers from 3.78 euros / month. Further information about the rates, other available games, etc. you can see here.