Open World Monster Development Game “Palworld” Continue News & New Video Released. Adopt UE4 and power up graphics

Pocket pair releases the following report of Palworld on January 21. A new video was released together. You can check the graphic evolved since the announcement and the detailed information of the game.

Palworld is an open world Survival Craft Monster Development Game. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In this work, mysterious creature pal appears. They are different from each other, and from pulses like sheep and cows, pulses such as dragon and wolf pulses exist. It is possible to collect and grow up such pulses or fight or work. Will a poacher who lives with pal or forced labor, or a poacher who trades pal maliciously? How to live the world depends on the player. It also corresponds to up to 8 multiplayers.

What you can do with pal is a wide range. By riding on a large pal, it is possible to freely move land, sea, sky, etc. Pal will help even in life. Put on fire, power generation, and mines. Will make a stable life by utilizing the characteristics of each pulle. In this work, construction is also possible, and pulses can be used for such architects. In addition, the labor method does not apply to the pal.

As production elements, agricultural elements are also present. If you leave it to a pulse that uses sowing, watering, harvesting, etc., you will be able to create an attractive farm. There is also a pulse that increases by planting. Industrial and automation is also possible. If you place the factory, you can also automate (?) If you place a pal. However, the pal working at the factory is somewhere.

And pal can also fight. It is also possible to infiltrate both dungeons. In multiplayer, pulses and trade are also possible. Pal should also breed, and when breeding, it leads to parent characteristics. It would be nice to create a rare species. On the other hand, there is also a poach of pulses in this work. It is something that puts the endangered species of endangered species inhibitors. By secretly invading and caught, it is said that you can get one thousand gold. However, good stories are worthwhile.

Palworld was announced last June last year. The chaotic publishing trailer calls not only domestically but also overseas, and it is said that the video has been reproduced by 20 million times in 3 days of announcement. Based on the attention, UNREAL Engine 4 is adopted to further power up graphics. Previous visuals were reminiscent of the past work Craft Peer in the pocket pair, but the engine renewal is the impression that the attractiveness is born.

In this video, newly captured or captured pulses. A scene that combines a rocket with the pal and gets on a huge whale-like pal and searching for a aerial cities. A scene that fights pals in the arena. And both grand and darkness will be glimpers, such as scenes that draw pulses captured by the poach.

Palworld is scheduled to be delivered early in STeam within 2022.

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