[Trial repo] Aiming to win the PUBG MOBILE don with the full -fledged wireless earphone OLADANCE with a built -in super large dynamic driver!

The wireless earphone OLADANCE , which is being accepted by the support purchase service Makuake, has earned a huge amount of money. As of June 23, when this article is written, the total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen . What is the earphone that can collect such funds? OLADANCE arrived at my hand, so let’s open it immediately.

Built-in super-large dynamic driver

OLADANCE is equipped with a 16.5mm dynamic driver. The driver unit mounted on the wireless earphone is almost 10mm. However, OLADANCE is a size that greatly exceeds the common sense of this field. What kind of effect can be obtained with this is that the heavy bass that is unlikely to be a wireless earphone can be resonated with Zun, Zun.

And OLADANCE is an open-year type. It does not forcibly block the ear hole, so it minimizes the burden on the ears. So, let’s do the smartphone battle game PUBG Mobile with this OLADANCE. Wait a little, why do you play games with this product? Listen to music honestly! I know that it will be rushed from various fields. In the first place, OLADANCE itself does not claim the use of games. However, I thought that the heavy bass that breaks through this eardrum is perfect for Pubg Mobile. Why is it?


The important thing in playing Pubg Mobile is listening to the sound. The enemy’s footsteps and gunshots approaching. All of these have distance and direction, and you can easily hear the enemy’s position quickly. In this game, players who find the enemy quickly are advantageous. And I thought that OLADANCE would convey those sounds faithfully and heavy. So, sortie to the usual island!

The difference from other products was immediately understood. A genuine gunshot is transmitted to the brain at a super-speed from outside the ear. This is scary! Similarly, the footsteps stimulate this nerves without mercy. Especially in the building, there are many scenes where you must detect the enemy’s footsteps and search quickly, so the three-dimensional sound greatly affects your grades. And as I thought, OLADANCE reproduced a real battlefield.

OLADANCE information can be clearly distinguished if the information where there is an enemy and where is the gunshot?

It’s perfect for long play!

OLADANCE is an open-ear wireless earphone as described above. Therefore, there is also a drawback that it is difficult to cut external environmental sounds. However, the fact that it supplements it is that ears are hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time. It is not a design that forcibly blocks the ear holes, so it is perfect for playing with time. The play time of PUBG Mobile is about 30 minutes. During this time, OLADANCE can play comfortably.

In addition, the battery life is very long, and it is possible to play up to 16 hours with earphones al1. Combined with an optional charging case, it can work for 94.4 hours. What if this is, for example, an average wireless earphone? Isn’t the continuous playback time of the earphone alone at most 6 hours? Isn’t it difficult to play a long place for 30 minutes per game?

In order to make up for the fundamental stamina shortage, recent wireless earphones have a quick charging function (including products that assume gameplay). If you charge a break, you can secure the power for the next one and two games. However, in the case of OLADANCE, it does not even have the hassle. It is a stamina that can still afford to play in a full half day.

If there is a precaution, it is still volume. If you get too tone and raise the volume too much, you will feel like your heart is likely to be torn when it is suddenly fired. Of course, the actual battlefield looks like this, but here it doesn’t matter the volume that can be heard in the direction of the sound.

Win the interior battle!

In interior combat, which often occurs in PUBG MOBILE, OLADANCE is the most powerful weapon. While picking up items in a three-story house, the footsteps are somewhere. This is definitely an enemy sign. Someone other than me is stepping into this house!

Where are the enemies in multiple rooms, or on which floors? If you make a mistake, it is fatal. Do you dare to go outdoors here, or you’ll be lying down in a room without windows. It is also an essential skill of this game to win such a tense psychological warfare.

Of course, if you have a wired gaming headphones, you won’t be better than that. But what if this is on the go? Considering that it is a more easy-to-carry audio equipment, you will see the option of wireless earphones with long continuous operating time. And OLADANCE should show the performance just to complete the play for a long time.

Reservations one after another

OLADANCE accepts purchases from Makuake from 15,480 yen (one product, as of June 24). However, this is a purchase frame that does not come with a charging case. If you have a super long time set of 18,480 yen, you will receive a charging case. It is a rare case that the earphone body and charging case are sold separately, but as a writer, you should also experience the sense of security that the up to 94.4 hours brings! I think.

At the beginning of this article, I stated, The total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen, but if you wait only one day, the total purchase purchase of OLADANCE was 30,519,660 yen. 。 In just a day, 2.5 million yen has increased! ? Although it is a very popular product, delivery to buyers is scheduled for the end of August.

Open pop -up PC room for Xbox, Game Pass experience

Microsoft XBOX announced that it will open a pop-up PC room where you can experience PC GAME PASS for free in the optimal gaming environment.

The pop-up, which runs for about two weeks from the 10th (Fri) to the 26th (Sun), will be held at the Portal PC Room in Gangnam. Visitors can experience PC GAME PASS on high-performance PCs, play pre-installed popular titles, and enjoy various experiences through community events and Lenovo experience zones.

PC GAME PASS is a reasonable monthly subscription that allows you to play more than 100 high-quality PC games. XBOX has set up an offline pop-up PC room to introduce PC Game Pass and provide the best play experience to domestic gamers with high PC games. Furthermore, visitors will be able to continue the play experience by providing one month of PC Game Pass.

In addition, various community events will be held on Fridays and weekends when visitors gather. As the team’s death match of the shooting game Halo Infinite to the Forza Horizon and the Minecraft Dungeons, players can enjoy the game together.

In addition, Xbox parties to Lenovo’s premium PC brand Legion to provide visitors to play XBOX’s popular games and experience the powerful performance of Lenovo Legends PC.


Meanwhile, Xbox will be promoting a PC Game Pass for 1,000 won for three months in June. Users who subscribe to new PC GAME PASS can use the service at a discounted price, and can be used on PCs without any additional costs for new games that are updated from time to time, Xbox Game Studios titles, as well as popular EA titles.

Connect PS4 to PC – you have to consider this

If you connect your PS4 to the computer, you can play images stored on the PS4, pictures, videos, music and games through the PC. As a result, you also access your data in the living room without using additional volumes.

How to connect the computer to your PS4

First, make sure that both devices are up-to-date and access the same WLAN network. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Download the PS Remote Play App for free on the PC. Open the file VIA Double-click and follow the instructions for the installation.
  2. In the next step, navigate to the settings of your PS4. Go to “Remote Play Connection Settings” and click “Activate Remote Play”.
  3. On request, under “Settings”> “Setting Save Settings”> “Setting Available Features” in the sleep mode “Select, so that remote play is available in sleep mode.

How to PLAY PS4 on PC/Laptop (EASY METHOD) (PS4 Remote Play)

  1. Now make sure that the PS4 is turned on. Connect the PS4 Controller to your PC.
  2. Start the Remote Play App on your computer and log in with the same account as on the console.
  3. Select “PS4”. The app looks like your console to connect to your PC.

When is EA Play Live 2022? Replied

Each year, the game industry meets at some tighteous events to show some of the most recent and best games that will come in the future. While the current state of the world has required change to digital space, not all regular shows continue. EA PLAY LIVE 2022 is one of them, with the announcement that There will be no showcase this summer.

What happened with EA Play Live 2022

EA PLAY LIVE has been an annual event that began in 2016, but the omission of the iteration of 2022 will make the editor adopt a different approach.

“We love EA Play Live because it is our way of connecting with our players and sharing the news with all of you,” shared EA in a statement through IGN. “However, this year things do not line up to show you everything in a single appointment. We are happening exciting things in our world-class studies and this year we will reveal much more about these projects when it is the right time for each of them. We hope to spend time with you throughout the year! “

The exhibition event was always good for a couple of announcements of new games and updates for existing ones, and fans were able to participate in the physical event. After the two previous events of EA PLAY LIVE were relegated to live broadcasts, we will not have a version of 2022.

This follows the news that there will not be E3 this year, at least on the physical front. However, players still have to wait for Summer Games Fest, as well as the GameScom hybrid that will be both an event in person and online in August.

EA Play Canceled, YouTuber Relations Are Weird | Q & A | NP Live!
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Large changes arrive on the Xbox Game Pass

Last update there is February 6, 2020

Microsoft has announced that it would make significant changes to the operation of the quests for the Xbox Game Pass. The quests give players the opportunity to earn points by playing games and gaining success in the games they play. The more customers play games and succeed, the more they receive Microsoft reward points. Unfortunately, these reward points were not worth so much because there were not many things on which they could be used. Fortunately, everything is about to change.

Microsoft has now facilitated reward points for games. There will now be about 90 different daily, weekly and monthly challenges proposed to players. These challenges will then naturally change each month. Some challenges will be exclusive to individual games like GTA V. But the majority of new challenges can be completed in just about any game.

The achievements are enormous in the games. Giving players a goal to reach is an infallible way to hang some1. The battle passes in Fortnite or Pubg, for example, do a great job for people to come back to know more.

Players can now use these points by participating in competitions to win new games or even consoles. You can also use them to get the Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE for free. Now there is actually a reason to play and play. We should not be surprised if we see other subscription services adopt this new type of system.

Xbox Game Pass Reveals Crazy Day One Game | Huge Franchise To Come to Nintendo? | News Dose
Microsoft may not have done as well as they wanted for this generation. But it is undeniable that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals on the market.

Play Games: Google starts beta for Android

It was a small bang for gaming fans: After Microsoft had already begun to integrate Android apps under Windows 11, Google announced in December 2021 in turn, to make a software that should make Android games available on Windows PCs. The Guide Play Games called service arises completely independently of Microsoft’s endeavor to comment together to comment on Android and Windows. Now Google is getting serious and getting started first gambling and gambling.

As the company announced recently, Google Play Games is now available in a beta version. The damper: For the time being, the only in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan is available. When the test run also starts outside of Asia is not known. In the already supported countries, players and players have to actively register for beta access to gain access to Google’s standalone app. The operator promises with Play Games a seamless change between smartphone, tablet, Chromebook and PC. Accordingly, they continued at any time on another platform to lose progress at any time.

Android games with mouse and keyboard gamble

The Android models can be easily downloaded to the PC via Google Play Games and experience a new way thanks to a large screen as well as mouse and keyboard support. It remains unclear which technology Google uses to run the mobile games under Windows. It is only clear that no streaming is involved, but the games are actually installed locally on the PC. Technical details could be made shortly of a website for developers, which Google has just published.

Microsoft has been supporting the playback of selected Android apps on Windows 11 for several months now, but the company cooperates with Amazon’s App Store and not Google. The number of officially available applications is therefore still manageable. However, Tufter has already found unofficial paths over which they install the complete Google Play Store under Windows and thus also get access to the large number of Android games. This solution is just something for experimental hobbyists. Do not belong to it, prefer to wait the Launch of Google Play Games. A new trailer is right on the service.

Kevin Danso in the play

Kevin Dan so comes straight from the club grounds, euro athletics was this Monday on the program. Those training method trains the brain to help identify situations faster and improves responsiveness. All this is the basis on which the current wave of success of the RC Lens is based. The defender, came from Augsburg in the summer for five million euros, has played a big part.

Lens is a medium-sized city in northern France, there are far more beautiful corners and busier areas in our neighboring country. Why did it devious you in the province on the border with Belgium, Mr. Dan so? ​​

True, Lens is indeed a small town, but I feel very comfortable here. And thus it does a lot with his colleagues, which welded together. I am a Schiller boy does not always have to go out. And if it once but must be, one is also fast in the nearest large city, which is only half an hour from here.

As you have so far settled in Lens?

Very good, the team takes everyone on cordial. We are a team, a bit like a family. Although the many say in Lens, but it is really true. Everyone comes clear with everyone. The only challenge: Not many speak English here.

With the French it still does not work like that?

(Responds to French) I speak a little French. (Moves back to German) I understand a little when my team-mates speak slowly. But once I record a weekly 90-minute course and learn quickly. But I fear me not to talk — if it’s wrong, it’s just wrong. After all, I had nine years of French in school.

In the city center, the boys are more likely to live.

Kevin Dan so

An own home makes the acclimatization easier. How do you currently live?

Currently, still in the hotel, in about two weeks I can relate my house. Here it is not easy to find something that now I live on the outskirts of the city. In downtown even treat the boys live.

counting at the age of 23 as already on the scrap heap?

Well, there are quite a few younger than me.

Some of them form the backbone of the team with which you were temporarily even number one persecutor of leaders Paris Saint-Germain. Why it works just as well?

We are a family are close together as a team. We are super coached and everyone knows what he has to do. Offensively, we are always dangerous, creating many chances. Even against Brest when we 0: lost 4, we had three very good opportunities.

The team usually plays with a three-man in defense, with you as the central element. A position that brings a lot of responsibility. As the communication is with your side people who indeed speak only French and Spanish?

A smattering I get out already ( Wechsler back into French) left, right, go deep… ( fart in German continued) I try as much as possible to talk. If a word to me times can not remember, I give my statement just in English. I love to take responsibility. Because I have naturally focused and stay awake, which helps me in my game.

At the moment you are number 5. What is this season still possible?

We have a very good team, we have often proved enough. The next few games are the most important.

Now that’s a standard response.

But that’s how it is. Many have begun to speak before they have achieved something. Then they crashed. We think from game to game, or in stages. Even before this week English, we have set a specific goal.

However, it is the goal when the team already has the international courts to stay there too. Which would mean the international business for you?

It is generally the dream of every professional to play in the Europa League or Champions League. That’s always been a goal for me. For me, that would be something very special.

No footballer is generally poor, although it is often presented that way.

Kevin Dan so

You have first made in Augsburg a good development, but then stagnated somewhat.

I do not think so. I had just too little playing time. Since I had indeed learned a lot, but did not become worse. But the older you get, the fewer mistakes are forgiven one. For my age I have therefore probably made too many mistakes, but had not the opportunity to show me. And to prove that I have learned from the mistakes’m getting better, and I develop. If you can show continuous and feel the trust that is the best. No footballer is generally poor, although it is often presented that way.

You are now regulars. How do you explain your performance increase in France?

Mainly through self-confidence. If you then have the confidence of the club and the players, the performance comes by itself. Football makes me currently so much fun that helps.

On Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain comes to Lens. What is it like when world-class players like Dylan Mbappé, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria to come to a?

It has front of each player respect, but against such world-class players, it is again something special. Then each player has once more Bock. That’s just how it is. I look forward to meeting extreme for such comparisons I play football. Because I want exact point where these players are. At such meetings you grow, you get better, get more experience.

What opportunities do you expect from?

BEHIND THE SCENES | Kevin Danso gets familiar with new surroundings at Southampton

If we play well, it will be hard for PSG. We can always make a goal, no matter from what situation. I also believe that they come with respect, after all, we are playing at home. If we make a good game, a victory is possible.

At Augsburg times: Kevin Dan so and Markus Easier. Imago images / Warrior

In August Kevin Dan so did not feel in Augsburg more really needed and wanted to change. The offer from Lens was there just at the right, but the person in charge of FC Augsburg it was too low. Dan so not received clearance, mentally did not feel to play in the situation. The club had broken his word, did not even respond to the offer from Lens — although the leaders had promised that. The fact that the negotiations had not been taken up, he had been afraid that Lens chooses another player. He felt such by his own admission unable to play and not taken seriously. After a poor training performance it turned coach Markus Easier with a choice: move to a loud Dan so too high, adequate, according to manager Stefan Router price, to train with and play abroad or suspension.

Your departure from Augsburg hit some waves. What do you take from the time?

I was promised that the FCA dealt with an offer if it comes from abroad. Unfortunately, this is far from happening. This has extremely disappointed me, but fortunately it ended well for all sides, and I’m happy about every success of Augsburg. I do not think much about it, the thing is history for me. I’m here now in Lens and focus on my duties here. Furthermore, I have made the right decision and that is what counts.

How did you come to Lens?

I get a lot of it not with my brother is also my adviser and takes care of incoming offers. I then read me something was looking at the achievements in recent years, and then I came to the conclusion that I want to do that. Also, because I have noticed that it is me here 100 percent familiar. The French league is something new, very attractive, and I have a new task needed, where I can prove myself.

I am concentrating only once on my performances in Lens and I would like to recommend me for the national team.

Kevin Dan so

Austria’s national team plays in the play-off finals against Wales. You have people like Interledger, Lien hart and Dramatic in front of him. What are your ambitions for the national team?

For me, it is always a goal. I had to be already been present happiness. Now I focus first on my performances in Lens and I would like to recommend me for the national team. The guys mentioned are consistently top defender, but when I play a top season, I am one of them. The rest comes by itself.

In Marseille was hit Dimity Payer from a bottle, something did not happen the first time in France. What do you say to the fan unrest?

The fans in Lens make a great atmosphere in general, are very emotional about this. The players love it when fans at the stadium, but of course such unrest should not happen.

Ausschreitungen in Ligue 1: A chronology of the Chaos

In Clermont there was only a 2: 2nd What went wrong?

It’s not easy to play in Clermont, accordingly intense was the game. Of course, we had hoped for more — a win was in there too. But we take the point and look forward to the upcoming task against Paris.

All we know about Skate 4 Release Date Gameplay Features and More

Google Play (Early Android Market) is an application shop of the United States company Google, which offers mobile apps, mobile games, e-books, audiobooks, movies and television collection. Google Play was introduced on August 28, 2008, as Android Market and also made available for usage on 22 October 2008. Earlier, songs as well as electronic publications came from the offer. The service can be reached on Android gadgets in addition to given that February 2, 2011, through web internet browser. On March 6, 2012, the Android Market was renamed Google Play Shop as well as thus united the former private offers Google Play Songs, Google Play Movies & Collection and also Google Play Books. Google Play can just be utilized with a Google account. The App Google Play is usually preinstalled on Android tools.

Are you also interested in topics related to Play Live Games?

After a terribly long pause, the skate franchise returns. Announced at the showcase EA Play Live that took place in June 2020, the game closed the show by promising a game that the fans of the series have been calling for years. Heres all we know so far on the upcoming game.

Release date

At the time of writing these lines, we have no idea when Skate 4 will come out, or even if it will be skateboarding 4. During the show Ea Play Live, it was simply confirmed as being in production by the director Creative Because Parry and the director of the game Dean Chung. Without more details on the game, we think the game is still quite distant. We think that in more than two years, Chung says its the beginning of development.


As mentioned above, no details on Skate 4 has been revealed at the time of writing this article. Once we know more, we will update this section to discuss what comes back and change with the game.

ad and trailers

You can see the announcement of the next skateboard below. Once we have trailers revealing aspects of the game, we will add them here, and we plunge in what they mean for the series.

EA Skate 4 Announcement Breakdown! All The Hidden Details!

The announcement of Chung and Parry told us that this game, even in development, is due to the constant passion of the fans base. You have commented that in existence, Parry said with a smile.

Although it can take a while before we know more about the new skate game, it seems to be very enthusiastic about giving a new air to the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 Graphic comparison between PS5 Xbox Series X

Battlefield 2042 is already in full access for the Gold, Ultimate edition or EA Play Subscribers. With an intended launch for the next November 19, the first users have already been able to access the full offer in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The Bit analyst, popular content creator on YouTube, hUltimate edition already published its technical conclusions in the new generation.

Battlefield 2042, Analysis. When the clUltimate editionsics exceed the changes today

How Ride Battlefield 2042 in PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC?

Battlefield 2042 | PS5 - Xbox Series S/X - PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS

The author reveals that there are curious differences between the versions, but anecdotal in the general computation. It s a good job on all platforms, ​​he says. Xbox Series X and PS5 are executed at 2160p to 60 images per second, while Xbox Series S does at 1260P with the same objective of Frame rate. The three use a temporary reconstruction solution, where it seems that PS5 applies it better by achieving a slightly sharper result than in Xbox Series X, although lower in any cUltimate editione to the PC DSS technique. The computer version allows you to activate tracing of time for environmental occlusion on NVIDIA cards.

The textures are similar in most cUltimate editiones, although in other PS5 is closer to the PC version. For its part, Xbox Series X offers a light improvement in anisotropic filtrate with respect to Sony s console; In PS5 the reflections seem to be less quality with respect to the rest of versions.

Ultimate edition for performance, PS5 and Xbox Series X suffer some punctual falls, being more common in the first. And what happens with Xbox Series S? The analyst ensures that he maintains a virtually perfect Frame rate. However, it loses in other adjustments, Ultimate edition a lower quality of textures, worse anisotropic filtering, lower amount of vegetation and lower resolution of reflections.

Xbox Gamers Are Experiencing Concerns With Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial

Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial is not giving Xbox players an excellent time..

Battlefield 2042 is ultimately here! Lots of gamers are delving into the complimentary trial to see if the video game functions for them, and it s worth the time.

It is rational to try the game prior to purchasing it, taking into consideration the rough growth and beta stage this title experienced.

As several PC gamers delve into it, gamers on the Xbox platform are not having such a fun time.

Some Xbox players have actually reported concerns associated to the Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial.

EA Confirms Xbox Issues With the Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial.

EA validated that players on the Xbox system are experiencing a problem that concludes their Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial before even starting having fun..

According to EA, this is a widespread concern on the system, and also a remedy is currently in the works.

There is no information as to what is precisely creating this glitch. Although, it is being checked out according to EA.

In the meanwhile, EA recommended that you close the game while a service is provided. This is due to the fact that every min you have the video game open subtracts from your 10-hour trial.

Battlefield 2042 Early Access on Xbox Game Pass - Blizzard in Chaos - Today In Gaming
As EA deals with this issue, it seems lots of players on Xbox are unable to connect to the servers any longer.

Review Much More: Every Tool in Battlefield 2042 Site Revealed.

Update– Nov 11, 2:29 PM ET — EA has actually now identified the concern that s triggering this problem on the Xbox platform and a service is currently en route.

Update 2– Nov 11, 3:07 PM ET — EA has actually currently dealt with the issue.

Battlefield 2042 Players Incapable to Link to EA Servers.

In addition to this ongoing problem with the Xbox Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial, players reported numerous server issues.

Additionally Check out: How to Use Battlefield 2042 Website Editor Online.

There were a substantial quantity of complaints about this situation particularly.

To make matters worse, regularly that the video game is open with these mistakes on-screen subtracts from the offered trial time.

If you are lucky sufficient to get in and play, right here is a list of every vehicle that awaits you on Battlefield 2042.

Since the game has actually finally introduced, we understand every tool consisted of in Battlefield 2042.