“Sophy”: Gran Turismo 7 gets Bärenstark Ki, which himself has professionals flat power

Sony and Polyphony Digital have presented a particularly powerful artificial intelligence that bears the name “Gran Turismo Sophy”. As it is called in the announcement, this system represents a “breakthrough” in the KI area and will be able to be tried in the future by Gran Turismo 7 players.

But in turn: Basically, Sophy is an autonomous, so comparatively independent learning Ki, which uses a special platform developed by Sony and Polyphony. The artificial intelligence was then trimmed to learn a series of properties within the GT games to drive as “homensah” as possible and to compete with the best GT professionals.

Sophy has learned mainly three criteria

  • Control of the vehicle: Flair for physics and dynamics of cars and learning of ideal lines, brake points etc.
  • Tactics: racing maneuvers like driving in the windshadow or the skilful blocking of other vehicles
  • Fairness: Note of rules and preventing unnecessary ramming maneuver

Test environment: Sophy was then released on Gran Turismo Sport and adhered to the above points by numerous analyzes, “so” actually learned the mechanics of the game.

Thereafter, various tests were made against a pair of the strongest “real” GT riders of Japan. While at a first test phase, the Ki still had a look, she did not have a chance in a second phase and won all the races.

Impressive demonstration: We have already convinced us in a live demonstration of the skills of the Sophy-Ki. During the race against human drivers, the four Ki-controlled vehicles showed numerous very human actions such as brake maneuvers, the skilful exploitation of windshadows or again and again tried overtaking in indoor sides. In the end one of the Ki cars won with a clear distance.

So Sophy is to be used in Gran Turismo 7

Sophy is currently being tested, however, how but chief developer Kazunori Yamuchi emphasized, the Ki should also be used in Gran Turismo 7. However, not directly to the launch in March, instead, Sophy should be submitted by Update at a later date.

Whether it will be possible to drive against the system is not quite clear, Yamauchi indicated that the KI first as a driving instructor, so a kind of assistance should act. For short or long, Sophy is likely to be based on the skill level of a driver or a driver – but fully integrated into the Gran Turismo series.

Gran Turismo 7 will be released on March 4, 2022 for PS5 and PS4. You can learn more about the game in our preview to GT7.

What was the strongest racing game-ki that you have experienced so far?