Pokemon legends: Arceus – so you get all riding

Some places in Pokémon legends: Arceus does not reach her without help. But fortunately five riding pokémon are available, with which you can move high over the water, through the ventilation or rock walls. You will learn in this guide:

  • In what order you receive the Reit-Pokémon
  • How to get her
  • Which Pokémon for which action is useful

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What are Reit-Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Who regularly plays open-world games, knows the great benefits of riding . It’s a blessing when you can cover large routes in a short time and you do not have to walk yourself on foot. Although it has always been possible to move through the small pocket monsters in the air or on the water, but it was not possible to land.

In Pokémon legends: Arceus is the same five riding pokémon , which you can use in different ways. For example, you need them if you want to collect all 107 ghost lights hidden in all areas.

You will receive the pocket monsters in this order:

  1. Damythir
  2. Ursaluna
  3. Salmagnis
  4. Sniebs
  5. Hisui-Washakwil

Every riding Pokémon has its own guard **, which you either defeat in the fight or for whom you have to do a task. Only then do you receive from him or her the melody with which you can call the rival pocket monster.

In general, your Reit-Pokémon calls on your Nintendo Switch via the + key. Once you have multiple mounts, you choose with the arrow keys left and right on the D-Pad .

But how do you now get the practical riding Pokémon?

Damythir: The magnificent deer for long stretches

The first riding pokémon you receive is the deer Damythir. On him you can come through the Open World of Pokémon legends: Arceus ride and come faster from A to B. However, you must first defeat his Guardian Topin in the fight .

Then she returns to Jubeldorf, talk to Yona and take you. In a place she shows you a flute and how you brings Damythir under control. If you play a certain melody and chooses the deer, jumps on his back and can ride.

Ursaluna: The bear with the fine nose

Pokemon Legends Arceus How to MOUNT & RIDE Pokemon
The next Reit-Pokémon will receive you while you are traveling in red marshland. You have to meet with Ursaluna’s guardian Yugao from the Perl-Clan . Then you will be a fight with the huge bear. If you win this, you learn the melody with which your original saluna can call.

You can also travel longer routes on Ursaluna, but the riding Pokémon is actually too slow. His strengths are very different: Ursaluna has an extremely good nose! The pocket monster sniffs valuable treasures below the earth’s surface .

With the help of Ursaluna, for example, you can also seek the peat block and dig up you needed so that Ursaluna also lands in your Pokédex. That does not happen automatically, just because you have the Pokémon as a mount. Instead, you have to find a Ursaring and develop it to Ursaluna during the full moon. How exactly works, you will learn in our Ursaluna Guide.

Salmagnis: The companion to the island hopping

Not only on land, even on the water you have to move forward. For this you need the huge fish Salmagnis, which you will receive in Cobalt Coastal. But before it is so far, you must first seek its Guardian Susuki from the Diamond Clan **. You do not have to fight him, but instead get him a Pokémon: a twirrork. You will find the small Tappy nonsters nearby.

Bring Susuki One and cooks with a delicious food for Salmagnis . Has he plastered enough of it, you can use the huge fish as a riding Pokémon. With Salmagnis, you can swim from now on the water and collect ghost lights on islands, for example. All locations of the 107 flames can be found in our ghost lighter guide.

Sniebs: The Trittfesten Sipple Stürmer

Your ways lead you up field walls, but you can not climb? Here sniebs comes into the game. As soon as you are traveling in the craterberg highlands, you can unlock the Reit-Pokémon. You have to visit the guard .

However, you do not have to fulfill a task or fight a fight. Instead, you just run afterwards, which leads you through a cave system directly to Sniebs. You will get the melody to call the Reit-Pokémon and in the future takes place in its backpack , if it is supposed to raise rock walls.

Hisui-washakwil: How to fly in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

You can now move to land and on the water quickly, climb the rocks and bottle. Actually only one thing is missing: Fly! It makes it possible the Hisui-washakwil. Since it allows the greatest possible mobility, it does not surprise that you will not get the bird later in Pokémon legends: Arceus.

While your Sniebs got quasi gifted, you have to put something more for the fifth Reit-Pokémon. If you are in white frostland, you meet a girl named Sabi, which first flees before you. Run afterwards and get them as fast as it works. Next you will have to defeat them in a duel.

If you believe that you will receive the melody for Hisui-Washakwil if you are out of the fight as a winner, we have to disappoint you. You have to start against the bird itself and defeat him. Only then is you allowed to fly with him through the air.

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