Large changes arrive on the Xbox Game Pass

Last update there is February 6, 2020

Microsoft has announced that it would make significant changes to the operation of the quests for the Xbox Game Pass. The quests give players the opportunity to earn points by playing games and gaining success in the games they play. The more customers play games and succeed, the more they receive Microsoft reward points. Unfortunately, these reward points were not worth so much because there were not many things on which they could be used. Fortunately, everything is about to change.

Microsoft has now facilitated reward points for games. There will now be about 90 different daily, weekly and monthly challenges proposed to players. These challenges will then naturally change each month. Some challenges will be exclusive to individual games like GTA V. But the majority of new challenges can be completed in just about any game.

The achievements are enormous in the games. Giving players a goal to reach is an infallible way to hang some1. The battle passes in Fortnite or Pubg, for example, do a great job for people to come back to know more.

Players can now use these points by participating in competitions to win new games or even consoles. You can also use them to get the Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE for free. Now there is actually a reason to play and play. We should not be surprised if we see other subscription services adopt this new type of system.

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Microsoft may not have done as well as they wanted for this generation. But it is undeniable that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals on the market.

Fall Guys How to unlock Aloy s disguise in the challenge of season 6

Fall Guys: Ultimate KO is a system battle royale video game established by Me diatonic and released by Revolver Digital. It was released for Microsoft Windows as well as PlayStation 4 on 4 August 2020. The game is intended for eventual release on Nintendo Switch over, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X/S. As much as 60 gamers regulate jellybean-like animals as well as compete against each various other in a series of obstacles, such as challenge courses or tag. Several programs have been included since the game was initial launched; the minority are team-based, while numerous need not falling under sludge on a spinning, drifting system with obstacles made to knock gamers in and also waiting on a defined number of others to be removed, yet a lot of are barrier courses that include gamers competing to reach the coating line as quickly as feasible, lest they are gotten rid of– starting at 40, there is a minimal variety of gamers that can certify, and the number decreases as rounds progression. At some point, the variety of players obtain down to one, the player who is crowned the champion.
Fall Guys obtained favorable evaluations from movie critics for its chaotic gameplay as well as aesthetic look. The video game attracts inspiration from game programs like Takes hi’s Castle, It’s a KO, Wipe out, as well as playground games like tag and British Bulldog. The video game has seasonal modifications, which includes a lot more challenges and also changes the game’s motif.
The 6th and also current season of the game is party as well as circus themed.

In recent days Fall Guys has welcomed its season 6 along with new tests and also a huge amount of rewards to unlock thanks to its fame pass. As if it were not enough, it has begun along with new special events, as one on which we are going to offer you all the details in the following guide and with which you can get a disguise dedicated to Ally.

How to unlock Ally’s disguise in the challenge of season 6

Just as it happened recently with the suit based on the Sack boy character, during the next few days Any player will have the opportunity to take the disguise dedicated to the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and the future Horizon Forbidden West.

For this it will be necessary to complete a series of missions that will remain available until next December 12. For each one of them that you can successfully you will receive a certain number of points in return, so that thanks to them, you will unlock a few articles based on Ally, such as the disguise of it, a nickname and an identification plate, among others.



Points necessary

Nickname Search engine


100 points

Identification plate


200 points



300 points

Bottom of Ally’s disguise


400 points

Top of Ally’s disguise


500 points

Face shield


700 points

So that all prizes become your it is essential to carry out all the missions that you will see below, since each of them will grant you 100 points, so a maximum of 700, so do not hesitate to dedicate a Rather the game and strive to the fullest before the end of the event.




Keep your penguin for 60 seconds in chaos of lumpy deposit of ALLY


100 points

Receive 15 Impacts of the Rhinoceros Obstacle in Chaos of Lumber Deposit of Ally


100 points

Sort in a race round while you have a penguin object in Chaos of Lumber Deposit of Ally


100 points

Win 3 times in Chaos of Lumber Deposit of Ally


100 points



100 points

Collect 400 Lucio Deposits in Chaos of Lumber Deposit of Ally


100 points

Collect 2,000 Luke Deposits in Chaos of Ally’s Lump Deposit


100 points

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NBA Celtics drive a third victory in series

The Boston Celtics are slowly found their hoped-for form and have also won thanks to a good performance of Dennis Schröder against the Houston Rockets.

At 108: 90 — the already 15th defeat for the rockets around national player Daniel This — Schröder came to 18 points. Best thrower at the third Celtics’ victory in series was Jayson Tatum with 30 points, Jaylen Brown came to 19 points at his comeback. This had seven counters for the Texans against his ex-club, which are the worst team of the league with only one win in 17 games.

On at least four wins come the Orlando Magic — at the 92: 123 against Mister Milwaukee Bucks, the team around Berlin Franz and Moritz Wagner was elevated. At half-time it was already 31:77.

The strong yield of 18 points for Moritz Wagner was the best value in the game, but only a small personal success. Brother Franz remained completely unsuccessful at nine and for the first time in his young NBA career without a basket.


From the top teams, the Phoenix Suns brought their 13th victory into series and retained the upper hand at the 115: 111 against the San Antonio Spurs. The Brooklyn Nets won 117: 112 against the Cleveland Cavaliers and are again alone leader in the Eastern Conference, because Chicago Bulls had to be surprisingly clearly 77: 109 against the Indiana Pacers. Utah Jazz lost 118: 119 against the Memphis Grizzlies.

NBA Power demonstration of the Sixers against the Hawks Bulls beat jazz

The Sixers have taken revenge for the playoff-out in the preseason and shot the Hawks from the hall. The bulls are back in the Spurs with a victory against jazz, the champion from Milwaukee stumbles again. Boston concedes the next scarce OT bankruptcy, R.j. Barrett s Clutch Hero and Warriors coach Steve Kerr wants to trade superstar Stephen Curry.

Washington Wizards (5-1) – Boston Celtics (2-4) 115: 112 2ot (Boxscore)

Highly dramatic, but not always nice to watch – the wizards will not care for the latter. Thanks to the highly competitive success in duplicate overtime, Washington is only for the third time in franchise history at 5 victories and a defeat, most recently succeeded by the Wizards in the 2005/06 season.
Boston caught a horror evening in terms of shooting, the first 20 (!) Three trials finished only on the ring, only Payton Pritchard restored the guests after three minutes in the fourth neighborhood with the first successful triple. In the end, the Celts stood at 2/26 of Downtown (7.7 percent) – the ligah history s second brought triangular trial in a game with at least 25 attempts.
That Boston could still hold the game exciting, on the one hand was its own offensive problems of the Wizards (36.5 percent field thread quota), on the other hand to Jaylen Brown. The guard shattered the biggest burden over long distances and came to 34 points. Jayson Tatum scored 27 points and grabbed 15 rebounds (Career-High), but only met weak 10/32 out of the field. Dennis Schröder (6 and 9 assists at 1/7 FG) was offensive too little. Josh Richardson (18) and Al Horford s Defense (6 blocks) were bright spotlights.
Several turnover cost Washington almost the game, but Spencer Dinwiddie (20, 6/18 FG) rescued the wizards in the overtime after an offensive rebound of his own lack of disagreement but the chance of leadership a few seconds before the end. After a weak start into the first extension Beal finally forced the second OT, there was Beal and Dinwiddie, who brought the households to the winning road. A messy last play of the Celts, who now have five Overtimes on the hump in six games, finally made the decision.
Beal advanced with 36 meters to top scorer of its colors (12/32 FG, 7 rebounds and 6 assists), Montrezl Harrell contributed 20 points and 14 rebounds, but had to go to the bank prematurely in the second overtime with his sixth foul. Kyle Kuzma marked 17 meters and a new career upturn with 17 rebounds.

Detroit Pistons (1-4) – Orlando Magic (1-6) 110: 103 (Game Report)

New Orleans Pelicans (1-6) – New York Knicks (5-1) 117: 123 (Boxscore)

The knicks continue their high-altitude flight to the start of the season, the fifth success in the sixth game has the traditional franchise from the Big Apple primarily R.J. Barrett thanks. The 21-year-old did not only donate his personal care high (35 points) in New Orleans, but was also in the final minutes with clutch heroic students.
Guests had the game over long distances under control, the strong shooting (19/33 threesome) brought the knick an early leadership and a convenient lead of up to 16 meters. But Nola was not beaten, even without the continued injured Zion Williamson – who completed a workout on the Court before the game, but did not look a hundred percent by top form \ – and Brandon Ingram, who had to expose to hip problems in the short term.
For this, Jonas Valanciunas (27 and 14 Rebounds, 10/15 FG), Devonte Graham (17 and 8 Assists, 6/21 FG) or Josh Hart (16) held the Pelicans in a beat distance. In Crunchtime, they made it really exciting with a 13: 3 run. New Orleans was good again on 2 counter, but Barrett came: First he sank a threesome, then he found Taj Gibson for a dunk and let another pull-up follow Downtown – the Dagger.

Barrett was at the end of the game at 12/18 field of field trials and 6/8 threes, in addition to convince with 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Otherwise, Kemba Walker (19 and 5 Assists) delivered and Evan Fournier (19, 5/8 threesome) support, Julius Randle held back a bit back (10, 6 rebounds and 4 assists).

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Indiana Pacers (1-6) – Toronto Raptors (4-3) 94:97 (Boxscore)

Scottie Barnes has set up the next highlight to its NBA career: a team-internal best value with 21 points in efficient 9/17 from the field, of which 11 in the final portion and last, the 20-year-old also proved strong nerves, As he sinked important free throws before the end.
For Raptors coach Nick Nick Nick only there was a drawback: 17 litters in a game are already a lot of wood, I love. But that s not enough. In the first three quarters, the rookie only came to 9 degrees in a hitherto extremely balanced game. Then took over by Barnes but Toronto more and more the command, Fred Vanvleet and Svi Mykhailiuk helped with 16 points each. Isaac Bonga did not work exactly like Goran Dragic.
Thus, the Canadians dropped down to 8 meters a few minutes before the end, before Indiana started a late comeback attempt and Barnes sank the two freebies to 3-point leaders. The households only had the chance of compensation, but the last attempt of Domantas Sabonis (22 and 14 rebounds) landed on the ring. Nevertheless, there was also a positive message from Pacers view. Caris Levert celebrated his saison debut after surviving back problems and came to 15 points in limited operations (16 minutes).