[Trial repo] Aiming to win the PUBG MOBILE don with the full -fledged wireless earphone OLADANCE with a built -in super large dynamic driver!

The wireless earphone OLADANCE , which is being accepted by the support purchase service Makuake, has earned a huge amount of money. As of June 23, when this article is written, the total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen . What is the earphone that can collect such funds? OLADANCE arrived at my hand, so let’s open it immediately.

Built-in super-large dynamic driver

OLADANCE is equipped with a 16.5mm dynamic driver. The driver unit mounted on the wireless earphone is almost 10mm. However, OLADANCE is a size that greatly exceeds the common sense of this field. What kind of effect can be obtained with this is that the heavy bass that is unlikely to be a wireless earphone can be resonated with Zun, Zun.

And OLADANCE is an open-year type. It does not forcibly block the ear hole, so it minimizes the burden on the ears. So, let’s do the smartphone battle game PUBG Mobile with this OLADANCE. Wait a little, why do you play games with this product? Listen to music honestly! I know that it will be rushed from various fields. In the first place, OLADANCE itself does not claim the use of games. However, I thought that the heavy bass that breaks through this eardrum is perfect for Pubg Mobile. Why is it?


The important thing in playing Pubg Mobile is listening to the sound. The enemy’s footsteps and gunshots approaching. All of these have distance and direction, and you can easily hear the enemy’s position quickly. In this game, players who find the enemy quickly are advantageous. And I thought that OLADANCE would convey those sounds faithfully and heavy. So, sortie to the usual island!

The difference from other products was immediately understood. A genuine gunshot is transmitted to the brain at a super-speed from outside the ear. This is scary! Similarly, the footsteps stimulate this nerves without mercy. Especially in the building, there are many scenes where you must detect the enemy’s footsteps and search quickly, so the three-dimensional sound greatly affects your grades. And as I thought, OLADANCE reproduced a real battlefield.

OLADANCE information can be clearly distinguished if the information where there is an enemy and where is the gunshot?

It’s perfect for long play!

OLADANCE is an open-ear wireless earphone as described above. Therefore, there is also a drawback that it is difficult to cut external environmental sounds. However, the fact that it supplements it is that ears are hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time. It is not a design that forcibly blocks the ear holes, so it is perfect for playing with time. The play time of PUBG Mobile is about 30 minutes. During this time, OLADANCE can play comfortably.

In addition, the battery life is very long, and it is possible to play up to 16 hours with earphones al1. Combined with an optional charging case, it can work for 94.4 hours. What if this is, for example, an average wireless earphone? Isn’t the continuous playback time of the earphone alone at most 6 hours? Isn’t it difficult to play a long place for 30 minutes per game?

In order to make up for the fundamental stamina shortage, recent wireless earphones have a quick charging function (including products that assume gameplay). If you charge a break, you can secure the power for the next one and two games. However, in the case of OLADANCE, it does not even have the hassle. It is a stamina that can still afford to play in a full half day.

If there is a precaution, it is still volume. If you get too tone and raise the volume too much, you will feel like your heart is likely to be torn when it is suddenly fired. Of course, the actual battlefield looks like this, but here it doesn’t matter the volume that can be heard in the direction of the sound.

Win the interior battle!

In interior combat, which often occurs in PUBG MOBILE, OLADANCE is the most powerful weapon. While picking up items in a three-story house, the footsteps are somewhere. This is definitely an enemy sign. Someone other than me is stepping into this house!

Where are the enemies in multiple rooms, or on which floors? If you make a mistake, it is fatal. Do you dare to go outdoors here, or you’ll be lying down in a room without windows. It is also an essential skill of this game to win such a tense psychological warfare.

Of course, if you have a wired gaming headphones, you won’t be better than that. But what if this is on the go? Considering that it is a more easy-to-carry audio equipment, you will see the option of wireless earphones with long continuous operating time. And OLADANCE should show the performance just to complete the play for a long time.

Reservations one after another

OLADANCE accepts purchases from Makuake from 15,480 yen (one product, as of June 24). However, this is a purchase frame that does not come with a charging case. If you have a super long time set of 18,480 yen, you will receive a charging case. It is a rare case that the earphone body and charging case are sold separately, but as a writer, you should also experience the sense of security that the up to 94.4 hours brings! I think.

At the beginning of this article, I stated, The total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen, but if you wait only one day, the total purchase purchase of OLADANCE was 30,519,660 yen. 。 In just a day, 2.5 million yen has increased! ? Although it is a very popular product, delivery to buyers is scheduled for the end of August.