WoW: World First Race

What earlier years of closed doors takes place for years is for several years to the big event mutated : The Race To World First. When the top guilds of Wow open to tackle the new RAID on the highest level of difficulty, today hundreds of thousands switch on to Twitch to be live. But since Method had the first of the absolute top guilds decided to share the viewers at the race, has changed a lot. Much of simple streams have become tremendous events in which the local players are and hosts at commentators 24/7 keep up to date – right espport events.

But the current World First Race has to struggle with some problems that not only push the audience numbers down, but also taughture the fun of watching. And not only the WOW developers, but at least partly also the guilds themselves are to blame.

A perfect starting position

The signs for the current World First Race stood as good as long as long and everything was prepared for a spectacular event. The two top favorites Liquid and Echo were well prepared and also the guilds directly behind, such as SK Pieces or Method, had upgraded vigorously to make a major fight again.

In addition, the WOW players loch after many months of patch 9.1 according to new content and not only were to play themselves, but also to see the top players at the new bosses. Especially because patch 9.2, maybe apart from the story, was well received by players. The many changes that Blizzard had made in the course of the PTR due to player feedback, left a positive impression.

Above all, but that the final three bosses were not tested on the PTR , made a certain hype for the RWF. How would the guilds beat at bosses that they play for the first time – without they could prepare for extensively? How fast would you be able to adapt strategies and tactics and who would come to the corner with the great spiritual flashing? Spoiler: We will never know it – because the guilds are with these mythical bosses, they have already fought them several dozen times in heroic mode and weeks were pulled into the country .

The hype was here!

Due to this almost perfect starting position, the hype was also huge at the beginning of the race. Already in the first RAID ID in which the mythical mode remained still closed, thousands switched on and watched the top players in their steps through the mausoleum of the first and looked at the preparations and trying different tactics.

The good design of many bosses, which were still adapted by Blizzard in part in the last minute, also contributed to his part. The raiders had fun and that exaggerated on the spectators. One could have believed the Race To World First becomes a great success.

The mythical week starts…

… and no one goes! The first disillusionment already set in the first few days. Instead of breaking into the mythical version of the mausoleum, the guilds started with different split runs, a few mythical-plus dungeons here and there, a few arena struggles in between or even with the completion of the world quests.
Already at Skolex, the second boss of the mausoleum, the EU guilds had caught up – too, because the US guilds prefer to do split runs first. Source: Blizzard a run through the first few bosses, as we can experience it otherwise, there was only with a belonging time delay. To classify – Already at the second boss of the Raid, Skolex, was the European Guild Echo, which starts more than 12 hours later than the US guilds, in place 3. Most guilds did not really try how far they come before You look like other alternatives for better equipment – and that’s exactly what you have a lot of spectators for yawning boredom!

Always the same boss

Because already on the first day the so-called trade runs began. The top guilds invite so many “foreign” players as possible in their group, kill a boss and try to get as many good items as possible to get a single player. The group then consists for example from the warrior XY, 14 other raiders of the top guild and 15 so-called traders. These have no Loot ID on the boss, a sufficiently high itemlevel to act the important parts and are paid by the guilds for their services.

In practice, this turned down as follows: The top guilds played one and the same boss Zigmal in a piece, until all relevant players had their items and then moved to the next boss, which was also wrestled countless times in a piece. Partly in the streams of the top guilds, for days, nothing else was other than Trade Run here, Trade-run there – of course always with the call to the community: Help us and trades us your things!

World of Warcraft: Race to the World Firsts - Remastered 2004-2020
If self-professional Caster almost start crying because they need to comment on hours for hours of trade runs. Source: Twitch / Echo_esport How boring that is, you sometimes looked at the conversations of commentators. Actually, they should report to what’s going on. But drill the drunk in a row, which happens at Lihuvim just so, then himself was the professionals too much and so was talked about fish rolls in Hamburg, why Crocs are comfortable shoes for Caster and why you sit in front of the couch as on the couch. And not about only in between, but partly for hours. Even more tension and the viewers would have fallen with heart attacks from the chair.

Who is actually this cheater master?

The Chairman is irrelevant to the top guilds – he has no good loot in their luggage. Source: Blizzard Actually, the Chairman is the big end boss of Shadowlands. Nevertheless, do not touch him the top guilds. Instead, the bosses were now milled dozenfach. Some top players have almost two dozen kills on individual bosses – all trading runs to equip colleagues.

Anyone who wanted to see the fight against the outside boss of the mausoleum had to wait either long or watch “smaller” guilds with their tryses. But why did nobody touch Zovaal? The reason is as simple as annoying: The Chairman has no relevant lot. Continue on the next page!

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Playequall is launched, a campaign to advertise variety, equal rights and inclusion in video games

Seeks to contribute to different companies and associations The most instant is to attempt to add up to the optimum variety of companies, agents, organizations, structures as well as establishments when acquiring the various dedications. These are based upon contributing to generate a culture that respects as well as urge private expression, individually of aspects such as gender, race, race, sex-related alignment, faith, disability, age or socioeconomic problem.

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We discussed the announcement of Playequall , a market project that, on the event of the party on March 1 of the Absolutely No Discrimination Day, is born to advertise variety, equality and also addition in the world of computer game. Via its website we provide us the opportunity of ** check in support of the initiative, which has various purposes.

There are extra and also a lot more the detractions that come to light in relation to bad practices in the world of video games . The issues in the market, added to the toxicity by the players, make it increasingly more necessary efforts like the one we come to introduce yourself on this event.

Objectives of the Playequall Effort

The task has, along with a section for the signatories, a contactbox to send uncertainties as well as recommendations and a section where the different tasks, occasions as well as talks or seminars that resolve this style are accumulated. Additionally locate those accountable for the project with the authorities socials media of Playequall.

The race game is

Last update there is November 14, 2019

For all cars enthusiasts, it’s a dream come true than getting a driver’s license just playing video games. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Depending on where you live, you must fill out forms, get the appropriate documents and even obtain a certification from a driving school. However, it is not because race games are not obliged to get a driver’s license that you have to stop learning to drive. Can race games really contribute to your learning as a driver?

1 . Familiarize yourself with automakers and models for future reference.

One of the best characteristics of race games, especially those in the real world, would be the inclusion of different brands of cars, manufacturers and their many models. We are not just talking about high-end sports cars, but also simpler and more common models. Indeed, racing game franchises often sign contracts with car brands and manufacturers to include models of their cars in these games.

The games themselves will not be able to reproduce the way these models move 100%. However, having them in the game can help race players become more familiar with these models in the real world. That’s why some players tend to recognize some cars they have acquired during a match or car that was fighting them continuously during a match.

Similarly, these games are extremely interesting for the recognition of the brand. The most assiduous players could be able to notice some differences between car marks in game deductions that developers could have specifically placed. Thus, while some cars operate in the same way, players who “get used to” to a particular manufacturer in a given game can rely on these brands in real life.

2. Familiarize yourself with the basic functionality of a car, such as transmissions and orders.

Race Games often have many common features in cars ** today, including transmissions and car orders. Many people often know that we keep the break and the close accelerator pads, the clutch and the handbrake being brought closer.

However, depending on the type of driver you are, you must also pay attention to other car orders. This can be confusing at the beginning. Interestingly, racing players can be very familiar with these car features because of the way they match button commands in the race games.

With regard to button commands, racing games can be a good way to immerse players in the operation of the transmissions, because most of these titles offer automatic and manual commands based on transmission for their cars. This means that those who are more comfortable with automatic transmission can leave their car make adjustments for themselves. Those who wish to become more familiar with manual transmission can use the dedicated speed shift buttons.

Games also offer different perspectives when driving. You have your standard point of view in the third person, or even a point of view at the first person wholesale since “the interior” of the car. If you want to see your car doing the waterfalls yourself, the third-person action camera is for you. Meanwhile, if you want to participate in the action, the first person is for you.

3. Familiarize yourself with more complex maneuvers and driving strategies.

In addition to the basic driving skills, race games also initiate you slowly to more advanced driving techniques you will probably learn at the driving school. These include parking in parallel, reverse driving and even drift.

Similarly, although the physics of some racing games does not match ours, the introduction of advanced conduct skills can help players to better know the nature of the maneuvers when they see them in real life or if they must do it by driving. school. Parallel parking in a certain game can be a gagging challenge among a group of friends, but it can actually help to present to the players the idea of ​​its difficulty.

Certainly, all these maneuvers are not necessarily essential to the game itself. Some franchises barely use parking in parallel, after all. However, give players the opportunity to try these movements can help them become familiar with what orders should “feel” if they are trying them into real life.

4. Improve your instinct and your critical thinking.

Many people find interesting racing games because of the thrill they can give to their players. After all, nothing more exciting than making a last crucial round against an online rival or repeating a level for the nth time to beat this high record.

More importantly, racing games can help you improve your critical thought capabilities and basic instincts because you are constantly put in situations that test their reflexes. Race Games often feature new levels that you can experiment with, with available shortcuts, multiple roads and paths and even challenges.

Having challenges for players will constantly put their minds to the test and force them to do their best as pilots against all odds. These can be useful in the real world because real drivers must be consistently aware of their environment and focus on the road to avoid accidents and complications. Even online driving games can be enough to challenge racing players by asking them to succeed in waterfalls or complicated driving techniques.

Forza Horizon 4 Bugatti Divo (Logitech G920 Steering Wheel + Paddle Shifter) Gameplay

5. Prepare psychologically to the responsibility of driving.

Many people do not seem to realize it, but being a good driver is not always synonymous with getting an A or a successful driving exams. Rather, it is about being physically and mentally prepared to manage both the privilege and responsibility to be able to drive a vehicle.

Remember that as a driver, your responsibility is not solely to comply with the rules of the traffic. This included the protection of your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. Having such a huge responsibility can make learning a little painful driving. However, playing racing games can at least alleviate stress and pressure on you.

And more importantly, the many game modes and features present in these games can teach you that driving a car can offer a wide range of conveniences and essential features for you and your family to pass a more enjoyable moment.

Driving for beginners: Racing games could be inspiring!

Who said that learning driving should be strictly included in driving courses? If you had your fair share of racing games, you will probably be inspired to work hard and earn money for the car of your dreams. And although luxury vehicles and supercars are perhaps not immediately within our reach, we all spent a wonderful time imagining testing these incredible cars. So when the time comes to learn your driving lessons, you will probably use what you have “done” in race games as an approximate basis of your conduct. Of course, you will not take this test car for drag races and drift sessions. However, given the above, we may be able to say that having a small race game experience can be a good way to learn the basics of driving. Who knows, maybe you might even impress your driving teacher!